10 Best Speaker Brands in India (March 2023)

Looking for the best Speaker Brands in India? Read this article to know the details, pros and cons of the best Speaker Brands in India.

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People commonly use speakers to get a better audio experience while listening to music or watching movies. If you are looking for the best speaker brands to buy for yourself, you can go through this article to learn the details of the best speaker brands in India. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall - Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker is famous for its crisp and balanced sound. It has an IP67 rating, which means its water and dust resistance, allowing you to carry it anywhere without any tension. The speaker also has 12-hour long-lasting battery life, which is quite impressive. 

Best Premium - Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Wireless Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

Sony SRS-XG300 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with a built-in handle and heavy-duty sound, which makes it easy for people to start a party anywhere. Also, thanks to its X-Balanced technology and unique diaphragm shape, you can get booming bass and a distinctive, high-quality audio experience. 

Best Sound Quality - Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7 Portable Wireless Speaker is a masterpiece producing a loud and powerful sound. It has dual tweeters, allowing you to get a stereo sound experience. Also, the sleek, anodised aluminium handle gives it a sturdy base and allows you to carry it easily. 

Best Bluetooth Speaker - JBL Flip 6 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 6 Wireless Speaker is a fantastic option for travellers thanks to its portable design and 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. You can also use the JBL Portable app to amplify your music, teak your bass, and maximise your audio experience, which is quite impressive. 

List Of The Best Speaker Brands In India

Top 10 Best Speakers In India

1. Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Wireless Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker - Click here for an Amazon deal

Sony is an old electronics brand famous for manufacturing speakers with simplistic designs and excellent sound experience. However, you always need to pay a slight premium for having a Sony device, but the SRS-XG300 is a capable wireless speaker. It offers a fantastic sound experience thanks to its balanced speakers and has 25 hours of long-lasting battery life, which is quite impressive.




It has led lights which make the mood and light up the environment 

Price is a bit high

With echo calling technology. The speaker allows people to carry out more natural conversations during online meetings. 

A little bulky

Long-lasting battery life and fast charging 


You can personalise sound control using Sony Music Centre App


Best Suited For

Sony SRS-XG300 are best suited for party individuals thanks to its balanced speakers, which can allow you to get clear sound at a high volume and long-lasting battery life, keeping the party going for as long as you want. 

User Feedback

Sony SRS-XG300 has a great design and offers amazing audio quality. It is also easy for anybody to use or customise it with the help of its mobile app. However, the speaker’s price is a little high, which is a problem for many.

2. JBL Flip 6 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Click here for an Amazon deal

JBL is known for manufacturing hardy Bluetooth speakers that you can carry anywhere, and the JBL Flip 6 seems to keep the legacy. It has a similar design to the JBL Flip 5. However, several changes have been made to its audio output, allowing you to get louder and clearer sound. 




Loud and clear sound 

No microphone 

IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating allows you to carry it wherever you want. 

Not the best in its price range

USB-C charging  


With 5.1 Bluetooth technology, it offers instant and reliable connection. 


Best Suited For

If you are looking for a rugged and durable speaker that you can take anywhere with you, JBL Flip 6 is for you. It can also produce loud and clear sound, which is another reason to buy it.

User Feedback

JBL Flip 6 has an IP67 rating, which means it's now waterproof and dustproof. It is also lightweight, which does not feel too heavy if you carry it during treks.

3. Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Click here for an Amazon deal

Bose is famous worldwide for its noise-cancelling headphones and audio products. They aim to offer the same experience with their speakers. Bose SoundLink Flex is the perfect example. With a robust exterior and IP67 rating, it is one of the best options for trekkers and climbers. 




It offers 12 hours of battery backup on a single charge 

Uses Bluetooth 4.2  

The speaker is designed in such a way that it can fit in a small space or bag. 

No aux input

With PositionIQ technology, it can detect its orientation and provide natural, lifelike sound.  


Has built-in microphone


Best Suited For

If you are looking for a speaker with the great built quality and can offer an immersive sound experience, you can buy Bose SoundLink Flex Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

User Feedback

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker produces loud and clear audio, distinguishing between vocals and instruments well. However, its button control is not good and lacks a headphone jack.

4. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Click here for an Amazon deal

Harman Kardon is a famous brand in the speaker industry for its fashionable design and powerful bass. Their latest Onyx Studio 7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is also a masterpiece creation. It has an uncommon design that perfectly blends science and technology with artistic beauty.   




The sleek aluminium handle works as a sturdy base for ease of portability. 

It is not water resistant 

Offers powerful bass-forward audio performance 


Best Suited For

If you want a speaker with a cool design, average battery backup, loud sound, and powerful bass, you can buy a Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. 

User Feedback

Oynx Studio 7 has been listed here for its interesting loud sound and powerful bass, allowing people a fantastic sound experience. It also has an attractive portable design, allowing you to carry it anywhere. 

5. ZEBRONICS Zeb Sonic BAR 100-120W RMS Soundbar with Subwoofer - Click here for an Amazon deal

Zebronics is an Indian electronics brand offering one of the best products in audio, headphones, earphones, and the gaming industry. Their latest Zeb Sonic Bar 100-120W RMS Soundbar is an example of their fantastic work. Whether you are playing games, listening to music, or watching movies, the speaker will offer a simulated sound experience with virtual 5.1 technology.




The speaker has RGB lights that add charms to its premium look and feel

Its 3D feature is a Gimic 

It has a compact design that will not take up too much space on your desk. 


Offers robust and room-thumping base experience


Extraordinary sound quality


Best Suited For

If you are looking for a speaker that can fit under your monitor on your desk and offer a fantastic sound experience that can take your gaming experience to the next level, you can buy Zebronics Zeb Sonic Bar 100-120W RMS Soundbar.

User Feedback

Zebronics Zeb Sonic Bar 100-120W RMS Soundbar can produce loud and clear sound with powerful bass, allowing you a good audio experience. It also has RGB lights and a compact design, which can help you to accommodate it below your monitor. 

6. Akai HA-TS60 60W Bluetooth Tower Speaker Wooden Cabinet 5.25" Subwoofer - Click here for an Amazon deal

Akai is a famous Hong Kong consumer electronics manufacturer such as washing machines, TVs, power banks and many other items. They are known for their unique features and affordable pricing. Akai HA-TS60 Bluetooth Tower Speaker is a superb affordable speaker by them. It is designed in such a way that allows you to get a better response in the lower midrange, a vibrant sound with high bass, and a powerful amplifier. 




It makes singing easy with a wireless mic and karaoke support 

Built quality is average 

Perfect mid-range speaker


Affordable pricing  


High bass performance


Best Suited For

If you have limited space and are looking for a mid-range speaker who can enhance your TV viewing experience and also can be used for occasional house parties, you can buy Akai HA-TS60 60W Bluetooth Tower Speaker.

User Feedback

What users love the most about the speaker is its karaoke support with a wireless mic which helps them to use the speaker even during occasional house parties. They also love its high bass and loud audio, which makes it a perfect mid-range speaker. 

7. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Click here for an Amazon deal

Bang & Olufsen is known for manufacturing beautiful electronic products. Its designs are modern and a perfect combination of luxury materials. Their latest Beosound A1 2nd Gen Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a perfect example of their work. It is a small and lightweight speaker with built-in Alexa support. 




Mic mute button

Not compatible with Wi-Fi

Built-in voice assistant Alexa support 

Poor battery life

Voice assistant works flawlessly and has no trouble understanding your voice.


Best Suited For

If you are looking for a premium mid-range speaker with a modern design and high customisation, you can check out Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen Portable Wireless Speaker.

User Feedback

Beosound A1 2nd Gen Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker has an interesting portable design, which is quite attractive. It also has built-in Alexa support, which can be very helpful. However, its poor battery life and high price make the speaker unsuitable for many.

8. Samsung 160 W {MX-ST40B/XL} Sound Tower High Power Audio, Floor Standing Speaker - Click here for an Amazon deal

Samsung is one of the largest electronic brands in the world and is popularly known for its premium smartphones and TVs. They are also quite experienced in manufacturing speakers.  Their latest 160W MX-ST40B Sound Tower is a masterpiece. This speaker will increase the fun whether you are at a lively party or a holiday dinner, this speaker will increase the fun. It offers directional sound and powerful bass, which helps you get a room-filling sound experience.




Stereo sound with a bi-directional speaker

Little bulky

Long-lasting battery life


IPX5-rated water resistance 


Light up the environment with festive LED lighting effects


Best Suited For

If you often host parties at your home, this device is perfect for you. It has festive features to add a special touch to your music playlist. 

User Feedback

Sony 160W Sound Tower can offer an amazing sound experience and has 12 hours of long-lasting battery backup, which is quite impressive. Besides its cool design, party lights with multiple colours set the mood. 

9. Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black & Brass - Click here for an Amazon deal

Marshall is a British company that designs and manufactures multiple electronics products such as speakers, amplifiers, headphones, earphones, and many more. They recently launched one of their best Bluetooth speakers, Marshall Willen. It is a mighty portable speaker made to go everywhere with you. This speaker power your music with the Marshall signature sound every single time, which help you get a good sound experience.




Built-in microphone

Quite expensive. 

15 hours of playback time 


IP67 water-resistance and dust-resistance rating.  


Powerful bass and loud audio


Best Suited For

Marshall Willen is best suited for a compact and durable speaker, enhanced music performance, and excellent wireless connectivity. 

User Feedback

Marshall Willen is famous worldwide because of its simplistic and durable design. It also allows its user to get fantastic audio experiences thanks to its 2 range drivers and 2 passive radiators. 

10. Panasonic Sc-Ht480Gw-K 100W 4.1 Channel Auxiliary, USB, Micro USB Soundbar - Black - Click here for an Amazon deal

Panasonic is a worldwide leader in developing diverse technology solutions for people in consumer electronics, such as ACs, speakers, and many more. Their latest SC-Ht480Gw-K 100W Speaker is also a fantastic product. It is a 4.1-channel speaker-cum sound bar with a 100W output. This speaker can offer deep bass sound with a front duct, enhancing your audio experience. 



Remote control


Easy connection with TV & PC


Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.  


Best Suited For

Suppose you are looking for a convertible soundbar with a premium design that can offer you a cinematic sound experience while watching your favourite movies or shows. In that case, you can check out this speaker. 

User Feedback

What users love the most about the speaker is its black look which creates a powerful visual impression. They are also surprised by its loud and clear sound at such a low price. 

On What Basis Did We Choose The Top 10 Brands?

  • Experience - We have tried to list only those speaker brands which have been in this industry for quite a long time and have a good amount of experience. 
  • Reviews - While looking for the top 10 speakers brands, we reviewed each brand's reviews and their products over online shopping sites such as Amazon and tried to list those with primarily positive reviews. It can be helpful for you. 
  • Features and customer service - All the speaker brands listed in this article are compared by their affordability and product features which can be helpful for you. We also ensured that these brands are well established and offer satisfactory customer service.  

What Is A High-Resolution Speaker?

High-Resolution speakers are those which can produce high-res audio. Whereas high-res audio is a list of digital technologies that result in music playback at a quality that is better than traditional CDs.

As I said, high-res audio is better than CD quality, but how do I know? Before I answer that, here is how digital music is quantified: Usually, digital music sound quality is expressed with the help of two values: bit depth and sampling rate. These two variables are used when analogue audio is converted into digital one. The higher the value of these two variables, the better will be the audio quality. 

Now, back to the central part: traditional CD-quality audio's bit depth and sampling rate are around 16-bit/44.1Khz. On the other hand, hi-res audio uses a minimum bit depth of 24 bits and a minimum sample rate of 48KHz. This can allow you to get more details and nuance in music and a better frequency range. 

What Are The Best Features In A Speaker Should One Look Out For?

When you buy a new speaker, there are particular features you should look out for. If you are among those who don't know about them, here is the list of the most important features you should check out in a speaker- 

1. Clarity and details - The first thing you should look for in a speaker is clarity. To do so, you can play a song you are familiar with and ensure everything is okay without any parts being disjoined. You can also check this out by listening to music that is mainly acoustic. This is because you may hear acoustic instruments and vocals in person and will have a better point of reference to the song played by the speaker. 

2. Sound Depth - You should next look for bass to check how well the speaker can convey its depth. The bass of any speaker should be immaculate and crisp as individual notes. It is not good if your speaker bass sounds like repeating notes that thud along. To measure the sound depth, the best thing you can do is to use upright bass by playing a walking bassline similar to jazz songs.

3. Range - Another important aspect of a speaker you should look for is its dynamic range. In other ways, it's a difference between quiet and loud, but it provides context to movies or music. Make sure the speaker you choose can make musical peaks and troughs without blowing out or producing the quiet part inaudible.


1. What is the best speaker under 4000?

Akai HA-TS60 60W Bluetooth Tower Speaker Wooden Cabinet 5.25" Subwoofer is the best speaker under INR 4000. It is a single-stand tower speaker that can offer bold ultrasonic sound and allow you to enjoy music in full-bodied realised through dual performance heteros drivers. 

2. Which is the loudest Bluetooth speaker?

Samsung 160W MX-ST40B  is the loudest Bluetooth speaker on the list. It can produce clear audio with high and mighty bass, giving you a good audio experience. 

3. Which sound quality is best?

Sony SRS-XG300 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker offers the best sound quality thanks to its X-balanced speaker, which offers power, clarity, and distortion-free sound. 


Speakers are helpful while travelling as they allow you to enjoy music or watch shows with louder audio and deeper bass. And, if you are looking for the best speaker brands with their top-selling products, you can check out the list above.

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