10 Best Mattress Brands in India - Buyer's Guide

Looking for the best mattress brands in India? Read through this article!

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Are you confused by the overwhelming number of brands operating in the Indian mattress market? Are you perplexed about the different factors that you must consider before buying a mattress? Well, to solve your dilemma, in this article, our experts have curated a list of the best mattresses in India after extensive research of various attributes, testing different features, and going through different customer reviews. Go through the following list to make a well-informed decision. Towards the end of this “Buying Guide,” we have also mentioned detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for this product category and elaborated upon different factors to be considered while buying a mattress. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall - The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state, and it had Bonnell Springs is the most advanced engineered product in the comfort segment and is used in the core construction of the mattresses

Best Budget - Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

A mind that sleeps right thinks right, and Wakefit, through endless experimentation and intense research creates innovative sleep products at the most budget-friendly price in India. Their most popular product is the orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress, which is known to lull you into a deep sleep with the right spinal alignment and body posture, night after night. A Dual Comfort Mattress lends you the qualities of both a hard and a soft mattress. It is from high-quality memory foam using the latest technological innovations that provide excellent back support while engulfing you in its cocoon and letting you enjoy a restful sleep. However, there is no trial option. So, go ahead and buy with confidence.

Find out the 10 best Mattress Brands in India

Have you ever noticed how soft a hotel bed is and how it makes you enter a different world altogether? You get a sense of relaxation that sets a positive mood for the vacation mode. But why does that happen? It is because of the mattress they use. Hotels invest a lot when choosing a good mattress and carefully scrutinize all the needs. This is what households fail to realize, thus preventing good and sound sleep at night. 

A good mattress not only helps you get better sleep but will also lead to enhanced mental well-being and stability of mind. In this article, our experts have provided detailed opinions about India's 10 best mattress brands and the factors you should consider while purchasing a mattress. We understand how crucial this decision is, and we assure you that we have covered you. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive right into understanding all about buying the best mattress online!

Stay tuned with us till the end of this article to bring home a new mattress as per your budget and requirements.

Summary of the 10 best Mattress Brands in India

Purchasing a mattress is not a daily chore. A good quality mattress helps you relax the muscles, improve posture, and sleep peacefully by contouring to your body shape. It helps you to get up feeling completely fresh in the morning. But on what parameters will you choose a mattress for yourself amongst the thousands of models available in the Indian market? Worry not! In this informative guide, we have compiled all the necessary information about the 10 best mattress brands in India to help you make an informed decision. Before going on to the details, we have put together a comparative price-cum-rank list for you with all the quality mattresses in India. 

A complete list of the 10 best Mattress Brands in India

People often ask us different questions like, “Which is the best mattress brand in India?” or “Which type of mattress is the most preferred for a particular reason?” or something similar. The answer to such questions depends on many factors. Not everyone has the same need, so depending on your requirement, the preferred mattress may vary. We hope this unbiased list of the best mattress brands in India will help you narrow your search range and save you time in choosing the best mattress per your needs.

1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

As people are progressing from regular to smarter technology-based mattresses, The Sleep Company’s SmartGrid Luxe Mattress is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a luxurious experience. This mattress is the perfect combination of smart grid technology and luxury, which is a hyper-elastic polymer. The cover is manufactured with organic viscose cotton that avoids any skin rashes or irritation and boosts the breathability of the mattress. The walls of the grid are soft and provide a luxurious plush sleep on body curves. As many of us usually prefer a feeling of bounciness rather than sinking, this mattress does just that. The hyper-elastic polymer ensures that it retains its shape even after 10 years of use, without sinking. It helps maintain a good posture without feeling any pain in the back, neck, spine, and shoulders. Unlike low-quality mattresses, this protects you from waking up all sweaty, thanks to the 2500+ air channels infused. 

Its adaptive mattress technology adapts to one’s body shape and relieves pain and stress at the most inducing parts like the shoulders, back, spine and neck. The patented SmartGRID technology provides 2 times more support than regular orthopaedic mattresses and premium cushioning. Even if your partner moves and turns, you will not face any disturbance as it comes with motion isolation. It doesn’t emit toxic fumes, making it safe for asthmatic and allergic users. It is highly recommended for people with a higher side of weight for better support. The product also allows a 100-day free trial. This mattress comes in three heights- 6”, 8” and 10”.  More so, it is made in India!

  • Price:  Rs. 29,185
  • Brand: The Sleep Company
  • Size: 78 x 72 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 45 kilograms
  • Construction Type: No information available
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Item Firmness Description: Plush luxury soft (5.5 on the firmness scale)
  • Item Thickness: Three variants – 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches



The mattress provides excellent relief from body pain or back pain

This is an expensive mattress but totally worth the money as all reviews say online

It is an ideal mattress for orthopaedic comfort and other sleep impediments

The product is very heavy to move around because of its built-quality

It does not feature any motion transfer

It is a non-waterproof mattress

The making of the product is non-toxic and hypoallergenic


The material is durable and robust is super elastic, and provides no sagging


The mattress has air channels to regulate body temperature, thus providing sweat-free nights


Ratings and reviews: 4.7/ 5 stars (78% 5-star ratings and 15% 4-star ratings)

2. Sleepwell SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

According to some research, this mattress has shown significant improvement in neck pain and helps with soreness and pressure points. The mattress comes with a quilted 180GSM polyester material that provides extreme comfort, a lot of firmness to the sleeper, and great back support. It is engineered in a way to adjust your sleeping positions, providing immense comfort and supporting your pressure points. The mattress also adjusts according to your spine, giving relief. It has a top 15mm memory foam layer with an 8mm PU filling for extra comfort. 

It is made with premium, qualitative fabric that feels comfortable on the skin. It comes in a bright purple colour and gives a very polished look. It is available in four different sizes and is lightweight, making it easy to carry. If you are a stomach or back sleeper, the support of this mattress will be an even more phenomenal choice for you.

  • Price: Rs. 9,151
  • Brand: Sleepwell
  • Size:  72 x 48 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 22 kilograms
  • Construction Type: Foam Construction
  • Warranty: 3 years on product from the manufacturer
  • Item Firmness Description: Plush; Engineered with Next-Gen Memory foam and high-density foam in the core ensures good firmness.
  • Item Thickness: 5 Inches
  • Ratings and reviews: 59% 5-star ratings and 20% 4-star ratings



The mattress provides amazing support on different pressure points, thus providing relief

The mattress is very heavy, thus preventing easy movement

It has an easy to clean outer cover that enhances the durability of the product

Consumers have complained about the product losing its firmness after 2 years

It is manufactured in high-density foam to provide the right amount of firmness

The manufacturer provides only 3 years of warranty

It is available at a very pocket-friendly price 


The mattress has a 3 layer construction that enhances the overall comfort


It facilitates zero motion transfer and has enough air channels to allow proper ventilation to reduce body heat


3. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

Having a peaceful night’s sleep is a blissful experience we all deserve after a long working day, and this mattress ensures just that. Wakefit’s orthopaedic memory foam mattress is built-in with a 5 layer comfort setup.  This mattress is ideal for people who struggle with a sore neck, lower back pain, or other similar problems. Built with the latest technology, it can target the pressure points of your muscles and relieve any stress. One can experience pain relief in their joints within just 10 days of sleeping on this mattress. It comes with bigger cell size foam, allowing good airflow that keeps you cool and comfortable all through the night. It has higher density foam, ensuring a longer life with the firm base foam. It is a good choice for India’s overall humid climate as it keeps your body cool. The breathable outermost layer fights odour, and the high resilient support foam maintains its form and rigidity through the years. However, the mattress is not high enough.

It prevents heat from getting trapped inside and keeps you cool and comfortable. Both sides of the mattress are usable, however, the white side is recommended for maximum benefits. We recommend you use the harder side in cold weather and the softer side for summer. The mattress comes in both king and queen sizes. 

  • Price: Rs. 5,667
  • Brand:  Wakefit
  • Size:  72 x 36 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 kilograms
  • Construction Type: Foam construction
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty from the manufacturer
  • Item Firmness Description: It is made with higher density foam with a firm base that supports the spine. It comes with easy-to-remove and washable covers. 
  • Item Thickness: 5 inches
  • Ratings and reviews: 71% 5-star ratings and 22% 4-star ratings



This mattress provides great orthopaedic benefits and provides good support to back pain

Consumers have complained about the mattress heating a little during summertime

It has a hygienic outer cover that prevents it from getting dirty

The height of the mattress is a little less as compared to other products

The mattress can be used on both the sides

It is available only in white colour that easily catches stains

The foam provides adequate firmness without letting you sink in entirely

Some consumers have found the mattress to be soft

The product is available at a very affordable price


The mattress has a high density, thus having an ability to handle great pressure


4. Peps Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

Peps is one of the leading Mattress brands in India and has been providing comfort to its customers for over 25 years. The company offers a wide range of products, from mattresses to pillows to bedsheets. The Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Mattress is a queen-sized mattress that measures 60x75x06 inches. The mattress is made of PU foam and has a Bonnell spring core. It is covered in a woven fabric that is both durable and comfortable. The Mattress is also reversible, so you can use it on either side. The Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Mattress comes with a five-year warranty and two free pillows. It is available in maroon and white. The Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Mattress is a great option if you are looking for a comfortable and durable mattress.


-Product Dimensions: Length (190.5 cm), Width (152.4 cm), Height (15.24 cm)

-Peps Spring Koil Mattress is made with Bonnell Springs that offers the right support for your back. 

-The moderately soft feel makes it comfortable and super soft, thus making it perfect for your bedroom, kid’s room or guest room.

-Bonnell Springs is the most advanced engineered product in the comfort segment and is used in core construction of the mattresses

-P U (Polyurethane) foam and Woven fabric - P U foam Topper in It provides sufficient comfort to the body contours Woven fabric is rigid and yet thick for long life

-The layer of rejuvenating PU Foam provides sufficient comfort to the body contours while relieving the pressure points. The layer is topped with ruffled, soft woven fabric, making it rigid and durable.

-The mattress is designed in such a way that it can be used from both the sides and gives the same comfort as new. This durable mattress withstands years of use.

- Edge support system prevents sagging and provides stability to the mattress.

- Foam density is greater than industry standards for a longer lasting mattress.



The Mattress is made of high-quality materials and is built to last

The Mattress is not as firm as some people might prefer

The Mattress is comfortable and provides good support


The Mattress is reversible so you can use it on either side


The Mattress comes with a warranty for peace of mind


5. Kurlon Kurlo Coir Rubberised Firm Coir Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

Kurlon is a trusted name in the mattress industry in India. If you’re looking for an affordable mattress option, you should choose this one. Constructed with a generous natural coir core layer aided with ACD &VCT technology, the mattress is extremely firm and provides good support to the spine and the body. It comes with advanced coir orientation for additional support &bounce, and rich coir density in the centre ensures even distribution. You can expect proper protection against fungi, dust mites, and odour. The knitted fabric has a gentle feel on the skin and keeps bacteria at bay.

This queen-size mattress comes in two colours- red and maroon. The design of the mattress can vary. It comes with a warranty of 2 years. However, this is not the most durable option, and the firmness of the product might not suit everybody’s liking. As per common online reviews, this mattress provides great comfort support and pain relief.

  • Price: Rs. 7,990
  • Brand: Kurl-on
  • Size: 78 x 60 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 10 kilograms
  • Construction Type: Foam construction
  • Warranty: 2 Years warranty from the manufacturer
  • Item Firmness Description: Extra Firm
  • Item Thickness: Generous thickness; Made with a natural coir core layer with ACD & VCT technology to support your spine and body
  • Ratings and reviews: 40% 5-star ratings and 29% 4-star ratings



It has anti-bacterial properties that avoid bacteria, fungi, and dust mites, thus keeping the mattress clean and tidy

The warranty period by the manufacturers is very less, only 2 years

It has a rich coir density for proper back support that provides comfort throughout its use

Complaints are heard about the non-durability of the product

The product is available in 2 colours - Red and Maroon

The extra firmness that this mattress offers is not acceptable to all the users

The gently knitted fabric is very comfortable to the skin


The mattress has properties that prevent it from emitting any odour


6. SleepyCat orthopaedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

SleepyCat is one of India's most popular mattress brands that offer affordable luxury products. When choosing a memory foam mattress, pick one that allows good airflow and retains less heat. This mattress is known to do exactly that. The blend of memory foam and cooling crystals controls the body temperature to give the utmost comfort. The unique design relieves the pressure points and has been durable through the years. Plushness in a mattress is always appreciated. The top layer is made of memory foam, and the base with high-density foam adjusts according to everybody’s unique shape and gives good support without sinking in. The 6-inch high-density foam ensures proper durability and strength with 2-inch gel memory foam for good support. It allows air to escape to avoid excess sweating, providing you with a comfortable night’s sleep. 

This one-of-a-kind mattress adjusts to your sleeping position and is perfect for people who love plushness and support when they sleep. It prevents motion transfer so, you can sleep without any interruptions. It is favourable for side and stomach sleepers. It is free from any harmful chemicals, making it ideal for people with allergies. 

SleepyCat orthopaedic gel mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which shows its long life. You can take the 30-night risk-free trial too. It comes in two sizes- 6” and 8”. The mattress is made with an anti-skid, which prevents you from slipping off the bed. However, this mattress needs some break-in time. This mattress comes with classy machine washable covers, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Price: Rs. 10,669
  • Brand:  SleepyCat
  • Size: Available in four sizes - Single, Double, King, and Queen
  • Weight: 14 kilograms
  • Construction Type: Premium gel memory foam; It comes with a smart zipper cover for quick cleaning
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty from the manufacturer
  • Item Firmness Description: Plush with durable high-density foam. The inner breezy fabric helps in the airflow between the mattress and the anti-skid base keeps the mattress from sliding off.
  • Item Thickness: 8 inches
  • Ratings and reviews: 77% 5-star ratings and 14% 4-star ratings



Being a medium-firm mattress, it is a great choice for back pain issues

The product is slightly expensive as compared to its competitors

It is made using the latest cooling gel technology to keep the body temperature normal

The mattress is quite heavy to move around

The high-density foam and easy to use outer cover make this product highly durable

It is available only in white colour that easily catches stains

The inner cover of this mattress is netted provides a perfect airflow


The anti-skid base of the mattress prevents it from shifting


It has a unique construction that distributes your bodyweight evenly and also prevents motion isolation


7. Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

A bad-quality mattress can affect your skin and even cause problems like acne. To avoid this, opt for a mattress like this which is safe and gentle on the skin. The qualitative cashmere fabric cover is infused with aloe vera gel, which has anti-microbial properties to keep your skin protected, fresh and hydrated. Made with proprietary responsive foam, this mattress helps to maintain the natural shape of your spine and provides total comfort. It also comes with high-density memory foam stuffing, ensuring zero-partner disturbance. Its micro-capsule gel absorbs the body heat and helps to provide you with a cooling experience even on hot summer days. Because of the responsiveness of the poly foam layer to the pressure points of your body, you can experience a good amount of relief from the stress accumulated in your body.

Research has shown that people slept comfortably on this mattress without an AC. It does require some break-in time, and some people tend to find it too soft and fluffy. Also, the refund policy is time-consuming which is not what we like. However, it is delivered in a box and is super simple to assemble. The mattress is reversible, with one side medium soft and the other side firm. You can switch it up as per the changing weather condition.

  • Price: Rs. 13,864
  • Brand: Flo Ergo
  • Size: 72 x 36 x 6 inches 
  • Weight: 12.28 kilograms
  • Construction Type: Foam construction with 3D airflow fabric (constructed with polyfoam). It comes with a microcapsule for a cool and comfortable experience. It also has an Aloe vera zipper cover to protect the skin.
  • Warranty: 100 nights easy return trial with 10 years warranty.
  • Item Firmness Description: Firm
  • Item Thickness: 6 inches
  • Ratings and reviews: 60% 5-star ratings and 22% 4-star ratings



The mattress is equipped with microcapsules and heat-absorbing gel that facilitates body temperature regulation

Some users found the product to be too soft and fluffy

The 3D airflow fabric surface provides good texture and comfort

It is available only in white colour that easily catches stains

It is a factory-assembled product with Aloe gel-infused covers to protect your skin

The customer service after sales is a little poor, as per some reviews

It is manufactured in a responsive poly foam that prevents motion isolation


100 trail nights, easy return policy, and 10 years of warranty from the manufacturer


The mattress provides accurate pressure on your body, something that could be useful in treating body pain.


8. duroflex Back Magic - Doctor Recommended Orthopedic High Density Coir, 5 Inch Double Size Firm Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

Duroflex is one of the leading mattress brands in India and offers a wide range of mattresses to choose from. The Duroflex Back Magic is a doctor-recommended orthopaedic mattress that provides excellent support for your back and spine. It is made of high density coir and has a firmness scale of Firm. The mattress is available in Blue colour and comes with a warranty of seven years. If you are looking for an orthopaedic mattress that provides excellent support for your back and spine, then the Duroflex Back Magic is the perfect choice for you. 

Features :

-It is a doctor recommended orthopaedic coir mattress ideal for people in need of advanced and firm sleep support.

-The addition of a high-density coir layer offers sturdy support with natural air ventilation across the mattress.

-5 Zoned Orthopedic Support Designed to lend the most advanced back support and help with posture and spine alignment.

-The right level for firm body support to protect the back from curving, eliminating pressure build-up and improving blood circulation.

-Made of high density coir which makes it very durable

- Has a firmness scale of Firm, making it ideal for people who need extra support for their back

-Comes with a warranty of seven years



Certified orthopaedic layer

It May be too firm for some people

The bedding provides 5 zones of orthopaedic support for proper alignment and posture

Not available in other colours

Firm and naturally cool coir


Excellent support for back and spine


Available in Blue colour


Warranty: seven years


9. Springtek HealthSpa orthopaedic Foam Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

This orthopaedic mattress is engineered with high-density rebonded foam and high gsm anti-microbial fabric. Its firm active bond material gives superior back support for peaceful sleep and keeps you comfortable in every weather condition. The foam absorbs and redistributes all the body heat and adjusts the optimal temperature with one’s sleeping posture. 

Although the brand claims medium-firm support, the experience can be slightly softer. This mattress is well built with a natural rubberized coir layer that supports the body posture. It is made with authentic materials to give a long-lasting and comfortable experience. It comprises a premium soft endurance form laminated with medically approved active bond materials. 

The quilted premium knitted fabric gives a premium look and feels, however, only one side is useful. The mattress maintains the right temperature between the bed and the body, enhancing comfort support. It is highly recommended for orthopaedic patients, senior citizens, and people with spinal and joint issues. One can expect cooler and drier nights with this clean bed. As per most reviews, people find the product to be of great quality and value for money.

  • Price:  Rs. 11,016
  • Brand: Springtek
  • Size: 183 x 183 x 15 cm (Different sizes available)
  • Weight: 33 kilograms
  • Construction Type: Foam Construction
  • Warranty: 6, 8, or 10 years warranty from the manufacturer depending upon the size of the mattress
  • Item Firmness Description: Firm
  • Item Thickness: 6 inches
  • Ratings and reviews: 55% 5-star ratings and 35% 4-star ratings



It turns out to be a great product for all age groups, especially the senior citizens

Though the brand claims that the product is medium-firm, it is soft

It supports the entire body and is good for orthopaedic patients, helping the body to maintain good body posture

The product is very heavy to move around

Provides a good regulation of body temperature 


Additional support is provided because of its 4-layered construction


The outer layer pocket springs provide a great bounce


The product is available in different warranty periods (6, 8, or 10 years) depending upon the size of the mattress


10. Sleepyhead Original - BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress - Click here for Amazon deal

Sleepyhead is known for always doing the unusual, without compromising on the performance of its product. This orthopaedic standard memory foam bed mattress from Sleepyhead comes with three layers, each with a different purpose. Built with a strong foundation of three durable layers, the mattress has enough density to take any external shocks and jolts. The top comfort layer is present to provide you with the right amount of links as you lie down. It relieves the pressure points in your back, allowing a comfortable night’s sleep. The second layer is made up of responsive memory foam for the right amount of bounce. It works in tandem with a support foam layer for good rigidity and density, so you are not disturbed by any kind of movement. The mattress retains its shape for years.

It is manufactured with equally distributed support and comfort for you. It eases your body's pressure points, regulates body temperature, and gives comfort for proper spinal alignment. The right amount of bounce with good density makes it perfect for orthopaedic problems. However, it may not be an ideal choice for people with osteoporosis.

It is an assembled mattress and is super easy to unbox and use. It is made with the highest quality and certified materials, free from any harmful toxins to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. The premium quality outer cover is washable and has 10 years of warranty. It also comes with a 100 day trial period, and you can decide if you want to keep it or not. Some online reviews on the product mention that people found themselves in a deep sleep with no disturbance. Also, it only comes in white, which might get dirty quickly and be hard to maintain.

  • Price:  Rs. 15,199
  • Brand: Sleepyhead
  • Size: 75 x 72 x 8 inches, only single size available
  • Weight: 26.5 Kilograms 
  • Construction Type: Foam construction
  • Warranty: 10 years 
  • Item Firmness Description: Medium.
  • Ratings and reviews: 62% 5-star ratings and 25% 4-star ratings



The mattress is fully assembled with superior packaging

The mattress is available only in a single size

Sturdy, flexible, and comfortable product at a very pocket-friendly price

The product is a little heavy compared to other mattresses

It comes with an easy to wash outer cover, preventing it from getting dirty

The cover is available only in a white colour that easily catches stains

The product is available with a 100 days return policy and 10 years warranty period


The mattress has a memory foam layer that remembers your pressure points and provides comfortable sleep


It also has a temperature control facility and provides orthopaedic support


How To Choose The Best Mattress In India?

Here are some of the most important considerations to make before selecting the best mattress for you.

1. Size

Almost all mattresses are offered in six conventional sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, and King. Some styles are also available in larger sizes, such as Full XL or Short Queen. They might also come in split Queen and King sizes. You can choose the appropriate size based on your requirements and needs.

2. Firmness

Sleep position and sleeper weight are two factors that influence mattress firmness preferences. Those who sleep on their sides prefer softer mattresses, while those who sleep on their backs and stomachs prefer firmer beds. In terms of weight, lighter people may prefer softer mattresses to experience more conforming and pressure relief, while heavier people may want firmer mattresses to avoid excessive sinkage.

3. Material

Materials play a key role as well. Choose a mattress that does not compromise on quality. Because low-quality materials do not last long and cause you inconvenience. As a result, choose one with great build quality.

4. Warranty

The warranty is one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing mattresses online. An excellent mattress will have an 8-year complete replacement or non-prorated guarantee at the very least. The longer the guarantee, the better and more convenient the mattress will be for you.

5. Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Always read some user reviews before purchasing a mattress. We try to read a variety of evaluations, both favourable and negative, unbiasedly to get more information about the product.

How do we pick the best Mattress Brand for you?

Given the number of brands available in India, selecting a perfect mattress to comfort your weary body and mind can be challenging. There are several factors that you should consider before making a mattress purchase. To help you make a wise decision, we have curated a complete and simple buying guide to help you find the perfect mattress per your requirements. Some of the factors that we considered while drafting our top 10 list were:-

1. Lifestyle Needs

There are different reasons for buying a mattress. Understanding the requirement behind a purchase helps to take wise decisions. Some of the reasons to have a mattress are —

(a) A poor back health - our experts recommend going for a mattress that provides orthopaedic support

(b) A hectic lifestyle and in need of a good night’s sleep to help you wake up more energized

(c) In need of a long-lasting and sustained comfort

(d) In need of superior comfort and quality at an affordable price

So, taking a call based on your lifestyle needs will help you choose the right type of mattress.

2. Type of Sleeper

Different people have different positions, sleeping patterns, and body weights. So before selecting a mattress, please remember the below-mentioned vital information.

(a) Side Position:  For such a position, a soft to medium mattress that gives proper support to the spine, neck, and back is considered ideal. Avoid choosing a spring mattress for the side position sleeping.

(b) Kids: Due to the use of natural chemicals during its making, our experts recommend choosing latex mattresses for kids and avoiding foam mattresses at any cost.

(c) Pregnant Mother: Our experts recommend using memory foam mattresses and rejecting soft mattresses.

(d) Stomach position: Select foam mattresses if you are a stomach-lying person as it reduces direct pressure on your back and avoids choosing spring mattresses for this posture.

(e) Couple: Memory form and latex mattresses are considered the best the couples because of their bounciness.

(f) Back Pain Sleeper: In such cases, always go for orthopaedic mattresses without any doubt.

(g) Senior Sleeper: For senior citizens, it is advisable to choose memory foam or gel mattresses due to their airflow performance.

3. Mattress size and Thickness

The first thing factor to consider while buying a mattress should be its size. It should be well aligned to the size of your bed. While you can always have custom made mattresses depending upon the size of your bed, there are generally four types of mattress sizes that are available in India:-

a. Single Size Mattress: These mattresses generally vary in sizes from 72 x 36 inches to 75 x 36 inches. These are ideal for a single divan or a child. A grown-up person may feel a little cramped in it.

b. Double Size Mattress: These mattresses generally vary in sizes from 72 x 48 inches to 75 x 60 inches. These are ideal for two average-sized adults.

c. Queen Size Mattress: These mattresses generally vary in sizes from 72 x 60 inches to 78 x 60 inches. These are ideal for a small family with two adults and a child less than one year of age.

d. King Size Mattress: These mattresses generally vary in sizes from 72 x 72 inches to 78 x 72 inches. These are ideal for two adults and a child of up to ten years of age.

Alongside the size of the mattress, our experts also looked at the thickness of the mattress (generally thicker than 8 inches constituting multiple layers). Lightweight individuals prefer shorter and thinner beds, while heavier adults go for thicker mattresses. The thickness of the mattress determines its comfort, strength, and life of the mattress. 

4. Weight of the Body

This is a very important consideration as it directly correlates to the comfort of the mattress. Not only this, but it also supports contour and provides a cooling effect to the user. The three most important points are:

(a) Universal comfort mattresses ideal for a person weighing 50 kg or less and a light sleeper. The firmness of such mattresses varies between 0.5 to 1.

(b) To a person who is an average sleeper and weighs 50 to 70 kg, almost all types of mattresses suit them. 

(c) A person weighing 70 kg and above who tends to take a deep sleep should go for a mattress with a minimum thickness of 4 inches.

5. Durability

The average lifetime of a mattress is 7 years, depending upon the usage and the user’s sleeping outline. Some mattresses also extend this time frame. That is why we prefer mattresses that deliver maximum performance. The durability of a mattress depends on the materials used while making the mattress. Coir mattresses have a shorter lifespan, memory foam or foam mattresses can last more than 7 years, and Airbed or latex mattresses have an even longer lifespan. 

6. The firmness of the Mattress

This parameter differs from person to person. While some sleepers like to sleep on a hard bed, others like soft mattresses. The firmness of the mattress depends on the type, size, weight, and needs of the body. Generally, heavier adults weighing over 60 kg should choose a firmer mattress, and vice versa. If you like sink-in mattresses, prefer a good quality memory foam mattress, and if you prefer balanced firmness and bounciness, go for orthopaedic memory foam. Depending upon your sleeping position, if you prefer sleeping on your sides, choose softer mattresses. However, a firm and heavy mattress would provide better comfort if you sleep on your stomach or back.

7. Type of Mattress

There are different types of mattresses based on the performance, quality, body types, and hardness. In general, you will find the following kinds of mattresses in the market:

(a) Spring mattress: With the durability of around 6 years, these mattresses combine coir and springs providing bounce and medium comfort. They provide well for neck and back pain. Note, it also features motion transfer.

(b) Coir mattress: These mattresses are eco-friendly, and made using coconut coir. They have a firm base that does not support motion transfer and are very pocket-friendly. Due to its toughness, it tends to sag down after a few years of usage.

(c) Foam mattress: This mattress is made up of foam and is more comfortable & soft, ideal for people with hip and back pain. These mattresses regulate the body temperature too but are comparatively expensive with a lifespan of up to 8 years. 

(d) Memory foam mattress: These mattresses are more innovative and feature an open cell structure that remembers all your pressure points. These mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers and side sleepers or people looking out for support and relief from pressure. 

(e) Airbed mattress: These mattresses are made of polyvinyl chloride, rubber, or urethane plastic, ideal for people with bedsores or side sleepers who have lower back pain. However, these mattresses are prone to leaks and punctures and can be noisy.

(f) Gel mattress: These mattresses use gel in place of foam and are ideal for deep sleepers. Gel mattresses facilitate better airflow circulation, thus providing superb comfort and temperature regulation.

(g) Hybrid mattresses: These are made by mixing different combinations of foams, latex, and coils along with other supplies. Generally, such mattresses provide great support, comfort, bounce, and cooling effect to the bed and are suitable for all types of sleepers.

(h) Latex mattress: Available with different levels of firmness, these mattresses allow you to choose the product that perfectly fits your body and sleeping style. They are bouncy, regulate temperature, and provide superior body contouring. However, these are very expensive and difficult to find in your nearby store.

8. Comfort Level

Mattresses must conform to the body weight, shape, and optimal alignment of the pelvis and spine. This improves the comfort level of the mattress, thus providing a good night’s sleep. Mattresses with good conforming ability also prevent the development of pressure points. We recommend our readers pick a mattress that features a thicker comfort layer. In general, latex or memory foam mattresses have the best conforming abilities.

9. Mattress Support

This is the ability of the mattress to provide improved alignment for the pelvis and the spine. A mattress should have an even surface that does not sink beneath the body weight. Initially, all the mattresses deliver optimum support. However, with time, softer mattresses like memory foam or latex tend to lose their support, thus causing discomfort. On the contrary, an airbed mattress or a spring mattress provides better support.     

10. Budget, Cleaning, and Maintenance

We have chosen mattresses that are easy to clean and maintain in the long run. The mattress must ideally be affordable and must have all the relevant features to help you have a good sleeping experience. We would like to remind our readers that paying a high price for a particular product does not make it the perfect one for you. At the same time, do not compromise your sleep quality by purchasing a cheaper mattress. Such mattresses might also impact your health in the long term.

11. Motion Isolation

We have tried looking out for mattresses that do not feature motion transfer, i.e., your partner’s movements around in the bed will not make you feel the motion due to the mattress’s firmness. In general, mattresses made of coir, latex, or foam are firmer and do not feature motion transfer, reducing partner disruptions while sleeping. Taking this factor into consideration, Spring mattresses are most uncomfortable.  

12. Warranty, Trial Period, and Return Policy

We suppose our readers are buying these mattresses from online platforms. Therefore, having a check on the warranty and return policy offered by the brands becomes very crucial. Most companies offer a warranty of 1 to 10 years, depending on the type and the mattress brand. Talking about the return policy, almost all the brands offer 30 days of the same in case of any defect or quality issues of the mattress. Some brands also offer a trial period of a minimum of 30 days to 100 days to help you make better judgments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing a new Mattress Brand in India.

1. Why are hotel mattresses so comfortable?

Hotel mattresses are generally made of high-quality hybrid spring memory foam or latex foam designs that provide exceptional pressure relief and support. Along with the mattress, the soft sheets, fluffy comforters, down pillows, and pristine room décor add to the overall comfort. Some hotels also add a mattress topper on top of the regular mattress to offer an extra layer of cushioning. But the best part is that getting a hotel-quality rest is no longer out of reach: all you need to do is a proper comparison between your needs and the mattress offering.

2. Which is better - Foam Mattress or Spring Mattress?

Both types of mattresses are good depending upon your need and requirement. Foam mattresses are plush and resilient, giving ample support to your bank regardless of your sleeping position. They are available in a versatile range with variants ranging from extra-soft to extra firm, depending on the foam used. These mattresses are ideal for people with hip and back pain. These mattresses also regulate body temperature but are comparatively expensive. Talking about the spring mattresses, these are laid with individual pocket springs to provide bounce and medium comfort. These mattresses have a life span of 6 years, as compared to the 8 years life of foam mattresses. It provides great body support and is ideal for people having neck and back pain. However, it also features motion transfer.

3. Which are the best mattresses to buy?

Depending upon the requirements, different mattresses serve different purposes. All the mattresses are good if they are perfectly chosen. Most people fail to understand and draw a link between their needs and type, resulting in discomfort. Therefore, our experts curated does exhaustive buying guide to help you make better decisions.

The Bottom Line

After much deliberation and extensive research by our team of experts, we concluded that Sleepyhead, Sleepwell, and Wakefit are undeniably the leading trios. However, the other options are not at all bad. All the 10 products listed above are very comfortable to have a good and peaceful sleep for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Regarding the Best Mattress Brand in India, you need to pick a product that suits your requirements. The proverb ‘One Size Fits All’ doesn’t apply here. We hope this article has guided you in choosing your ideal mattress and ensured good value for money. Our experts are eager to listen to you and solve any further queries that you might have. Trust our experts and we guarantee that you will not regret this decision.

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