Top 10 Jewellery Brands in India 

Looking for the best jewellery brands in India? Read this article to know the details and prices of jewellery brands in India.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall - Tanishq

Tanishq becomes the best overall pick as it performs as the best brand in offering riveting designs at pocket-friendly prices and becomes one of the best jewellery brands in India.

Expert Comment: I bought my wedding jewellery from Tanishq. Their quality is well known to everyone, and the designs which they now have are also good.

Best Budget - Reliance Jewels

Reliance jewels come into the industry with budget-friendly jewellery while offering many amazing offers for future purchases. Therefore, it has become the best budget pick in the industry.

Expert Comment: It is nice and worth buying gold from reliance jewel. 

Best for the Latest Jewellery - CaratLane

Being partnered with Tanishq and an online jewellery brand, CaratLane produces new fresh designs for the upcoming generations. Founded just a few years ago, the company has kept in touch with the recent changes in people's taste with regard to jewellery.

Expert Comment: An amazing range of collections, designing at its best, product quality is simply awesome.

Best for Traditional Jewellery - Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) Jewellery

The brand has resided in the industry for more than 150 years, and it would be wrong to disagree with the fact that the brand has some of the most amazing legendary and traditional designs in its treasured possessions.

Expert Comment: I got my Bridal Jewellery from TBZ. I have been their customer for a long time, and they never disappoint with their services. My bridal jewellery was again elegant and exclusive. I loved it!

List Of Top Jewellery Brands In India

Here is a list of the top jewellery brands chosen for the best jewellery purchases:

Serial No.

Brand Name




Malabar Gold and Diamonds






Kalyan Jewellers


Reliance Jewels


Bhima Jewellers




Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) Jewellery


Senco Gold and Diamonds

Best Jewellery Brands In India 

Here is a vivid description of the brands and their various features that make them one of the best jewellery brands in India:

1. Tanishq

Tanishq jewellers are one of the most renowned brands in the industry. Enrolling hallmarked jewellery, the company has some of the best classy designs to suit any and every situation. Also, the brand is affiliated with Titan Company and thus brings a range of products to the table and becomes the No.1 gold company in India.

  • Stores: 200+
  • Founded: 1994
  • Prominent Features: Reputed Wedding Jeweller



Pure Jewellery

Limited international presence

Good customer service


Has membership schemes on Jewellery


Reasonable prices


2. Malabar Gold And Diamonds

When talking of weddings, jewellery comes up as the crucial aspect involved in the occasion. And Malabar Gold and Diamonds have firmed its reputation as one of the best brands in the jewellery department. Its policies and tested diamonds make the brand one of the top jewellery brands in India. 

  • Stores: 260+
  • Founded: 1993
  • Prominent Features: BIS 916 Hallmarked



Lifetime maintenance 

Majorly focuses on the female gender

14 days return policy


Zero deduction in gold exchange


Insured jewellery


3. CaratLane

The brand CaratLane has partnered with Tanishq. The brand uplifts itself as one of India's top online jewellery brands. Establishing a ₹140-crore turnover in its first five years, the brand made a name for itself by satisfying customers with its brilliant range of jewellery. 

  • Store: 123, approximately
  • Founded: 2008
  • Prominent Features: Money-saving jewellery



BIS hallmarked jewellery

Less number of physical stores

Lifetime exchange


Free and insured shipping


30-days money back


4. BlueStone

Coming in as another online jewellery brand, BlueStone has been a trusted brand for many years. Some might know it as one of the first brands to unleash a range of jewellery selections on the online market. Moreover, the company stands for itself as the no.1 online jewellery brand. Therefore, becoming one of the top online jewellery brands in India.

  • Store: 18
  • Founded: 2011
  • Prominent Features: Online jewellery brand



Free shipping

Less physical stores  

Certified Jewellery


Allows customisation of jewellery  


100% Refund policy


5. Kalyan Jewellers

Backed by Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador, Kalyan Jewellers performs as a strong contender in the respective industry. Notably, the brand was the first to start gold diamond jewellery in Kerala (Thrissur).

  • Stores: 151, approximately
  • Founded: 1993
  • Prominent Features: USP of producing local preferences



Good resale value

Fewer offers on Jewellery

4-level assurance certificate


International brand of jewellery


Has good gifting options


6. Reliance Jewels

When on a tight budget and suddenly an occasion comes up, Reliance jewels is the sure short brand to choose. The brand has some of the most budget prices on sparkling jewellery. Therefore, the brand stands as one of India's most affordable jewellery brands.

  • Store: 115+
  • Founded: 2009



BIS hallmarked gold jewellery

Not an optimal choice for luxurious jewellery

Internationally certified jewellery


Additional offers on redemption


Highest degree of safety with CARE AAA rating


7. Bhima Jewellers

Carrying a workforce of more than 2000 people, the brand performs exceptionally well on the jewellery front. Moreover, it dates back to its launching in 1925 and has since carried the legacy of the jewels. It offers traditional and modern jewellery designs and has a reputable appearance in the United Arab Emirates. 

  • Store: 116+ 
  • Founded: 1925
  • Prominent Features: Best traditional designs



Century-long brand presence

Has the majority of stores in South India

It also has an online jewellery market


91.67% of pure gold


High rated customer service


8. Joyalukkas

Coming in as one of the top online jewellery brands in India, Joyalukkas stands as a globally recognised brand. The brand describes itself as having “crafted enthralling, eclectic and ingenious adornments for the discerning wearer.” If one gets bored with mainstream gold jewellery, this brand brings on board jewellery, including rare metals.

  • Stores: 85 in India, 45 worldwide (Approximately)
  • Founded: 1987



Multinational brand

Comparatively lesser number of stores 

'Super brand' award winner 


Budget prices


24-hour delivery


9. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) Jewellery

The brand speaks for itself when one gets to know that it has been serving a wide range of audiences for over 158 years. The brand has a prestigious knowledge in the market and has sustained its position by producing coveted jewellery designs. And it would not be wrong to say that it comes under the category of no.1 gold company in India.

  • Stores: 37
  • Founded: 1864



One of the oldest jewellery brands 

A limited number of stores

Highly awarded brand


Occasion friendly designs


100% BIS hallmarked jewellery


10. Senco Gold And Diamonds

Presenting a wide range of jewellery collections, the brand stands as one of India's top online jewellery brands. Moreover, the brand has an application of its own by the name of MyDigiGold, wherein people can buy and sell 24K gold. 

  • Stores: 127+
  • Founded: 1994
  • Prominent Features: Evergreen prices



It has a virtual try on feature

Slightly expensive prices

7-day return policy


72-hour delivery


Occasion friendly designs


What To Look For While Buying Jewellery?

People looking to either buy or invest in jewellery should first and foremost check the purity of the product. For this, one should only buy hallmarked jewellery. Following this, price and weight should be other determining factors of purchase as they define the build and worth of the jewellery. Plus, it sets a prospect if one wishes to sell the jewellery.

How Do We Choose The Best Jewellery Brands?

To choose the best jewellery brands for you, we have taken into account the established popularity of the brands. Furthermore, we have made sure that the brands produce hallmarked jewellery and carry a wide range of jewellery options to fulfil the diversified needs of the consumers.

What Are Making Charges For Jewellery?

Making charges is the cost of designing and manufacturing jewellery from raw gold and is added to the final purchase price. Every brand has different slots for making charges.

What Is BIS Hallmarked Jewellery?

BIS hallmarked jewellery is an authoritative system which certifies the purity of the metal used in jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which jewellery brand is best and cheap in India? 

Tanishq is an exceptional brand that delivers the best designs at affordable prices.

Q2. Which gold is best for jewellery in India?

14 Karat gold is the best quality for daily use and offers more resistance than 18K and 20K gold.

Q3. Which city in India is famous for jewellery?

Jaipur is a popular attraction for jewellery lovers.


Jewellery is something that acts as a beauty product and also becomes a long-term investment. Therefore, one should always be vigilant when choosing the jewellery brand and consider all options before making the final purchase.


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