Best Cheap Headphones in India (December 2021)

If you are looking for the best Best Affordable Headphones and want to know the pros and cons of each one of them, then you have come to the right place. Read on!

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Looking for the best headphone with a mic that perfectly blocks out all the noise outside, connects within minutes, and takes your sound experience to the next level? You are in the right place. In this article, we have listed ten competitive options for the “best headphone in India” segment. We have also answered some FAQs about purchasing headphones in the end.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Headphones

Headphones are a wonderful piece of technology you cannot miss out if you are looking for a pure and enhanced sound with noise cancellation technology. Furthermore, they are comfortable, classic, and keep you away from distractions. From gaming to video editing or even watching your favorite movies, they enhance bass and are a true savior.

Doesn’t matter whether you are searching “best headphone wireless” or looking for the best headphone with a mic or under a specific budget, we have listed plenty of options to cater to the needs of everyone below. We have listed each of these models with their price, major specifications, pros, and cons.

Summary with Bluetooth Headphone Price List 

For an easy glance, here is the list of the best Bluetooth Headphone in India along with the price list -

Best Headphone in India 2021

Here are our top ten picks for the best headphones in India.

1. Lopina SH-12 Wireless Universal Bluetooth Headphone - Click here for Amazon deal

If you are looking for the best headphone under 1000, the Lopina SH-12 wireless headphone is a great choice. Powered by Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones are available in five different color options. These headphones are adjustable and quite comfortable to wear. Most importantly, they have a fairly good audio quality if you have no specific sound requirements for professional purposes.

Price: ₹ 499

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Driver Diameter: 40 mm

Warranty: 30 days

Weight: 200 grams



Available in five colors

Limited warranty


Cheap build quality





2. Cosmic Byte Blazar Headphones with Flexible Mic - Click here for Amazon deal

Another good pick for the best headphone under 1000 segment, the Cosmic Byte Blazar Headphones work well with PC, mobiles, tablets, and video games. Usually available around Rs. 799, these headphones offer you two color choices.

These headphones are not only good for listening to music and watching movies but also good for calling and recording. The soft cushion earpads and adjustable length ensure you feel comfortable throughout the time. Furthermore, they deliver crisp sound quality with deep bass under a budget.

Price: ₹ 799

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Driver Diameter: 50 mm

Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15%

Sensitivity: 100 dB ± 3 dB

Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 10 kHz

Microphone: 6.0 * 5.0 mm

Microphone Sensitivity: -42 ± 3 dB

Microphone Impedance: 2.2 kΩ

Directionality: Omni-directional

Cable Length: 2.2 M ± 0.05 M

Headset Jack: 3.5 mm

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 300 grams



Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad

Not wireless

Flexible microphone for exact positioning

Build quality not too impressive

Mic equipped with great sensitivity to pick up sounds


Delivers clear sound and deep bass


3. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone - Click here for Amazon deal

Talk about affordable and good quality headphones but forget Zebronics - impossible! Usually considered as one of the best headphones under Rs. 1,000, the Zebronics Zeb-Thunder wireless headphones feature Bluetooth technology to exude superior sound quality. These headphones are comfortable, adjustable, and offer up to 9 hours of playback time.

You get multi-connectivity options like Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, FM, and MicroSD card with these headphones. The built-in mic also features good quality to keep you going in online meetings, classes, games, and audio recordings.

Price: ₹ 699

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Wireless Range: 10 meters

Driver Diameter: 40 mm

Impedance: 32 Ω

Sensitivity: 105 dB

Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz

Bluetooth Version: 4.2

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 142 grams



Soft & comfortable earcups

Battery life is not as good as promised

Adjustable headband


Built-in rechargeable battery




4. Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones - Click here for Amazon deal

For people looking for a basic pair of headphones under a budget, the Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones are a classic choice. Usually available just at Rs. 650, these headphones are available in two color choices.

Their high-energy neodymium magnets deliver powerful and clear sound quality to take your gaming and entertainment experience to a next level. The slim, folding design makes these headphones portable whereas the adjustable headband and the soft earpads ensure enhanced comfort. These headphones are a perfect choice for music enthusiasts without burning a hole in their pockets.

Price: ₹ 899

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Driver Diameter: 30 mm

Impedance: 24 Ω

Frequency Response: 12 Hz - 22 kHz

Cable Length: 1.2 m

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 135 grams



Lightweight and comfortable

No microphone

Clear, precise audio

Limited color choices

Folding and travel friendly


Delivers deep bass


5. Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2 Over-Ear Wired Lightweight Stereo Headphones - Click here for Amazon deal

Boult's high-quality stereo headphones - available at just Rs. 499 throughout the year surprises us! We love these over-ear wired headphones for the extra punchy and deep bass along with crisp sound quality. These headphones come with a built-in mic that allows smooth calling and recording experiences. These headphones are compatible with all devices and also offer multiple in-line controls.

Price: ₹ 499

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 150 grams



Snug fit for supreme comfort

Build quality could have been better

Built-in sub-woofers


Flexible headband


Value for money


6. Zinq Technologies Erupt 4155 Super Bass Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with Mic - Click here for Amazon deal

If you are looking for wireless headphones with a mic, Zinq Erupt 4155 Super Bass Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones are sure to impress you. With a playing time of up to 8 hours, these headphones offer high sound quality with super bass and HD clarity. These headphones are compatible with all devices and feature a rechargeable 300 mAH lithium-ion polymer battery. The ear pads ensure you only feel the music - not the pain.

Price: ₹ 799

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Wireless Range: 10 meters

Driver Diameter: 40 mm

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 348 grams



HD sound clarity

Charging cable too short

Standby time of approximately 100 hours

Build quality could have been better

Comfortable padded cushions


Good quality mic


7. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphones - Click here for Amazon deal

The Infinity wireless headphones are the first pair on our list that are available for over Rs. 1,000. These headphones come with 20 hours of playtime and charge quickly. Available in three color choices, these headphones offer Dual Equaliser Modes for Normal & Deep Bass Output. Lightweight and foldable, these headphones are travel-friendly and comfortable.

Price: ₹ 1,699

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Driver Diameter: 32 mm

Impedance: 32 Ω

Sensitivity: 102 ± 3 dB

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 104 grams



Good battery backup; fast charging

Build quality is not too impressive

Available in three color choices


Quick connectivity


Lightweight and flat foldable design


8. Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones - Click here for Amazon deal

If you are looking for premium quality headphones and don't worry about the price tag, the Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth headphones are meant for you. These wireless headphones are backed by Bluetooth technology and offer up to 40 hours of playtime. The dual powerful 40mm soundstage drivers of these headphones offer realistic audio quality with rich bass.

These headphones are engineered with advanced passive noise reduction and have a high-quality built-in microphone for uninterrupted hands-free calls. These headphones also come with an adjustable headband, metallic slider, and cushioned earmuffs to deliver a comfortable sound experience to you.

Price: ₹ 3,799

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Driver Diameter: 40 mm

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 283 grams



Soft ear cushions and comfortable headband

Earcups not highly breathable

Good quality mic for voice calls and recordings


Quick connection


Long battery backup


Our Favorite Pick

Out of the ten headphone models shared above, we love the Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphones as they offer high specifications like their competitors at a much lower cost. We love the sleek design, playtime, and most importantly, the audio quality of these headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing Headphones

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about buying a new headphone.

Which headphones are the most comfortable?

Lightweight over-the-ear headphones that are made up of soft, synthetic leather and are ergonomically designed with cushions that sit right around your ears are the most comfortable ones because they reduce the pressure on your ears. So, while purchasing headphones, one must pay equal attention to the build quality as the sound quality.

Are headphones bad for our brain?

Uncomfortable, heavy headphones that are used regularly on high decibel noise levels are harmful to the ears. Furthermore, if you use them excessively, they transmit electromagnetic waves to your brain which can be bad in the long run. So, as long as you use them under the suggested limit, they won't be a problem for you.

Can headphones last forever?

If you keep them properly, headphones can have a shelf life for a very long time. However, if you throw them around like a piece of rock, the external wiring and plug will be affected, later followed by the ear-cushions, overall fit, and the sound quality.

Does the best headphone wireless have the longest battery life?

The battery life of wireless headphones depends from model to model. Furthermore, proper care and use can procure their battery life as claimed.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you find the best headphones you were looking for. Please note that our list of best Indian headphones is based on an extensive product analysis, deep research, and thorough comparisons. In case you decide to purchase one of the models listed above, please make sure to cross-check the specifications.

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