Best Gifts for Men (Even if He’s a Man who has Everything) (2024)

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Looking for the best gift ideas for men? You have landed at the right place. Finding the best gift items for your loved ones can sometimes be difficult. Well, you can choose to take help from buying guide for the same. In this buying guide for men’s gifts, we will be sharing with you some of the unique gift ideas for men. We will be talking about how you can choose a gift for men and what factors you must consider when choosing a gift depending on the occasion. We will try to understand the likes and dislikes of men to find gifts that will never fail and gifts to surprise any man. 

If you are trying to plan a surprise gift for someone, it might get a little difficult to choose the right gift item. In such cases using buying guides and following a few tips for gift selection can help you. If you are looking for the best gift item for men then this guide is your ultimate solution. All you need to do is know the occasion and a little about their preferences and you can find the best gift for men from this guide for the same. You can also take a look at the factors you must consider while buying gifts and the basic rules you must follow when choosing a gift for a man. 

Our Top Picks

Here is our list of the most unique gifts for men. These are top gift items in different categories of gifts that you can choose for your loved ones. 

Expert Comment - Who doesn’t like smelling good? For the men who love trying different perfumes with fresh and long-lasting fragrances, this set of 6 luxury perfumes is one of the best gifts that you can gift a man for any occasion. 

Expert Comment - Perfumes that have a long-lasting effect are highly preferred by men and this set from The Man Company is the best luxury perfume set within budget. 

Best Birthday Gifts For Men

  • Bagneeds Men's Black Synthetic Leather Briefcase Best Laptop Messenger Bag Satchel for Men - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Laptops are some of the most used devices for working men and a classy leather laptop bag is the best option that is very functional. 
  • Parker Vector Gift Set - Parker Roller Ball Pen with Parker Round Key Chain - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Branded gifts do make an impact on the receiver and Parker is one of the best brands we know for pens and gift sets. This set from the brand with a rollerball pen and round key chain is one of the best aesthetic and useful gifts for men.
  • Park Avenue Good Morning Grooming Kit – Combo of 6 + Travel Pouch - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Well-groomed men never go out of fashion and so do grooming kits that give you the gentleman look every single day. This grooming kit with a travel pouch is also very useful for men who are always on the move. 

Best Unique Gifts For Men 

  • Urban Forest Oliver Blue RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Wallets are very common gift items for men but a classy wallet with RFID blocking is what a unique gift item for men must look like. 

Best Retirement Gifts For Men

  • WILDHORN Black Leather Wallet, Blue Keychain and Black Diamond Pen for Men I Gift Hamper - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Retirement is a very special event in a lot of people’s lives and you can always count on a gift hamper with the right combination of objects for the same.  
  • WILDHORN Blue Leather Wallet, Keychain & Pen Combo for Men I Gift Hamper I Gift for Friend, Boyfriend, Husband, Father - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Another gift hamper that is best suited as a retirement gift item for men is this set of a wallet, keychain and a pen. This set makes a classy gift that he will keep and use for years.

Best Personalized Gifts For Men 

  • Wesley Office Laptop Bag Briefcase Notebook Professional Business 15.6 Inch Briefcase Messenger Sling College Bag Water Resistant Laptop Bag Tablet Business Carrying Handbag for Women and Men - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Laptop bags are immensely useful for men as they are used almost every day for carrying a laptop and other essentials. Choosing a laptop bag as a gift is a great option. 
  • AeroStark Drive Safe Metal Keychain | Perfect Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine Gift for husband Men Boyfriend - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Gifts with sweet messages for your loved ones are the best personalised gifts that you can choose for them. 
  • Urban Forest Brian Black Leather Wallet & Black Casual Belt Combo Gift Set for Men - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Wallets and belts are very useful for men and are used almost every day. A combo of these two products is one of the best gift options for men. 

Best Useful Gifts For Men

  • GFTBX 'Happy Birthday' Personalized Engraved Rectangular Wooden Photo Plaque Gift for Brother|Men|Boys|Boyfriend - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Personalised gifts with messages for the occasion and a picture of your loved ones carved on the wood are really good gifts that the receiver will cherish.
  • Incredible Gifts India First or 2nd Marriage Personalized Engraved Photo Plaque - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Anniversary gifts are also very special and choosing an engraved photo plaque can make your loved one feel your efforts and love with your gift.

Best Gifts For Men Under 500 

  • GFTBX Wooden Personalized Photo Keychain - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Budget plays an important role in influencing the gifts you choose for men. The best budget gift for men that is also personalised is this wooden photo keychain.
  • GFTBX Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends Girls or Boys - Gift Combo of Customized Wood Frame and Heart Shape Box with Red Rose Flowers and Teddy | Gift for Love | GF Gift Love - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Along with personalised gifts, if you can find cute flowers, it will be the perfect combination within a budget. 

Best Luxury Gifts For Men

  • Ship Smart Polyester Photo Cushion/Pillow with Filler - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Personalised and customised gifts truly make men happy. This type of gift makes him feel the emotions attached to the gift.
  • DREAMVIO Personalized White Satin Photo Cushion/Pillow with Filler - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - A cushion with your personalised text and pictures is truly a very heartfelt gift for men that will show them how special you are. 
  • PERSONALIZED WORLD Customize mosaic photo frame with mosaic photo (50 photos), Wood, Wall Mount, Black - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - This is one of the most unique luxury gifts that you can choose for your loved ones. 

Best Surprise Gifts For Men

  • Giftplease Customized Photo and song Spotify Plaque With Steel Removable Stand | Personalized Printed Frame with scannable code | Gift | Birthday | Anniversary - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Surprising your loved ones does not mean getting them something very huge. Something thoughtful like a Spotify plaque can also be loved by the receiver as the gift is personalised and also one of the unique gift ideas for men. 
  • Hidegear Leather Credit Card Holder - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - A credit card holder is also a good option for a gift. A classy leather credit card holder is what you should choose as a surprise gift for him for the next occasion. 
  • Hornbull Denial Olive Green Men's Leather Wallet | Leather Wallet for Men's & Valentine Gift Hamper | Branded Men's Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - If you are planning to surprise someone with a gift, you can play it safe by choosing something functional. This gift hamper offers a wallet, keychain and pen which are all useful for men.

Best Christmas Gifts For Men 

  • Hornbull Gift Hamper for Men | Brown Wallet and Brown Belt Men's Combo Gift Set | Leather Wallets for Men | Men's Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Another gift set for men for special occasions is this wallet and belt set from Hornbull. This set is classy and lightweight. 
  • Perfumer's Club "Best Fragrance for Men 2020" Gift Set of 3 - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Smelling good is liked by everyone, and this gift hamper with a set of 3 different fragrances is one of the best gifting ideas for men for the festive season. 

Best Classy Gifts For Men

  • Celebr8 3 in 1 Corporate Gift Set with Apple Clock, Crystal Pen, Business Card Holder (Golden) - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Classy never goes out of fashion. This corporate setting with a clock, pen and cardholder is one of the classiest gift hampers for men. 
  • CrownLit Wooden Ball Pen, Pen Card Holder, Keychain Set with Your Name Engraved on It - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - A classy gift with personalisations is also a good gift item for men. This corporate setting with the customisation of your name engraved on the wood is another good gift option for men. 
  • Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection (Combo of 7 + Travel Pouch), Multicolor - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - For the classy men, grooming kits are immensely important and grooming products with a travel bag are a good option for men in love with travelling too. 

Best Anniversary Gifts For Men

  • LORENZ Luxury Brown Leather Men's Wallet And Watch Combo Set - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - You might have to choose an anniversary gift for your husband or any other loved one choosing a leather wallet and watch combo is the best anniversary gift.
  • Parker Vector Camouflage Gift Set - Roller Ball Pen & Parker Keychain - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - When choosing gifts for a man for an anniversary, you can also choose to gift him a stylish pen and keychain set from Parker. 

Best Expensive Gifts For Men

  • Bellroy Brown Leather Men's RFID Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Wallets with RFID are now very easily available and serve as great gift items for men. These wallets are valuable and also seem thoughtful to the receiver.  
  • Kensington SecureTrek 17" Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Anti-theft products have gained a lot of popularity and are extremely useful for people. You can choose this laptop bag as a gift for your loved one. This bag is lockable and can also be used as an overnight backpack. 

Best Wedding Gifts For Men

  • LEMISH Phone Docking Station Hooks Key Holder Wallet Stand Watch Organizer Plywood Personalized for Men Customized tech Men's Gift for Husband Father Nightstand Graduation Male Idea Gadgets - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - For men who like to stay organised and keep their things properly at specified places, this is the best gift. This docking station helps you charge your phone and properly organise all your belongings in one place. 
  • Smart World Crowned 4 in 1 Gift Set - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Gift hampers are also very common as wedding gifts. You can gift your loved ones and friends a gift hamper too for their wedding. 
  • Bombay Shaving Company Bath & Skin Glow Kit | Gift for Men | Charcoal Face wash, Peel Off Mask, Face Pack, Sheet mask, Exfoliating Bath Soap - Click here for Amazon deal
    Expert Comment - Skincare and body products are the top gift items for wedding occasions and this hamper from Bombay Shaving Company offers a variety of products for the same. 

From Practical To Personalised, Our List Of The Best Gifts For Men Includes Everything

When choosing gifts for him, it is important that the gifts you put so much effort into must be useful for the receiver. You can easily choose from a large variety of gifts once you know the purpose of gifting. While creating this guide to help you find more gifting ideas for men, we have tried including different occasions for which you might have to find gifts for your loved ones. We have also considered different categories of gifts so that you have a better range of options when choosing the best gift for men. Our list offers you gifts that are aesthetic and functional. We have included options where you can look for customisations and give personalised gifts to the men in your life. 

Here’s What To Keep In Mind While Searching For Gifts For Men

In our list of the best gifts for men across various categories, you have seen that there are multiple options that you can choose from. Here is a list of some factors to keep in mind when you are finding the best gift from a range of men’s gift ideas. 

  • How are you related to the person?
  • What are his everyday activities?
  • What is he interested in or what his hobbies are?
  • What is his job or in which field does he work?
  • What are other people gifting him?
  • What does he aim at in life?
  • What are his sizes for various clothes and accessories?
  • Price is not as important as your efforts
  • Which generation does he belong to?
  • Who does he spend the most time with?

What Gifts Do Men Like 5 Basic Rules To Remember When Buying Gifts For Men

Looking for gift ideas for men, you might want to understand what tips to follow such that you always find the right gifts for him and what you choose never fails. The following rules should be followed by you when choosing gifts for men:

  • The price tag should not be the only factor when you choose a gift. 
  • As they say, less is more, the statement is so much relevant when considering gifts for men. 
  • The gift you choose must be practical but also have some sentimental value attached to it. 
  • The efforts and investment you put into the gifts must depend on your closeness with the person you are choosing the gifts for. 
  • If you are not very close or do not know the person well enough for getting gifts for him, you can always drop the idea of a gift and choose to get him a card. 

How Did We Shortlist The Best Gifts For Men?

While it is not very easy to choose gifts that are liked by the receiver and also very functional, we try to conduct our research and study every gift based on certain parameters. Based on the rules for gifting and the factors to consider when choosing gifts as well we choose the gifts for our list. The following are some other parameters based on which we shortlist the gifts and bring you the best gift ideas for men:

  • Quality
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality and Utility
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Pricing


We hope this buying guide for the best gifts for men has helped you get more gifting ideas and also helped you find some of the good options that you can choose as gifts for your loved ones. In this section, we have answered some questions to help you find gift ideas that can make any man happy. 

1. What kind of gifts do men like?

When choosing gifts for him, you must note that some men prefer gifts that have a lot of aesthetic value while some men like gifts with more functional value. Some men like personalised gifts more and some men prefer gifts that match their interests and hobbies. 

2. What are the best gifts for men who garden?

There is a wide range of options for gifts that can be used for gardening. Choosing gifts related to this activity is a unique gift idea for men and you can choose to gift him plants, seeds, soil, watering equipment, gardening equipment or even a book on gardening that can be helpful.

3. What are the best 50th birthday gifts for men?

For someone who likes writing you could always give a beautiful diary and pen, for a reader, books are the best gift and for a person who is willing to travel the world after reaching this milestone, travel essentials should be on your list of gifting ideas for men.

4. What are the best gifts for men who like to cook?

Another one of the unique men’s gifts ideas is gifting him something related to cooking. Many men are wonderful cooks and enjoy cooking in their leisure time. You can always gift these men cooking appliances, kitchen accessories, personal accessories for cooking or even recipe books for better cooking sessions. 

5. What are the best gifts for men who travel?

Travelling is another common interest among people these days. When choosing the best gift for men who love travelling, you must have on your list travel bags, shoes, hats and sunglasses and other travelling essentials that will be beneficial for when he goes on his next trip. 


We hope this guide on choosing the best gifts for men and finding unique gifting ideas has helped you gather some great options for when you wish to gift a loved one something thoughtful and useful. In case you need any more help, our team would be happy to assist you. You can get in touch with us and our team members will help you find the best gifts for your loved ones. 

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