ACME Group's AFPL Unveils 300 Cr INR "Connect Fund" Project to Revolutionize AVGC Sector


ACME Group’s subsidiary, AFPL, proudly announces the launch of the "Connect" Fund, an exclusive project worth INR 300 Crores dedicated to the Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) industry in India. This groundbreaking initiative, which has successfully secured initial funding from investors, aims to revolutionize the AVGC landscape in India.

Driving Innovation and Growth in AVGC

The AVGC sector, currently valued at $4 billion and projected to reach $12 billion by 2030, is witnessing exponential growth. The Connect Fund, the first of its kind in India, is strategically designed to bridge the significant funding gap for early-stage AVGC ventures. By providing crucial growth capital and strategic expertise, the fund aims to nurture high-potential AVGC companies, positioning India as a global hub for creativity and technological innovation.

Ramon Talwwar, MD & CEO of ACME Group, emphasized the transformative potential of the Connect Fund, stating, "Our CAT II AIF is not just a financial vehicle; it is a catalyst for innovation in the AVGC sector." Co-founder of Connect Abhinav Shukla added, "The Connect Fund will empower businesses with the capital and strategic guidance needed to drive substantial growth and redefine industry standards."

Strategic Expertise and Industry Leadership

ACME Group’s CAT II AIF, set up as “AFPL CAT II AIF Trust” and registered with SEBI (Registration No.: IN/AIF2/23/24/1309), stands as the first fund in India dedicated exclusively to the AVGC industry. This initiative underscores ACME Group's commitment to pioneering investment opportunities that foster economic development and innovation.

"Connect Fund brings more than just financial capital to the table," said Ramon Talwwar, MD & CEO at ACME Group. "Our deep expertise and network in the AVGC sector provide tremendous strategic value-add that sets us apart."

As digital media consumption and demand for immersive experiences continue to rise, the AVGC sector holds immense potential. The Connect Fund is poised to play a pivotal role in nurturing a new wave of innovators and creators, driving India's creative economy forward.

ACME Group remains at the forefront of providing cutting-edge investment opportunities that deliver significant value for investors while empowering high-impact sectors like AVGC. The successful launch and initial funding of the Connect Fund mark a significant milestone in ACME Group's legacy of excellence and innovation.

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