Review News

Pagglait review: Sanya Malhotra brightens up this tragicomedy

After her husband passes, a young woman finds herself inexplicably out of grief.

published : 27 Mar 2021

Ranam review: A badly-written, confusing social drama 

The essence of Ranam is simple. It seeks to highlight the plight of farmers and their struggle against injustice. But the way it is executed leaves the viewer confused and tired.

published : 27 Mar 2021

Aanum Pennum review: A delectable anthology with fine performances

Like 5 Sundarikal before it, Aanum Pennum revolves around women.

published : 27 Mar 2021

One review: Interesting idea, lacklustre execution

Unnecessary distractions mar a political drama that shows much promise initially

published : 27 Mar 2021

'Kala' movie review: This Tovino Thomas-starrer is a furious, adrenaline-pumping thrill ride

Tovino Thomas’ Shaji evokes the flawed protagonists from some of the John Ford Westerns made in the 1950s.

published : 26 Mar 2021

'Godzilla vs Kong' review: This epic showdown is a visual extravaganza

The private organisation Apex wants to access this hollow earth to come up with a power source that can effectuate their sinister plans.

published : 25 Mar 2021

'The Courier' review: This Benedict Cumberbatch-starrer is a well-made historical drama

Despite Wynne’s many attempts at hiding his real reasons for visiting the Soviet Union so often, she sees through his deception.

published : 22 Mar 2021

'Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar' review: A disappointing Dibakar Banerjee ride

The dialogues are occasionally funny but can’t measure up to the screwball comedies of old so many of them about couples on the run.

published : 22 Mar 2021

'Kagittan Hayatlar' movie review: Heartbreak alley

As heartbreaking as the climax is, Ulusoy forces the viewer to look at the story in a new light, one could even prod you to watch this film again, especially.

published : 21 Mar 2021

'Sashi' movie review: Earnest drama marred by lack of originality

The dialogues, with vehement usage of irrelevant analogies, fuel melodrama and constrain the conversations to a theatrical zone.

published : 20 Mar 2021

'Mosagallu' movie review: An impressive idea that fails to be more

Though the film has an impressive central plotline, it keeps softening its blows and leaves us with an unfulfilling last impression.

published : 20 Mar 2021

'Chaavu Kaburu Challaga' movie review: An honest and heartfelt film that makes us think

The first-timer director  Koushik Pegallapati juxtaposes serious issues with comedy and philosophy to good effect in Chaavu Kaburu Challaga.

published : 20 Mar 2021

'Mohan Kumar Fans' movie review: Fairly effective blend of satire and emotional drama

Despite the excess melodrama, Mohan Kumar Fans manages to be a smile-inducing entertainer.

published : 20 Mar 2021

Thaen movie review: An ineffective tear-jerker based on true events

Despite having able lead actors, because of issues with the direction, there is a disconnect between the audience and the film.

published : 20 Mar 2021

'Munduverada Adhyaya' movie review: A predictable slow-burn thriller

Filmmaker Balu Chandrashekar, who has chosen murder and kidnap as the themes for his first investigative drama, is subtle and sometimes dry in his direction.

published : 20 Mar 2021