Best Vitamin D Supplements in India (2024)

Looking for the best Vitamin D Supplements in India? Read this article to know the details of the best Vitamin D Supplements in India.

From healthy bones and teeth to regulating inflammation and immune function, vitamin D has a huge role in supporting our overall health and metabolism. So, if you're searching for the best vitamin D supplements to ensure adequate levels of the vitamin in your blood, you are in the right place. This article will take you through our top recommendations of the best vitamin D tablet name and share other helpful information on vitamin D sources, deficiencies, etc.

Best Vitamin D Supplements to Buy 

Here are top picks for the best vitamin D supplements:

Backed with 397 reviews with 4.3 ratings, the Wellbeing Nutrition Natural Vitamin D3+K2 "Melts" Oral Strips are an all-time Amazon bestseller.

Most Convenient to Consume – HealthKart HK Vitals Disolve Vitamin D

If you're searching for the most convenient form of vitamin D, the HealthKart HK Vitals DISOLVE Vitamin D strips in raspberry flavour are sure to impress you.

If an organic supplement is your main priority, you must consider the Himalayan Organics Vitamin D3 2000 IU + Vitamin K2 tablets.

The Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3 supplement comes in yummy orange flavour chewable tablets that you have to chew only once a week to say goodbye to your vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin You Can't Ignore

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is highly important for the body as it improves bone health and promotes muscle growth and development. Unlike iron, our body can produce vitamin D in sunlight.

However, its production reduces with age and can also affect people who don't regularly get sun exposure or consume foods fortified with vitamin D. Hence. We need to eat a diet rich in vitamin D.

But if you are on the verge of vitamin D deficiency, you can't fulfil it through your diet alone because there are few vitamin D sources. Hence, you must consume the best vitamin D supplements, if required.

So, let's read through this article to find the best form of vitamin D for absorption, how much vitamin D per day for a woman and man is required, and what vitamin D3 dosage for adults.

List of the 10 Best Vitamin D Supplements to Buy

If you are searching for vitamin D tablets name, here are our top ten picks for you:

1. Wellbeing Nutrition Melts Natural Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK-7) - Click here for an Amazon deal

The Wellbeing Nutrition Melts Natural Vitamin D3 + K2 supplement comes in 30 oral strips. These plant-based and vegan strips come with a wild raspberry flavour and are curated using a patented nano-technology that quickly dissolves into the body for faster action.

The supplement is also fortified with Vitamin K2 (MK7) derived from fermented chickpeas and eventually helps boost skeletal muscle development, prevent chronic diseases and improve cell function. Sugar-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free and carrageenan-free, these oral strips are easy to consume and clinically proven to increase vitamin D levels in the body.

  • Price: Rs. 551

  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 397

2. Nutrilite Vitamin D Plus Daily Supplement - Click here for an Amazon deal

The Nutrilite Vitamin D Plus Daily Supplements come in the form of tablets and are fortified with vitamin D3, vitamin K2, Quercetin and Licorice extracts. These supplements are perfect for strengthening weakened bones.

  • Price: Rs. 1,197

  • Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 100

3. HealthKart HK Vitals Disolve Vitamin D - Click here for an Amazon deal

HealthKart HK Vitals Disolve Vitamin D supplements are another excellent bet for you, especially if you're interested in consuming oral strips. Flavoured with raspberry without added sugar, these strips contain 100% RDA of Vitamin D3 to help improve bone and joint health. Moreover, these strips are fortified with natural vitamin K2 to reduce the risk of bone fractures.

The folic acid in the formula further helps prevent brittle bones, boost energy levels and optimise nerve function. Last but not least, these vitamin D supplement strips are non-vegetarian, non-GMO, RDA-approved, and safe to consume - without any added preservatives.

  • Price: Rs. 499

  • Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 20

4. Himalayan Organics Vitamin D3 2000 IU + Vitamin K2 as Mk7 Supplement - Click here for an Amazon deal

The Himalayan Organics Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements are available in 120 vegetarian, unflavoured tablets. These tablets ensure better calcium in the body and support a stress-free life by keeping you healthy and energetic.

Furthermore, these tablets help provide stronger immunity and promote better working of the heart by keeping calcium out of the arteries and other organs. Lastly, the formula is gluten-free, soy-free, 100% vegan and expert-approved.

  • Price: Rs. 697

  • Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 20

5. Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3 60000 IU - Click here for an Amazon deal

Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3 chewable orange-flavoured tablets are one of the bestsellers in India. They are highly absorbed in the body as they are available in cholecalciferol. They are easy to consume as you need one tablet per week to solve your vitamin D3 issues and deficiency. The formula helps boost immunity, mood and muscle function and supports solid bones & calcium absorption in the body.

  • Price: Rs.279

  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 1263

6. Boldfit Vitamin D3 Tablets for Men & Women - Click here for an Amazon deal

The Boldfit Vitamin D3 Tablets are non-vegetarian and unflavoured to support your immunity, bones, joints and energy levels. Fortified with 100% RDA of vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and vitamin B12, these supplements are highly effective for arterial health and optimal calcium absorption. Furthermore, the formula can help maintain already-healthy blood pressure. Lastly, these vitamin D3 tablets are made in a fully licensed FSSAI factory, and ISO & GMP certified.

  • Price: Rs. 299

  • Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 600

7. TerraVita Daily D3 + B12 Strips - Click here for an Amazon deal

The TerraVita Daily D3 + B12 supplements are available in the form of unflavoured tablets to ensure your body is always feeling fit and energetic. Furthermore, the formula can support cardiovascular and bone health with 100% natural ingredients. These supplements are fortified with vegan vitamin B12 to further contribute to your health and well-being. Vegetarian and made with premium ingredients, these supplements are devoid of artificial colours, flavours and added sugar.

  • Price: Rs. 1,537

  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 53

8. HealthyHey Nutrition Natural Vitamin K2 + Natural D3 - Click here for an Amazon deal

The HealthyHey Nutrition Natural Vitamin K2 + Natural D3 supplements feature a vegan formula derived from Lichen. Available in 120 vegetable capsules, these supplements are non-GMO certified and manufactured as per FSSAI, GMP & USDA standards. These supplements support bone and joint health without any added chemicals.

  • Price: Rs. 807

  • Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 75

9. Superhuman Vitamin D3 & B12 Gummies - Click here for an Amazon deal

The Superhuman Vitamin D3 & B12 Gummies feature a perfect formula for people who spend most of their time indoors. Backed with a tasty pineapple formula and gummy form, these supplements are a perfect choice if you want to boost your energy and immunity while supporting bone health. Moreover, these gummies are gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO certified, vegan and Halal certified, and most importantly, FDA compliant.

  • Price: Rs. 399

  • Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 25

10. Nature Made Calcium with Vitamin D3 600 mg - Click here for an Amazon deal

Last but not least, the Nature Made Calcium with Vitamin D3 supplements are available in 60 unflavoured, vegetarian tablets. The formula contains 600 mg of calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D3 in each tablet to help support strong bones.

  • Price: Rs. 1,710

  • Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

  • Reviews: 158

How to Choose the Best Vitamin D Supplements?

To choose a vitamin D supplement, here's what you should do:

  • Get your body tested for vitamin D to know if your levels are sufficient, insufficient or deficient.

  • Moreover, check the ingredients and supplements that contain added sugars, artificial flavourings, and colours.

  • Try to prioritise vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) as compared to vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol).

  • Look for a brand that is GMP-certified and FDA-approved.

  • Ensure the supplements are tested for purity and quality and free from preservatives, gluten, toxins, etc.

  • Lastly, choose a supplement with an appropriate vitamin D dose to meet your needs.

What Makes Vitamin D Crucial?

Since it plays a key role in many aspects of health, vitamin D is an essential nutrient you must take notice of. The vitamin helps increase calcium absorption in the body, thus maintaining strong and healthy bones. Furthermore, vitamin D helps regulate immune function and reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D vs. D3: What's the Difference?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin found in plants and animals. It regulates calcium and phosphorus levels in the body. Vitamin D3 is manufactured in animals. It is the natural form of vitamin D produced by the body from sunlight.

Best Form of Vitamin D for Absorption

Vitamin D3 is the best form of vitamin D for absorption in the body as it can raise levels higher and longer than vitamin D2.

Suggested Vitamin D Intake: How Much Vitamin D Per Day for a Woman and Man?

Your daily requirement for vitamin D depends on your age and health.

  • Vitamin D3 Dosage for Adults and Kids Aged 4+ Years: 800 IU

  • In Case of Deficiency: 6,000 IU per day or 50,000 IU per week for eight weeks (don't self-medicate, consult your healthcare professional)

  • Maintenance Dosage after Your Vitamin D Levels are Sufficiently Restored: 1,000–2,000 IU per day

Vitamin D Deficiency: Signs and Symptoms of Low Vitamin D in the Body

If you have low vitamin D levels in your body, you may notice symptoms such as:

  • Muscle twitching

  • Mood swings

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness and lethargy

  • Joint stiffness or pain

  • Muscle or bone pain

  • Fractures in extreme deficiency

  • Developmental delay, irritability and bone changes in kids

Best Natural Sources of Vitamin D

Though sunlight is the best form of vitamin D, there are a few nutritious foods that are high in vitamin D. The following foods are rich in vitamin D:

  • Fatty Fish, particularly Salmon: Contains 526 IU of vitamin D per 100 grams

  • Cod Liver Oil: Has 450 IU of vitamin D per teaspoon

  • Egg Yolks: One large chicken egg yolk has 37 IU of vitamin D

  • Beef Liver: 36 IU of vitamin D in a cooked 2.5-ounce serving

  • Wild Mushrooms: Contain 136 IU of vitamin D per cup

  • Cow's Milk: Contains 115 IU of vitamin D per cup (237 mL)

  • Soy Milk: Has around 100–119 IU of vitamin D per cup (237 mL)

  • Cheese: Contain 24 IU of vitamin D per 100 grams

  • Orange Juice: Up to 100 IU of vitamin D in one cup (237 mL)

  • Fortified Wheat Bran Flakes: Contain 145 IU of vitamin D per cup

  • Fortified cereals and juices

Frequently Asked Questions About Consuming Vitamin D

If you still need more clarification about including vitamin D in your diet or consuming its supplements, here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. Is it good to take Vitamin D supplements every day?

Yes. If you are deficient or on the verge of it, your doctor may prescribe you vitamin D supplements daily. However, if you live in a place with limited sun exposure or its autumn or winter season, you may take vitamin D supplements daily on your own. But it is crucial to choose the best GMP-certified and FDA-approved. And ask your doctor for their recommendation.

2. What is the best form of Vitamin D to take?

Vitamin D supplements are majorly available in two forms, i.e., vitamin D2 and D3. Though both forms can raise blood levels of vitamin D, vitamin D3 is a more effective option as it works faster and for longer.

3. How to know if you're getting too much or not enough Vitamin D?

If you're getting too little vitamin D, you may feel muscle weakness and fatigue, followed by bone pain. In severe cases, you may also experience deformities in your joints and incorrect growth patterns due to bowed or bent bones. On the other hand, if you're getting too much vitamin D, you'll notice symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, excessive thirst, high blood pressure, etc.

The Bottom Line

Getting enough vitamin D in your body is crucial for the typical growth and development of the body and for getting better immunity and metabolism. We hope you found this comprehensive article about vitamin D, its importance, dosage, natural food sources, curated supplements, deficiency, etc., useful. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about the information shared.

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