10 Best Cookware Brands in India (2024)

Looking to know the best cookware brands in India? Read this to know the price and ratings of cookware brands available in India.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall - Prestige

Prestige has benchmarked in the cookware industry by producing budget-friendly and durable utensils. It is a go-to choice for customers, irrespective of any occasion. Moreover, the brand provides the best services by covering a wide range of cookware products.

Expert Comments: I like the capacity and ease of use that the brand promotes. Would recommend.

The brand's top products:

Best Budget - Borosil

Known for its durability, the brand firms its place as the best budget pick by offering great cookware sets at an affordable price. Above all, it carries the quality of living in your kitchen for a reasonable period.

Expert Comments: Appreciate the affordable range and durability provided in the cookware sets. I would be buying more from them.

The brand's top products:

Best Heat Distribution - Wonderchef

Emerging from India, the brand has the best technique for heat distribution. The brand further applies this to all its utensils so that its customers never get undercooked food. Therefore, Wonderchef ensures that the consumer gets a great meal.

Expert Comment: The brand gives the best gifting options. And the brand has amazing combo deals for festive occasions.

The brand's top products:

Best Easy to Clean - Hawkins

One cannot miss mentioning Hawkins regarding being the best cookware brand. Acting as a professional choice, the brand saves time for its user by offering easy cleaning with non-stick coating and a sturdy design. Thus, save your hands from the vigorous cleaning of utensils.

Expert Comments:  It is an excellent brand. Lives up to its promise of easy-to-clean and durable products. 

The brand's top products:

Best Durability - Pigeon

Representing a legacy, Pigeon has lived up to the reputation of creating cookware sets that never rub off the quality. Moreover, it is one of the best cookware brands for its durability, which has made them prevalent in the industry.

Expert Comments: The brand’s warranty is one attractive factor. Plus has service centres all over the cities. Love their service.

The brand's top products: 

Summary Of The 10 Best Cookware Brands Available In India

Here is a chart of the top products of the best cookware brands, along with their prices:-

Serial No.






Pigeon Stainless Steel Casserole with Lid Cookware Set 

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove





Wonderchef Taurus Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Wok with Lid and Induction Bottom





Vinod Platinum Triply Stainless Steel Deep Frypan with Stainless Steel Lid

Vinod 18/8 Stainless Steel Sandwich Bottom Handi Shape Inner Lid Europa Pressure Cooker





Cello Armour Induction Base Tri-Ply Kadhai with Stainless Steel Lid

Cello Non Stick Grill Pan Square





Borosil - CFFP24SS12 Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Borosil Glass Casserole Oven And Microwave Safe Serving Bowl with Glass Lid





Bergner Argent TriPly Stainless Steel Fry Pan with Riveted Cast Handle & Induction Base (22 cm, Silver)

BERGNER Senator Diecast Aluminium Non-Stick Square Grill Pan





Sumeet Stainless Steel Urli Cookware/serveware/handi/pot With Lid, 500ML, 1000ML, 1300ML, 3 Piece (Steel)

Sumeet Nonstick Granite Finish Cluster Cookware Set 






Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker

Prestige Hard Anodised Aluminium Plus Cookware Induction Base Roti Tawa




Amazon Brand - Solimo

Amazon Brand - Solimo Hard Anodized Deep Kadhai

Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Tope with Steel Lid





Hawkins 26 cm Frying Pan, Triply Stainless Steel Fry Pan with Glass Lid

Hawkins 6 Litre Inner Lid Pressure Cooker



10 Best Cookware Brands Available In India

1. Pigeon

Established in 1999, the brand has produced one of the best cookware sets. At least once, they have entered every household in the kitchen. Whether it be any utensil, the brand gives their cookware the correct thickness, strength and design for cooking any dish that one covets. 

The brand's top products are:- 



Gives longer years of warranty

Product sizes can vary for users

Energy saving appliances


Durable products with thick layering


Stove-friendly cookware


2. Wonderchef

Wonderchef is one of the best cookware brands and emerged out of the homeland of India. Also, it outsources to various other countries. The brand offers a variety of cookware products with a strong body and wholesome safety. While cooking the food faster, the brand also promotes saving fuel. 

The brand's top products are:-



Scratch-resistant cookware brand

Has issues on induction stove

100% PFOA certified brand


Offers good heat distribution 


Non-sticky coated products


3. Vinod

Living in the cookware industry for decades, Vinod provides customers with the best deals in every category. Whether it be the brand’s price, durability and range of products, it fulfils the diversified needs of the customers. 

The top products of the brand are:-



Dishwasher safe cookware brand

Some products lack non-stick coated

Promising brand


Grants longer warranty period


Produces brilliant designs


4. Cello 

Since 1967, the brand has prevailed in the market by producing stunning sets of cookware products. Even though it provides other basic amenities, its utensil industry is one of the best. Going by the variety of products, it comes in as one of the best professional cookware brands.

The top products of the brand are:-



Good combo deals

Not a mainstream cookware brand

Brand gives good gifting options


Covers all types of cookware


Durable products


5. Borosil 

One of the renowned cookware brands gives everything but disappointment. Borosil produces a range of services and utensils for every purpose. Moreover, it has a history of producing excellent cookware products for baking cakes, pies, and pastries. Although it was launched in 1962, it is a renowned modern cookware brand.

The top products of the brand are:-



Dishwasher safe products

Has more glass-made products

Easily available




Stove-friendly products


6. Bergner India

Bergner India is an Indian subsidiary of an Austrian kitchenware-making company. Even after coming from a foreign land, it brings a wide range of cookware sets to fulfil the diversified needs of the Indian household. The brand provides modern-day utensils to make the kitchen look new and beautiful. 

The top products of the brand are:-



Strong build

Expensive prices

Easy maintenance


Non-stick coating on products


International brand reputation


7. Sumeet 

The brand offers a great deal to the customer. One can say it introduces a value pack by putting out combo deals. Therefore, this attempt by the brand aims to complete the overall demand for utensils. And deems to bring in a package of cookware in one wholesome purchase.

The top products of the brand are:-



Produces cookware in all sizes 

Lesser warranty period 

Carries unique and fancy designs 


Provides premium coated products


Gives combo utensil deals


8. Prestige

Going by the name, the brand has established itself as a prestigious cookware brand in the industry. Prestige manufactures one of the most durable products. The brand is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to avoid the huff and puff of buying utensils, as the brand gives a one-time purchase fulfilment.

The top products of the brand are:-



Benchmark product

Has issues with making dishwasher safe products

Vigilant customer care


Manufactures safe and durable products


Brings out fancy designs


9. Amazon Brand - Solimo

After entering and performing exceptionally well on all fronts, Solimo dives into the cookware world to make its name. And with the introduction of various types of equipment with reasonable prices, it has become one of the favourites in the market. 

The top products of the brand are:-



A certified international brand

Not a mainstream cookware brand

Sturdy body design of products


Infuses hard anodized coating on its utensils


Budget-friendly cookware brand


10. Hawkins

Bringing a range of products to the table, Hawkins has become a professional cookware brand. The brand has kept itself updated by producing induction-friendly products. Moreover, the brand's history is enough to assure the customers of its excellent services.

The top products of the brand are:-



Has easy to clean products

Slightly expensive than the basic range

Stove- friendly products


Provides utensils in all sizes


Professional cookware brand


A Good Cookware Essentially Has All of These Features


Role of the features

Non- stick coating

Avoids the spices and cooked food from sticking to offer easy cleaning.


Allows versatile usage by supporting all types of heat sources without the utensil getting harmed.

Heat distribution

This allows the heat to disperse and cook the food completely from all sides.

What To Look For While Buying A Cookware Brand And Comparison Between The Previous Version To The Current Version?

Kitchen households have adopted induction, spices and new styles of cooking. Therefore, the above brands offer newly improvised products. The list enlists brands that carry products infused with non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Unlike the previous products, these brands give products that are induction friendly. Ultimately, the newer products have a sturdy build design and upgraded material quality of the cookware sets.

How We Shortlisted The Best Cookware Brands For You?

To prepare the best of the best from the vast industry, we have looked into the unique features and the safety grade that the brand promises to hold. Apart from this, reviews and ratings from verified purchases on the brand's page have been taken into account to portray the reality of the user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cookware Brands

Q1. What are the top five cookware sets?

Cello, Solimo, Borosil, Pigeon and Vinod are the top five cookware sets.

Q2. What cookware do most chefs use?

Chefs mostly use anodized or enamel-coated aluminium utensils.

Q3. What is the longest-lasting cookware?

Stainless steel cookware is the longest-lasting.


Cookware sets are something that will go forward for a long time. Therefore, one must make sure to buy the cookware brand that offers promising features and an adequate warranty period.

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