10 Best Philips Trimmers for Men in India (2024)

Looking for the best Philips trimmer? Read this article to know about the price and ratings of trimmers available in Philips.


A trimmer is more than just a gadget; both men and women use it. Thanks to their sliding blades, the latest Philips trimmers may give you a flawless finish and improve your appearance. We have the newest model of Philips trimmer, popular in India. As a result, we have provided you with a pricing list of Philips trimmers most suited for your daily requirements. 

We provide India's most cutting-edge modern gadgets and the latest Philips trimmer price. Therefore, visit our website for a complete list of Philips trimmers introduced on the market in India. Are you also looking for the best Philips trimmer? Read this article to learn about Philips's price and ratings of trimmers.                 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Philips MG5740/15

Expert Comment:  Philips MG5740/15 is the best overall product that can ease your trimming and grooming all over the body. 

Expert Comment: this is the best trimmer which comes under your budget. The skin-friendly beard trimmer gives you a stylish look. 

Best Philips Trimmer For Men - Philips QP6550/15 OneBlade Pro Trimmer and Shaver 

Expert Comment: The Philips QP6550 /15 is the best choice for you if you are looking for the best trimmer for men. Perhaps it's a bit expensive, but it can work effortlessly. 

Best Philips Trimmer For Women - PHILIPS MG3721/77 TRIMMER

Expert Comment: with the Philips MG3721/77, you can try a new look every week; both men and women can use this trimmer. 

Best Philips Cordless Beard Trimmer - Philips QP2526/10 Cordless OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer

Expert Comments: The Philips OneBlade has cutting-edge technology for men who wear facial hairstyles and maintain beards. While its styles, trims, and shaves keep the skin silky.

Best Philips Dura Power Beard Trimmer - Philips BT1235/15 Skin-friendly Beard Trimmer

Expert Comment: Philips BT1235 is the perfect choice for a dura power beard trimmer. Dura power technology can trim your beard perfectly. 

Summary Table: 10 Best Philips Trimmers In India

You can quickly review all of the top Philips trimmers we've selected for India in the table below, and you can also see their prices at a glance.

10 Best Philips Trimmers Available In India 

Let's continue looking for the ideal Philips trimmer and learn about the pros, cons, and specifications of the trimmers.

1. PHILIPS BT1232/15 Skin-friendly Beard Trimmer - Click here for Amazon deal

The PhilipsBT1232/15 Skin-Friendly Beard Trimmer trims beards while shielding skin from cuts and nicks. DuraPower technology in this trimmer offers a long-lasting battery life. You can charge it for up to 30 minutes. This trimmer produces stainless steel blades for better sharpness so that you may select between 1-5-7mm beard length. After 8 hours of charging, you can use this cordlessly for 30 minutes only. 

  • Model Name: BT1232/15

  • Price: Rs. 845

  • Review: 32,630+

  • Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars



Easy to use and hold 

Need improvement 

No need for maintenance 

protects against cuts and nicks 

Dura power technology for longer battery life, along with a charging indicator 

2. Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65 - Click here for Amazon deal

You can trim and style your face, hair, and body at home with the 13-in-1 trimmer for optimum precision—everything you need for hair cutting at home.  A 5-minute charge provides 120 minutes of cordless use; a non-slip rubber grip makes it more comfortable and easier to use. A power adapting sensor evaluates your beard density at 125 times per second and adjusts to provide steady power for quick and precise trimming. 

  • Model Name: MG7715/65

  • Price: Rs. 3,745

  • Review: 842+

  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars



13-in-1 trimmer

Unnecessary attachments 

Battery is good 


Good ergonomics 

Suitable for any type of hair 

3. Philips Nose Trimmer Nt3650/16 - Click here for Amazon deal

If you are irritated by the complicated area of hair on your body, this Phillips nose trimmer is ideal. It can easily trim unwanted hair such as noses, ears, and eyebrows. It has a protective safety system that provides 100% comfort. It features a fast-moving dual-sided cutter with 16 cutting slots. It has more cutting slots than its predecessor. It's waterproof so that you can wash it after use. 

  • Model Name: Nt3650/26

  • Price: Rs. 850

  • Review: 5,000+

  • Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars



Easy to carry 

Plastic blades 

Easily cut nose hairs 

Efficient and fast 


4. Philips MG5740/15 - Click here for Amazon deal

With the Philips 12-in-1 Face, Hair, and Body Trimmer MG5740/15, create your distinctive appearance. For styling your beard, hair, and body hair. High-quality tools. You get the most styles and variety possible with this 12-in-1 trimmer. It has DualCut blades, which give the most fantastic accuracy. The no-slip rubber grip on this multi-groomer enhances comfort and control. Style your hair as you like for 80 minutes with this appliance!

  • Model Name: MG5740/15

  • Price: Rs. 2,999

  • Review: 6,000+

  • Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 starts



It's water resistant 

Take much time to charge 

Long last battery 

Multiple attachments 

Easy to hold 

5. Philips BT3105/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer - Click here for Amazon deal 

Get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The trimmer's steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim, so they stay extra sharp and effective as on day 1. The stainless steel blade's variable cutting length makes it simple to move it from 0.8 mm to 0.2 mm. This device has the convenience of a push-type switch and can be easily operated and recharged.

  • Model Name: BT3105 /15

  • Price: Rs. 1,820

  • Review: 1,500+

  • Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars



Durable quality 


Stronger comb attachments

Better battery backup

Decent trimmer 

6. Philips QP2526/10 Cordless OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer - Click here for Amazon deal 

For guys who maintain beards and use facial hairstyles, the Philips OneBlade has cutting-edge technology. It keeps the skin silky while it styles, trims, and shaves. A protective plate on top of the cutter with its dual protection system keeps the blade from coming into contact with flesh. With 200 times per second of cutting speed, the high-performance cutter creates accurate, crisp edges while cutting hair. The OneBlade doesn't shave as closely as a regular blade, keeping your skin pleasant.

  • Model Name: QP6550/25

  • Price: Rs. 2,795

  • Review: 2,000 + 

  • Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars



It gives you a stylish look 


It makes your skin soft 

long-lasting battery 

Use as shaver and trimmer 

7. Philips BT1235/15 Skin-friendly Beard trimmer - Click here for Amazon deal

Long battery life is ensured by DuraPower technology and stainless steel blades self-sharpen as they trim. This trimmer can also be charged with a micro-USB cable and runs for up to 60 minutes. With the included USB cable, your computer or any other USB adaptor may charge this beard trimmer more easily. Use a 1 mm stubble comb or 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm beard comb to attain the desired beard length. You can also obtain the 0.5mm zero trim appearance by removing the comb. It's the best product for daily use. 

  • Model Name: BT1235/15

  • Price: Rs.1,076

  • Review: 300+

  • Ratings: 4.2 out of stars



Long-lasting battery 

Cleaning is not easy 

Get a perfect protective trim 


Quick charge 

Four suitable beard combs 

8. Philips BT3241/15 Smart Beard Trimmer  - Click here for Amazon deal

The Philips BT3241/15 Smart Beard Trimmer includes skin cuts, blades with rounded tips, and no heating. The Lift & Trim method lifts and collects more low-lying hairs for effective, uniform trimming results. Within 90 minutes of charging, it can cut lengthy, dense beards efficiently and evenly. Additionally, it has a PowerAdapt sensor that continuously adjusts the motor 125 times per second to ensure consistent cutting performance.

  • Model Name: BT3241/15

  • Price: Rs. 3,336

  • Review: 52,000+

  • Ratings: 4 4 out of stars



It provides long-lasting performance 

It takes longer to charge 

Has 20 lock-in length 

Easy cleaning 

The blade is titanium coated

9. PHILIPS MG3721/77 TRIMMER - Click here for Amazon deal

With the Philips MG3721/77 TRIMMER, you can try a new look every week. It has seven quality tools that can effortlessly create a new look. Blades of steel brush against each other, sharpening themselves. After three years of use, edges remain sharp as of day 1. Trim, style, and clip your hair conveniently with this all-in-one trimmer. Use the trimmer without a comb for a clean, sharp beard, neck, and hairline. Despite using the trimmer for three years, the blades remain sharp.

  • Model Name: MG3721/77

  • Price: Rs.1,777

  • Review: 2,000+

  • Ratings: 4.2 out of stars



Can use men and women 


Long-lasting battery

Body grooming trimmer 

Made with stainless steel

10. Philips QP6550/15 OneBlade Pro Trimmer and Shaver - Click here for Amazon deal 

For guys who maintain beards and use facial hairstyles, the Philips OneBlade has cutting-edge technology. It keeps the skin silky while it styles, trims, and shaves. The unique one-blade technology gives you stylish looks so that you will walk confidently. Its precision trimming comb has 14 length settings. This battery has a 120-minute life span and an LED indicator. Body comb (3 mm) for easy trimming. Dual-sided blade for precise edges & sharp lines

  • Model Name: QP6550/15

  • Price: Rs. 6,549

  • Review: 40+ 

  • Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars



It offers a close shave 



Long beards require steady hands 

Long run time 

Use as shaver and trimmer 

How Do We Shortlist The Best Philips Trimmer For Your Use?

Selecting the best trimmer is not like a cakewalk; it's like you have to find a piece of jewellery in the garbage. Various trimmers on the market come with multiple features and prices. Don't complicate yourself because here, we will assist in making a choice possible. 

When it comes to grooming products, there are many different brands, yet strangely, many guys don't have a favourite brand. It depends on the qualities they require to do the task. Some significant manufacturers still have dependable beard trimmers, like Philips. 

What To Look For While Choosing A Philips Trimmer?


You need a beard trimmer that will last, so make sure it has stainless steel blades. Choosing a trimmer with a good grip will prevent accidental slipping. It is entirely up to you whether the trimmer is corded or cordless and if your bathroom has a power outlet. Cordless options are best for people who are always on the go or frequently travel.

Types of Trimmers

You can pick different kinds of trimmers as per your preference.

  • Hair trimmers 

  • Trimmers for beards 

  • Trimmers for the ears and nose 

  • Trimmers for bikinis 

Battery Charge Time 

In 14 hours, it can fully charge the trimmer. You can fully charge the trimmer in 14 hours. You should recharge the trimmer after a month or more if you haven't used it. You can prolong the battery's life by running the trimmer until the blades move slowly.

Battery Runtime 

At the lowest setting, the battery should last 25 minutes, and at the highest setting, 8-10 minutes. Charging conditions, battery maintenance, battery storage, and environmental conditions all affect the life of a battery.


Your beard trimmer will last between 7 and 10 years with proper care and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most common questions about purchasing Philips trimmers in India below. 

1. What is the latest model of the Philips trimmer?

  • Philips Pro Skin BT1005 Trimmer For Men (Black)’

  • Philips BT3200/15 Beard Trimmer (Only Corded Use)

  • Philips BT3200/15 Beard Trimmer

  • Philips Ladyshave HP6306/00 Wet & Dry Shaver (Pink)

2. What types of trimmers are available from Philips?

Facial hair trimmers are not only for cutting your facial hair. You can find multiple trimmers on the market: 

  • Beard trimmer

  • Shaver

  • Ear and nose trimmers

  • Clipper trimmer 

  • Groomers 

  • Razors

3. Which trimmer is best for the entire body?

You can use a hair trimmer if you want to cut all your body hair with one trimmer. It is the best for use in many body parts. 

4. How to choose the perfect trimmer for my hair type?

Here are five things to remember while looking for the perfect trimmer for your hair: 

  • Choose between corded and cordless. 

  • Choose the best accessories for your hair

  • Find the correct blade sizes

  • Verify the type of motor 

  • Check your hair type


So, without further ado, here are the best Philips trimmers in India, along with their prices. We hope that our list of the best Phillips trimmers has helped you make a decision. After doing a lot of research, analysing the products, and carefully comparing them, we have finally decided on the best Philips trimmer in India. You may discover the best trimmer on Amazon by clicking the link provided in this post. Make sure to verify the parameters twice before purchasing any of these trimmers.

The time is right to buy a Philips trimmer!

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