10 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India (March 2023)

Looking for the best wallet brands for men in India. Read through this article to know about the best wallet brands in detail.  

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A man's wallet is the one piece of clothing that he uses frequently and always wears. It also showcases their personal style and sense of style. Therefore, if you're seeking to buy a new one, you must ensure that the one you choose will match your lifestyle and fashion. You don't want to look average when using it to pay for a business lunch or supper with your loved ones!

However, there are several factors to take into account, such as size, construction, and cost. We've compiled a selection of the top wallets on the market, including tri-folds, bi-folds, minimalist wallets, and cardholders. There are also some suggestions for selecting the suitable material and size for you! If you are looking for the best wallet brands for men in India, read through this article to find out about the best wallet brands in detail.        

Our Top Picks

Best Overall - Urban Forest Toronto Black Men's Leather Wallet

Expert comment: The Urban is the best overall wallet for you. It comes under your budget and provides an extra compartment for cards.

Best Budget - Wildhorn® Leather Wallet for Men

Expert comment: If you are looking for the best budget wallet, you must go for the WILDHORN leather wallet. It comes at just Rs 399 and gives you additional comfort.

Best Bi-Fold Leather Wallet Brand - US Polo Association Black & Navy Leather Men's Wallet

Expert comment: The best bi-fold leather is US Polo. It is made with pure leather and has enough space in each compartment. You can carry your essential card safely as it comes with RFID technology, 

Best Long-Lasting Branded Wallet - AM LEATHER Dark Brown Leather Men's RFID Wallet

Expert comment: AM LEATHER is the best option if you want a wallet that will last for a long time. It is enduring and stable thanks to its leather and material. 

Summary With The 10 Best Branded Wallets in India With Price List

Here is a rundown of the top wallet manufacturers, along with a list of their prices so you can see them right away:

10 Best Wallet Brands in India

Here are the complete details of the best wallet for men in India, along with specifications, pros, and cons. Read below:

1. URBAN FOREST Oliver 'Redwood' RFID Blocking Leather - Click here for Amazon deal

This Urban Forest wallet strikes the ideal balance between space and size. It offers space for all of your cards, bills, receipts, and even a picture of a loved one. The fact that this wallet has an RFID blocker to protect your money is its most attractive feature. It is svelte enough to fit in your pockets easily. 

This wallet's interior and exterior are both composed of excellent polyester for durability. Moreover, the wallet is ranked first on this list of the top wallets for men in India because it makes the most incredible gift for both men and boys.

  • Price: Rs. 479
  • Special Feature: RFID protection 
  • Material Type: Leather 
  • Form Factor: Bi-Fold



Extremely soft to touch 

Some individuals who require larger wallets may find it unsuitable

Features an RFID blocker




2. Hornbull Themes Brown RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men - Click here for Amazon deal 

In our list of the best wallets for men in India, Hornbull is one of the best choices for you. This wallet is fashionable and can undoubtedly create a fashion statement because it is made of top-grain leather. This wallet has ample storage space for all of your often-used papers, thanks to its seven card slots and other necessary ones. Additionally, the wallet contains an RFID blocker, making it extra safe for you to carry about. Also, a branded men's wallet, this Leather Wallet for Men by Hornbull is perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

  • Price: Rs. 499
  • Form Factor: Slim 
  • Special Feature: RFID blocking
  • Material Type: Leather 
  • Style: Two-fold wallet 



Features RFID blocking security 

Slightly bulky 

Elegant design 


Multiple card slots


3. Hornbull Oscar Brown RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men - Click here for Amazon deal

Professional craftsmen use premium leather to create the HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet. The wallet features a distinctive natural grain appearance and is lined with cotton inside, making it sturdy. Five-card slots and a three-card case that may be removed are provided in this wallet. It has one clear ID card slot, one coin pocket, two hidden compartments, and two cash storage sections.

  • Price: Rs. 411
  • Form Factor: Bi-folds
  • Special Feature: RFID blocking 
  • Style: Two-fold wallet 
  • Material Type: leather 



Very soft material 

Over time, the leather colour gets changed 



Features a spare compartment for coins


4. WILDHORN® Leather Wallet for Men - Click here for Amazon deal 

The WILDHORN Leather Wallet is created with premium leather, giving it a more elegant and sophisticated appearance. The wallet is quite strong and can sustain heavy use for many years. For the interior lining, the brand utilises the highest quality polyester fabric, which is nice to the touch yet incredibly sturdy. This wallet may be used both as a gift and as a regular wallet for use in daily life.

  • Price: Rs. 399
  • Form Factor: Bi-fold, Slim
  • Style: Classic 
  • Special Feature: Spacious, compact 
  • Material Type: Leather



Made of high-quality materials

Slight bulky 

Features an extra compartment for coins


Fairly affordable


5. Urban Forest Toronto Black Men's Leather Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal

The beautiful leather used to create the URBAN FOREST Wallet is black in colour. It has a bi-fold design and can hold up to 9 cards in this listing. It contains two clear ID card slots, two hidden compartments, two money slots, and one coin pocket. This wallet's interior zippered section allows you to store images of your loved ones and money, which is its most distinctive feature. It is lined on the inside with premium polyester fabric. 

  • Price: Rs. 479
  • Special Feature: RFID protection
  • Form Factor: Bi-fold
  • Material Type: Leather 



Made of the best material possible, thereby ensuring durability


Suitable for daily use 

Leather used is not exemplary

Features ample space for cards, coins, notes, and photos


6. AM LEATHER Dark Brown Leather Men's RFID Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal 

Your loved ones will adore receiving an AM leather wallet. It is 12.5" x 2.25" x 10" in size and features a bi-fold design that gives it a fashionable, high-end look. Moreover, the wallet is constructed of sophisticated brown-coloured saddle leather and is quite sturdy. It contains two slip pockets, eight card slots, and two separate, hidden compartments for storing cash and notes. 

To provide exceptional care for the users, the company uses cutting-edge RFID protection. With the help of this technology, radio waves from unauthorised scanners are prevented from entering your wallet, effectively preventing hackers from electronically accessing your financial and personal data.

  • Price: Rs. 449
  • Form Factor: Slim 
  • Style: RFID
  • Material Type: Leather 



Made with soft material; it Features a decent look

Not easily available locally

Can accommodate four cards 

Mostly available online

The use of pure leather makes it durable


7. Rigohill Doger Olive Green Men's Leather Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal 

It is a unique and valuable wallet for men, especially for those who usually carry their wallets everywhere. The wallet from Rigohill has a unique design which fulfils your requirements, comes with 11 card slots and has a zip for the cash department. It is equipped with RFID secure technology. The wallet is a specialised metal composite that prevents 13.5 Mhz or higher RFID signals from transmitting while protecting the crucial information stored on RFID chips from unauthorised scans.

  • Price: Rs. 499
  • Form Factor: Slim 
  • Style: Casual 
  • Special Feature: RHID protection 
  • Material Type: Leather 



Made with pure leather

People who don’t support leather products would not buy this wallet

Comfortable to carry


Stylish design


8. Royster Callus Maroon Leather Men's Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal

This Royster Callus classic bi-fold leather wallet is made of premium quality. Everything you need is kept secure and organised while appearing fashionable thanks to the many compartments. Keep all your tiniest, most important financial and personal items securely hidden in this billfold card holder to stay eloquently well-organised. 

This full-length, multi-card leather card holder has a smooth, rich, supple, and opulent feel. The unique shape makes it fit comfortably in any pocket and is ideal for keeping receipts. Since top grain leather is a natural material, there will always be colour variations in this wallet. If you're using pure leather for the first time or don't know much about it, don't fret about the colour variations.

  • Price: Rs. 399 
  • Colour: Maroon 
  • Form Factor: Bi-fold, slim 
  • Special Feature: Compact 
  • Material Type: Leather 
  • Style: Classic



Made of high-quality leather

The stitching could have been better



Great fit for large pockets


9. HAMMONDS FLYCATCHER Brown Leather Men's RFID Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal 

The HAMMONDS FLYCATCHER wallet is made from pure leather to add richness. The wallet has two good designs and a spacious section to keep your cash correctly. It is fitted with a snap closure for extra protection of your money. Moreover, it has an aspired compartment for coins, and it is equipped with RFID secure technology to inhibit misuse of your bank cards. This wallet has several inbuilt card slots to keep your bank cards, business cards, etc.

  • Price: Rs. 491
  • Form Factor: Bi-fold
  • Special Feature: RFID protection
  • Material Type: Leather 



Made with pure leather

The finishing and build quality is average

Fairly affordable

The wallet is quite thick and bulky 

Spacious compartments 


10. US Polo Association Black & Navy Leather Men's Wallet - Click here for Amazon deal 

The US Polo Association has served as the country's regulatory body for the game of polo since 1890, and the US Polo Association is its genuine and authorised brand. The U.S. Polo Association Black & Navy Leather Men's Wallet embraces the true spirit of Classic American Style. The wallet is made with pure leather, which makes you comfortable. It comes in two colours.

  • Price: Rs. 831
  • Form Factor: Bi-fold 
  • Style: Classic 
  • Colour: Black and navy
  • Material Type: Leather 



Available in two colours

Can feel bulky sometimes

Classic looks 

Some people might find this wallet expensive

Made of high-quality leather


Let’s Explore The 10 Brands Mentioned Above


In India, one of the most well-known wallet brands is Urban Forest. With the delivery of fashionable and useful wallets worldwide, the Indian brand has experienced significant growth in recent years. The public wishing to pay less to get a fashionable, the designer product has taken a keen interest in Urban Forest's line of reasonably priced wallets.


This wallet from Hornbull will be the ideal accessory for you if you occasionally enjoy arranging your belongings. A fair price is charged for this leather wallet. With so much room, finding your belongings in this wallet won't be a problem anymore.


WILDHORN, based in Kolkata, India, offers consumers 100% genuine leather apparel and accessories that have been created to perfection. With the use of their unique dip-dye methods and creative washes, all of their items are "Made-In-India" and have a genuine, traditional appearance. 

AM Leather 

A. M. LEATHER, which was founded in 1970, has established itself as one of India's leading manufacturers and producers of black leather wallets and designer leather bags. The supplier business is one of the top retailers of the mentioned goods and is based in Kolkata, West Bengal.


With the best wallets, card cases, and passport holders available, Hammonds Flycatcher makes travelling the world simple and easy. Dry-milled natural leather. The interior of this wallet is lined with drill fabric, while the outside is constructed of soft and sturdy real leather. Six credit card slots are built-in.

US Polo 

The U.S. Polo Association is the legitimate and official trademark of the United States Polo Association, the governing body for the sport of polo in the United States since 1890. Today, independent retail establishments, department stores, and the U.S. Polo Assn. all sell our items through our licensing program in more than 135 countries.

What Are The Types Of Branded Wallets Available In India?

Choosing a wallet that is suitable for you is complicated. There are numerous types of wallets on the market. Functionality and fashion are two qualities to seek in a man's wallet. It usually goes unnoticed because it is a pocket item. A wallet should hold everything you carry daily, such as cash, credit cards, IDs, and insurance cards. Here are the numerous types of wallets that you must know: 

  • Bifold 
  • Trifold 
  • Hipster
  • Zipper 
  • Chain 
  • Long 
  • Chequebook 
  • Credit card 
  • Money clip 
  • Key case 

How Did We Shortlist The Best Wallet Brands For You?

To choose the right product from various options available in the market or online, you need to understand the value of the product. The top ten wallet brands for men in India that we compiled may have left you wondering how we managed to do that. 

Do not worry; we took the correct route when compiling our list. Before creating our list of the best men's wallets in India, we surveyed using several standard parameters. Finding the ideal wallet is something we value highly. After researching the needs of our target market, we choose men's wallets that will satisfy those needs.

What Are The Things To Look For While Buying A Branded Wallet?

After so many different pieces of plastic come and go, nothing is prettier than pleather or card slots that have stretched out and become loose. Your wallet needs to look at the part since everything it holds is precious. To choose the finest wallets for guys, take into account the following:

  • Material

Before buying a wallet, you must check the material. Always choose leather because it is durable and long-lasting. Please be aware that a fake leather wallet is easily ripped off and gives you discomfort.  

  • Type of Wallet

Your wallet must have your type. It is entirely up to you which kind of wallet you prefer—a Ma zipper pocket wallet, a foldable wallet or the wallet that has multiple compartments. Passports and documents can all fit in these wallets. As a result, the wallets are larger.

  • Choose a Neat One

This is the most crucial factor. Find a wallet that can withstand regular wear and tear. You should pick a dark colour. A dirty wallet is embarrassing. The wallet edges are the first to rip. It is essential if you have to obtain reliable material. 

  • Size

Select a wallet that will fit in your pocket. Choosing a wallet that is larger than your pocket is not a good idea. Wallets have elegance in a specific size, so an oversized version will never look decent. A large wallet is undesirable. Pick one that is slender.

  • Compartments

To keep your necessities organised, a wallet should always contain several sections. Every compartment needs to have a unique object assigned to it. Your money will be in the most extended container.

  • Style and Trends

To appear contemporary, you must follow the latest trends and styles. It is not deterministic to do so. Never second guess your decision to acquire a wallet if it meets your needs and the most recent fashion trends to make an outstanding personality in society. 

  • Comfort Zone

you must have a comfortable wallet in your pocket because it remains in your back pocket all the time. If you are purchasing a big and fat wallet, it will surely pop out of your pocket while sitting and walking. You must buy that type of thick wallet with sharp edges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the few questions which come across every buyer before purchasing the best wallet brand in India. We try our best to answer your queries. 

1. How long does a leather wallet last?

It lasts forever. Full-grain leather is flawless and undamaged when used to make wallets. As a result, the durability is maximised because the fibres are not damaged. The animal's mid-back is chosen because it contains the best full-grain leather.

2. How to take care of a leather wallet?

As it turns out, leather wallet care is not as complicated as you might think. Leather wallets are relatively small. Before touching up your leather wallet, make sure it's empty. You can wipe it gently with a damp, soft cloth to remove surface dust and lint.

3. Are expensive wallets worth it?

Of course, this is a personal decision, much like purchasing a designer bag. An excellent designer wallet, on the other hand, will last you for many years and will be a valuable accessory. Luxury wallets will usually only increase in price over time, making them great designer investments.

4. Are bi-fold or trifold wallets better?

A bifold wallet typically has a thinner profile than a trifold wallet because it only folds once (depending on how it is loaded, of course). Even though there is a little less space for contents thanks to the two rather than three sections in a trifold, the slimmer design is usually preferable for putting the wallet in a pants pocket.

5. What material wallet is best?

The best wallets are leather, but some are also exquisitely crafted from other premium materials. One of the most popular types of materials that you can find in a wallet is leather. Its advantages of being readily available and having excellent quality make it the front-runner.

6. How do you know if a wallet is of good quality?

Wallets of the highest calibre are frequently made from full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is more durable than other types of leather, more resistant to tearing, and, when used often, develops a lovely patina. On the other hand, a wallet made of genuine leather would not likely last long.

The Bottom Line

Almost every wallet under Rs. 5,000 has been discussed. Which of these most piqued your interest? If you've already decided, choose one of these alternatives based on your demands and budget. These wallets are all crafted from premium materials.

Please be aware that this unbiased list has been meticulously compiled following a thorough product analysis, lengthy research, and an in-depth comparison. However, the above wallets are best branded in India under your budget. You should search if they meet your criteria for the purchase.

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