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Our Top Picks

Best OverallFitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

It is a well-known fact in the huge electronic gadget market that Fitbit stands tall with its products. It will be reliable if there’s just one word that truly resonates with Fitbit Versa 3. With characteristics like GPS for tracking your every move, whether running, walking, biking, hiking, or if it is even just looking for your phone, and so much more in this compact device, the Fitbit Versa 3 is easily the best product on this list.

Best BudgetAmazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch

A high-value smartwatch for the price it’s worth, the Amazfit GTR 2 is one of the top smartwatches if you know the industry well. The brand itself produces high-quality products at a very affordable price, with quality that usually outrank the budget. With capable features like voice control, tracking abilities while sleeping, running, walking, and receiving notifications, it is as good as any smartwatch in the budget range, if not better.

Best Bluetooth Smartwatch for AndroidFitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

One of the most ambitious launches of the brand itself, the Fitbit sense is another best all-rounder device on your wrist. That being said, it certainly also possesses good Bluetooth connectivity. With premium health tracking, making phone calls easier, GPS on-board, Alexa google assistant, native app store etc., this device is a must buy. Get a holistic look at your health with the Google-owned reliable companion every moment. 

Summary Of The Best Android Smartwatches in India with Price List

The section below discusses the top ten best android smartwatches available in the market currently. A brief look at the table would help you save time going over the entire internet for the top android smartwatches with your required features and specifications. Compare your desired products according to the prices, quality, accessibility, and budget. Glance through the table below with all the best android smartwatches in India with their respective prices.





Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature Trends, Alexa Built-in, Carbon/Graphite, one size (S & L Bands Included)

Rs. 21,179


Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 Smartwatch – Black, Silicon (3 Days Battery Life)

Rs. 24,999


Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch with Music and Advanced Dynamics, Black (No-Cost EMI Available)

Rs. 27,990


Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, Alexa Built-in, 6+ Days Battery, Black/Black, One Size (S & L Bands Included)

Rs. 17,949


Garmin Venu 2, GPS Smartwatch with Advanced Health Monitoring and Fitness Features, Slate Bezel with Granite Blue Case and Silicone Band, (010-02430-70) (No-Cost EMI Available)  

Rs. 39,508


Garmin Venu Sq Music, Smartwatch (No-Cost EMI Available)

Rs. 20,990


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Bluetooth, 44mm) – Black, Aluminium Dial, Silicon Straps

Rs. 14,440


OnePlus Watch Midnight Black: 46mm dial, Warp Charge, 110+ Workout Modes, Smartphone Music, SPO2 Health Monitoring & 5ATM + IP68 Water Resistance (Currently Android only)

Rs. 14,999


Amazfit GTR 2 Smart Watch, 1.39” AMOLED display, SpO2 & Stress Monitor, Built-in Alexa, Built-in GPS, Bluetooth Phone Calls, 3 GB Music Storage, 14-Day Battery Life, 90 Sports Modes (Sport Edition)

Rs. 12,499


Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Men’s Smartwatch with a speaker, Heart Rate, GPS, and Smartphone Notifications – FTW4024, Black

Rs. 18,495

The Top 10 Best Android Smartwatches In India In 2021

Listed below in this segment of the article are the top ten Android Smartwatches in India 2021. Minute and necessary information regarding the devices have been researched, analysed, and then written here in a set structure to avoid unnecessary hassle and time consumption that the buyer would have to face while looking for relevant products all over the internet. It covers the operating system, interface, supported application, design, connector type, requirements, budget, device’s performance, reviews, and ratings. Everything that an excellent product must contain has been listed in the given article. This is all done keeping in mind what the reader or the purchaser would ultimately look for and want in the best Android Smartphone within the budget that has exceptional features integrated. 

1.   Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal

The Fitbit sense is the brand’s most competent and ambitious android smartwatches that have been put out in the market. It comes with excellent features that are an upgrade with more advanced health and fitness applications. It has a range of sensors, including an optical heart rate or pulse sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a wide range of electrical sensors (EDA Scan app). These detect and monitor your electrodermal activities such as heart rate, blood-oxygen reading, your response to stress, and it also has a built-in skin temperature sensor. All of these are logged in every night for you totally and track the information provided each day with precision. These features are FDA-approved which means Fitbit ECB is reliable.

Note that the ECG app is only available in certain countries as of now and can be only intended and used for people above the age of 22. It has built-in GPS tracking for various instances such as monitoring hikes, biking, walks, running with pace and distance covered, checking the weather forecast. It can also be used to respond to calls with ease and efficiency all thanks to the Bluetooth calls, a built-in mic and speaker hands-free.



Supports phone calls and has a built-in Alexa

Third-party application support is limited

6 months free Fitbit premium trial 

A solid-state button is provided, but it is not as reliable as a physical button would

Smart bedtime and alarm support

No music storage for Spotify

Compact and light in nature 


  • Price: Rs. 21,179
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 4.05cm x 4.05cm x 1.24cm; 30grams
  • Manufacturer: Fitbit

2.   Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal

You would certainly be attracted to this flagship model with a premium design that deals with a huge package of features. Featuring a dual-layered 2.0 display, stainless steel bezel which is 45mm, 1.4-inch screen AMOLED retina with a pixel resolution of 454 x 454, the model ensures a smooth display experience. You can expect high-accuracy important metrics 24-hour heartbeat monitoring, blood oxygen sensor (SpO2), activity tracking etc. It also has an incorporated barometer, Google play, and a GPS.

With an updated chipset that guarantees to provide you with exceptional performance and experience, it is the 1st wear OS launched by Google Smartwatch that has an integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 1400 platform, which is certainly the main attraction due to its optimum performance delivery. It has apps such as TicExercise and TicPulse, which have been refreshed with greater potential. spO2 can be tracked by the TicOxygen app, while TicHearing monitors and alert and noise detection, TicZen diligently tracks and tallies your stress levels with the help of your heart-rate readings. Breathing training is dealt with by the Ticbreathe.  



Excellent battery life

No music storage or offline support

Sturdy capabilities by the smartwatch

Health apps are duplicated

Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 1400 platform

Tracking activities could have been better

Incredible dual-display design


  • Price: Rs. 24,999
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 11.9cm x 11.9cm x 8cm; 113.4g
  • Manufacturer: WWZN Information Technology Co. Ltd

3.   Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal

This is an outstanding smartwatch for running, hiking, biking, and swimming. Garmin produces one of the best wearable products, such as the Garmin Forerunner 245 music sports watch itself. Additional features include a sleep tracker, 24-hour heart rate tracker, VO2 maximum estimation advanced features, workout capture, recovery advisor etc. The smartwatch and many more specific abilities note advanced running dynamics, straight length, contact time balance, and vertical ratio. Free adaptive training guidance is available from the Garmin Coach, or if you plan your fitness routine, you can customise it on the online fitness Garmin community.

Sync with various music apps such as Spotify and Deezer, and many more music streaming platforms. Store your favourite music in the watch (up to 500 songs) and play it right from it. It has a display size of 1.2-inch and has a display resolution of 240 x 240, which is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3, ensuring display durability. 



Visible even indirect light


Various training metrics and sensors for efficient use


Supports various music apps with storage of 500 songs

No automatic workout-tracking available

Safety and tracking abilities

In some cases, a white spot on the screen appears after a while

  • Price: Rs. 27,990
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 43mm x 43mm x 13mm; 38g
  • Manufacturer: Garmin Corporation

4.   Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal

Fitbit Versa 3 is currently one of the top models launched by the brand to conquer and dominate the market, even surpassing its predecessor Fitbit 2. It has the usual features such as the all-day sleep or activity tracker, automatic workout detection, a 24-hour heart rate or pulse rate monitor. Along with that, it has an on-screen workout guide that you might find convenient to follow along.

Run, hike, bike, check out your real-time distance and pace with the help of the onboard GPS and be up to date with your workout intensity map. An easy-to-use system with the Versa band is available for the wearer’s ease; similarly, a quick-release system is also provided. The active zone minutes utilise your normal heart pr pulse rate to determine and gauge the exercise efforts you put in. This enables you to make the most of the fitness session when you step up the intensity.



Good power backup and fast charging

Only one assistant is available at once

Excellent sleep-tracking analysis  

Haptic buttons

Supports various music apps and allows storage of 300 plus songs

No audible google assistant or Alexa responses

Improved display compared to its predecessor


  • Price: Rs. 17,949
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 4.05cm x 4.05cm x 1.24cm; 20grams
  • Manufacturer: Fitbit

5.   Garmin Venu 2, GPS Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal

The Garmin Venu 2 has an OLED screen that is slick-looking as compared to similar products in the market. It even rivals and beats its own brand’s older products that also reside in one of the best smartwatches lists. The bright 1.3-inch screen is 45 millimetres in size, allowing you to hover over it in any light source. The watch incorporates and runs on Connect IQ 4.0 platform, which is a powerful chip. For now, it can only run music apps like Spotify, Deezer and amazon music, and main watch faces, which are downloaded through the Connect IQ app. 

Basic functions like the weather report, alarms, timers, calendar, and other traditional functions are available at your convenience. Track various sports activities like swimming, cycling, running, walking, strength and gym workouts, golfing, and much more. It estimates your VO2 Max, a common way of measuring cardiovascular fitness. Get guidance on how to reduce your “fitness age” with recommendations as well. The watch also supports offline music storage that Bluetooth headphones or earphones can connect.



Excellent OLED touchscreen


Powerful battery life

Smart functions are limited

Accurate GPS tracking

No availability of voice assistance

Various music apps can be downloaded, with offline music available

No actual third-party apps available besides music apps and watch faces

  • Price: Rs. 39,400
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 46mm x 46mm x 12mm; 113grams
  • Manufacturer: Garmin Corporation

6.   Garmin Venu Sq Music, Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal

A square version of Garmin Venu, with a little different feature, the Garmin Venu Sq is your go-to watch if you want a daily wear basic smartwatch with good features in the price range it is available in. It is a musical and standard version with a Wi-Fi connectivity system integrated into it for more usage than just normal health tracking. It is a 1.3-inch, 44-millimetre polymer case colour LED. It has a heart rate monitoring sensor, an onboard GPS, sleep, and activity tracker, a body battery energy monitor, and a blood oxygen measuring monitor called the Pulse Ox, with pre-installed sports apps. 

To avoid draining the battery fast, you can switch off the always-on display feature. Get a full charge by just putting the smartwatch on charge for an hour which would last you for about a week. There are about three options to select the timeout settings: short, medium, and long. Garmin Venu Sq’s performance at large is on par with most mid-range smartwatches out in the market.



Compact, light design

Extra charges for music storage

Powerful battery life worth 6 days

The screen is comparatively smaller

It incorporates an on-board GPS, NFC, and HRM

Smartwatch features are limited

The LCD touchscreen is easy to read

Design not premium

  • Price: Rs. 20,990
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 15.2cm x 15.2cm x 12.7cm; 45g
  • Manufacturer: Garmin Corporation

7.   Samsung Galaxy Watch - Click here for Amazon deal

One of the affordable smartwatches out there with exceptional features that outrank its price segment, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an all-rounder performance delivering device for those who use android. Its design is lightweight and compact, while its appearance and features are as sharp as they could be. It has a captivating digital bezel to widen the display space, a vivid AMOLED touchscreen display, a smooth operating system, monstrous battery life, and various third-party apps to choose from. 

IP68 certified, it results in withstanding water, dust, and dirt up to 5 ATM. Its primary purpose is an exercise tracker, it comes with an on-board GPS that has automated workout tracking. It monitors caffeine consumption, food, water, sleep, and activities such as walking, running, biking, and more. Get real-time pace and distance metrics and know what your workout plan would be.  



Excellent display screen

Built-in GPS is not as accurate

Great automatic activity tracker

A little expensive than the original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Light and compact design 

Anaemic third-party support

Tizen operating system


  • Price: Rs. 14,440
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 11mm x 44mm x 44mm; 170g
  • Manufacturer: Samsung India PVT ltd

8.   OnePlus Watch Midnight Black - Click here for Amazon deal

Supporting more than 100 plus workout modes, inclusive of the automated detection system, the OnePlus is one classic smartwatch you should watch out for. It is a 46 mm round watch case that is hand polished that has a curved glass of 2.5D and a comfortable Fluoroelastomer band. It is IP68 certified, which means it is dirt, dust, and water-resistant with a rating of 5 ATM. 

A built-in GPS is integrated, along with a heart or pulse rate sensor, a blood oxygen sensor, activity and sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and so much more. It has warp charging that can charge your smartwatch for the day within just 5 mins or about a week with 20 mins of charging, a 402 mAH battery, and a power backup of 14 days which is a decent ability. It incorporates Bluetooth connectivity 5.0, notification control, hands-free calling system, remote camera, music player, and an AMOLED display of 1.39-inch with a pixel resolution of 454 x 454. It has 4 GB standalone storage space that can add around 500 songs. 



Excellent bright display screen 

Third-party apps not available

Reasonable price with outranking features

One size and colour only

Long-lasting battery life

Notifications are limited

Accurate tracking system

Watch faces are limited

  • Price: Rs. 14,999
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 4.6 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.1 cm; 76 grams
  • Manufacturer: OnePlus Technology

9.   Amazfit GTR 2 Smart Watch - Click here for Amazon deal

You might not know or recognise Amazfit as well as you would the top leading brands mentioned in the list. However, Amazfit is a company that launches one of the most reasonable smartwatches with good features. Amazfit GTR 2 smartwatch certainly deserves to be in the top 10 list. It has an HD+ AMOLED display of 1.39-inch with a pixel density of 326 PPI. The 3D glass covering it transitions to the body of the watch, which is made up of stainless steel, resulting in an attractive looking wide display watch.

It has a 24/7 monitoring system that tracks heart or pulse rate, stress level monitoring, sleep quality, activities are done, and blood oxygen saturation level measurement. The PAI health assessment system converts your health and activity data with the help of algorithms into a score, which then makes it easier for you to comprehend the data with just one glance. It consists of about 90 sports modes that you can select from. There are 6 sports modes already that can detect the sports themselves due to intelligent recognition and eliminate manually selecting modes. 



Excellent bright display

Third-party apps not available

Reasonable price with outranking features

Watch faces limited

In-built music storage, call support


  • Price: Rs. 14,999
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 4.6 x 4.6 x 1.1cm; 32g
  • Manufacturer: Anhui Huami Information technology CO., Ltd

10. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Men’s Smartwatch - Click here for Amazon deal 

Fossil has been a top brand when it comes to watches all along, and it is no surprise that the brand made it to the list. A wear operating system powers fossil Gen 5 by Google work Android and iPhone phones. It merges the snapdragon 3100 chipsets, which is only the case with only a few watches. It is compatible with both iOS 10.0+ and OS 6.0+, excluding the GO edition. It has about 8 GB storage and 1 GB RAM for a smooth performance. It has the usual health and fitness tracking features such as an integrated GPS, sleep, stress, walking, running, swimming and many more tracking abilities. 

It has a google assistant that helps you with functions such as reading out the news, making calls, setting alarms and reminders etc., checking your notifications, using google pay and paying bills and individuals without putting in the effort. You are capable of syncing data with various other apps available. It has audible alerts so you would always be acquainted with anything urgent, whether calls or messages. It has a case size of 44 mm and a band size of 22 mm. The display screen is about 1.28 inches. The band is interchangeable with any Fossil band (22 mm).  



Excellent design

Hiccups might occur technically

OS by Google and snapdragon 3100

Fast battery draining

Integrated GPS, tethered calls allowed

A little heavy on the wrist

  • Price: Rs. 18,495
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Product Dimensions and Weight: 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 1.78 cm; 79.2 grams
  • Manufacturer: Fossil India Pvt. Ltd. 

How Do We Shortlist The Best Android Smartwatches For You?

Going over the entire internet to research and then decide what best suits your requirements in a smartwatch can be a hassle when there is an abundance of options in the big smartwatch industry to pick and select from. The whole process of going through various yet distinct features about the product related to its specifications, quality, budget, compatibility., can throw you in a dilemma.

However, trusting an article might be uneasy at the beginning, which makes the reader wonder how we eventually sort out products and establish them as one of the best in the huge market or the industry where there are numerous options to choose from. Technology is advancing and new devices and products are being launched every day as new companies form and it is foreseeable that there would be many smartwatches to choose from.

1.   Specifications and Features 

A smartwatch in the current times should possess qualities and integrated features such as having an accurate in-built GPS is a must, with sensors and monitors for training your activities, sleep, stress levels, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and much more. Having Bluetooth, Wi-fi, music storage, google assistant, music storage etc., are also some important features that make a device better in comparison. 

2. Customer Reviews and Complaints

Actual real-life experiences and instances of people regarding the product or the brand enable you to acknowledge and comprehend the drawbacks or exceptional distinct qualities. It gets easier for you to decipher between the functionality or, rather, the dysfunctionality of the device. Going through every comment on the customer rating and reviews page delivers many details and insights that a description of the product alone can not suffice. 

3.  Warranty

Another critical parameter while ensuring the credibility of the product is the warranty offered by the manufacturing brand. The warranty card is like a backup plan in case your gadget turns out to have flaws or any technical issue. With its help, you can get relevant services, repairs, and exchanges on products if there is a need for it in the odd chance of your device going haywire on you. 

 4.  Pricing

A product’s budget influences your entire decision while hunting for a suitable smartwatch or any competent electronic device. There are numerous options within the same budget to shortlist from while you do not have to compromise with features and the quality it delivers necessarily. While having basic, traditional features present, we look for outstanding qualities that make your experience grander. 

 5.  Service Quality

The Job of customer service care units is to assist you with the utmost care, deal with and answer your queries about absolutely anything related to the product itself. Matters related to faults, breakdowns, understanding how to use your device, its capabilities, etc., are some queries that they can solve. They can answer even the most basic questions, so do not hold back when you need to know something. Brands with 24/7 customer care centres have the most purchasers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Android Smartwatches

There’s a good chance that you already know the product that best suits your needs by now. If you have come to terms with the product you have picked from the above list of android smartwatches that best deliver you great performance and great benefits, the next step lies in finally purchasing the product. Here are a few questions that first-time purchases might want to know about android smartwatches. Top questions regarding them have been answered below to end all your queries. 

1. Which is the best smartwatch for Android users?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the best smartwatches for an android phone; however, all the products listed below are compatible with any android device.

2. Can you text on an Android watch?

Yes, sending texts through your smartwatch is available. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 has one of the best capabilities when it comes to texting. You can either dictate and message or make use of the handwriting-to-text process.

3. What are the top 5 smartwatches?

In this list, the top 5 smartwatches are the Fitbit Sense advanced, the Fitbit Versa 3, Garmin Forerunner 245 music, Fossil Gen 5 and Samsung Galaxy Active 2. 


As this buying guide on the best Android Smartwatches in India concludes, we hope you are all set to purchase a smartwatch that best represents you and your lifestyle. For any further assistance or guidance, feel free to contact us directly. All your queries about the given products or the article itself will be answered. Contact the team or stay in touch with them, and we shall revert as soon as we can. It would be a pleasure for us to guide you throughout the purchase that would be the best investment for you. 

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