Gadgets of the week: Fight Camp's interactive workout equipment and the Carol exercise bike will make your fitness routine easier

Here is our compilation of the latest gadgets that are all the rage at the moment
Fight Camp's interactive workout with premium equipment
Fight Camp's interactive workout with premium equipment

Beyerdynamic Space

Space from Beyerdynamic combines great sound quality for music playback with the best speech intelligibility for calls and meetings in one package. The portable speakerphone is stylish and works equally well at home or in the office. Space can also be paired with another for spatial stereo. Full duplex audio allows participants to speak and be heard at the same time. Battery life is upto 20 hours, connects via BT and USB. INR 14,499.

Fight Camp

Fight Camp is an interactive workout with premium equipment, punch tracking tech and real-time stats to get you in prime shape. You can complete workouts according to your skill level and available time. World class trainers keep you motivated and provide instructions for effective workouts. INR 41,200.

Carol exercise bike

Carol is an exercise bike with all the smarts and science built in. It allows for workouts from just 5 minutes, to get you mobile and fit. The workouts are AI personalised and come with necessary resistance. The entire process has been developed in collaboration with leading exercise researchers to create the shortest, most effective workouts possible. Carol Bike 2.0 is also available. INR 2.06 lakh.

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