Best Credit Cards in India (2024)

Check out the list of top credit cards in India for cashback, rewards & fuel benefits in India. Choose the right credit card to maximize your savings. Read More!

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Our Top Picks

A credit card is a basic need to maintain essential spending and lifestyle maintenance. We have conducted detailed research about popular and helpful credit cards in India. As a result, we have listed our top picks of the best credit cards in India based on features, benefits, and user reviews. Our list will give you detailed ideas and clarity in choosing the best-rated credit cards in India. 

This card offers various discount vouchers from brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Zee5, Apollo Pharmacy, Uber and Ola. It offers a fuel surcharge waiver and high reward points on merchant purchases. The best part? You can easily get an instant credit card approved via a simple, paperless process, and the card comes with Zero Joining Fee and Zero Annual Fee.

Best Corporate Credit Card: HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition

It is a premium credit card with plenty of premium benefits for corporate use. It is offered with special invites with a complimentary Club Marriott membership for the first year of the card. It is the best credit card in India, ideal for elite corporate uses with the facilities like complimentary premium buffets at ITC hotels and golf club membership.

Best Credit Card For Students: Axis Bank Ace Credit Card

Students studying in other cities also need credit cards for specific essential uses. Axis bank provides the best credit card for a student in a minimal range. This card offers the facilities like cashback on bill payments, food applications, and specific categories. In addition, the Axis bank Ace card offers a complimentary lounge visit, making it the best student credit card.

Best 0 Interest Credit Card: SBI SimplySave Advantage Credit Card

Although no credit cards offer zero interest, the best credit card in India offers minimal interest rates with premium benefits. SBI SimplySave Advantage credit card offers the lowest interest rate of 2.5 per cent with the lowest joining fees. In addition, it offers 10X booking rewards with global acceptance on merchant outlets with multiple payment options.

Best Premium Credit Card: HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card

HDFC Diners Club credit card is one of the elite and premium credit cards with a range of premium benefits with standard membership of elite clubs with advanced saving values. In addition, there is an excellent reward point redemption and complimentary benefits listing it in the category of best credit card in India.

Best Lifestyle Credit Card: HSBC Cashback Credit Card

HSBC Cashback is the best credit card for lifestyle management, with compulsory cashback for every online spend. The credit card also offers complimentary airport lounge access at national and international airports. It offers complimentary access. It offers you the best facilities for travelling and shopping with foreign currency and global acceptance.

Best Credit Card With No Annual Fee: YES Prosperity Reward Plus Card

The YES bank prosperity reward plus card offers no annual perks, maximum rewards on everyday purchases, and an annual bonus. There is a special waiver offered on yearly spending according to the purchases. This best credit card in India offers maximum benefits with no annual charges.

Best Credit Card For 18-Year-Olds: IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

It is the best credit card for 18-year-olds as it offers minimal annual charges with 100 per cent cashback as a welcome benefit. In addition, the credit card holder can also avail the discounts on dining bills and movie tickets.

Best Credit Card For Travel: Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

Air India is the best travel credit card, with many benefits and premium offers. The card offers airport lounge accessibility, premium priority pass membership, and flexible reward redemption. It is the best credit card in India for frequent travellers and NRI individuals.

Best Credit Card For Online Shopping: Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

This credit card is the best for online shopping as it has no annual charges with five per cent cashback on an amazon membership. It is the best credit card in India, offering amazing reward redemption and cashback conversion in online shopping.

Best Credit Card For Grocery Shopping: SBI SimplySave Advantage Credit Card

SBI SimplySave card is one of the best credit cards for grocery shopping as it offers reward redemption and accessibility to merchant outlets. It also provides 10X reward points on grocery and other related shopping.

Best E-commerce Credit Card: Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

It is the best credit card for eCommerce and other related aspects. The card provides many premium and attractive offers, like 1% cashback on every online purchase and 5 and 3% cashback for Amazon Prime and non-prime members, respectively.

Best Credit Card For NRIs: HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition

It is the top credit card in India for NRIs, offering premium benefits for travelling, movies, and shopping. The credit card provides golf games and Club Marriott membership across India.

Top 13 Credit Cards In India

We have prepared a detailed list of India's top 10 credit cards with their joining and annual fee details. The comprehensive list provides you with all the related details to get clarity while choosing the compatible and accurate credit card for you.

In our list, you will get a definite mention of all the credit cards with details like joining and annual fees with redemption schemes, covered benefits and expenses, and payment limits. Let us start:

Sr. no.


Joining fee

Annual fee


IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

Rs. 0

Rs. 0


Axis Bank Ace Credit Card

Rs. 499

Rs. 499


HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 10,000


Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card




HSBC Cashback Credit Card

Rs. 750

Rs. 750


SBI SimplySave Advantage Credit Card

Rs. 499

Rs. 499


YES Prosperity Reward Plus Card

Rs. 399

Rs. 399


HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Rs. 2,500

Rs. 2,500


Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

Rs. 4,999

Rs. 4,999


IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 1,000


HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition

Rs. 4,999

Rs. 4,999


Citi Rewards Credit Card

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 1,000


SimplyCLICK SBI Card

Rs. 500

Rs. 499

IndusInd Bank's Legend Credit Card is your card if you want a credit card with multiple benefits and a best-in-class rewards programme. Legend Credit Card offers exclusive offers on top brands, and you save up to ₹25,866 as a reward and an additional ₹2,400 savings on a fuel surcharge waiver. The card comes with Zero Joining fees and Zero Annual fees.  

Special Features 

  • Zero Joining Fee and Zero Annual Fee
  • Earn one reward point for every hundred rupees spent on weekdays and two reward points on weekends.
  • Rewards points never expire and can be converted to cash to pay outstanding dues.
  • Access to 600+ airport lounges worldwide


  • It has relaxed eligibility criteria with a minimum income requirement of INR 20,000/-.
  • A waiver on fuel surcharge across petrol pumps across India 



Discount vouchers from multiple brands like Amazon, ALDO, Benetton, Flipkart, Zee5, Uber, Ola, Hush Puppies, Celio, Woodland, Vero Mod

Best suited for travelling and lifestyle needs 

Best for fuel surcharge, BOGO on movies and multiple shopping offers


A waiver on foreign currency mark-up


Never expiring reward point and can be converted to cash for paying your dues (1 RP = INR 0.75)  


2. Axis Bank Ace Credit Card

This best credit card offers you premium benefits while spending on multiple categories of food and shopping brands. The card provides a minimum joining fee of Rs 499 with maximum cashback and unlimited upper limit. It is the best credit card for basic expenses and complimentary benefits.

Special Features

It offers 5% cashback on DTH and mobile recharge.

Offers 2 per cent cashback on food orders on Zomato and Ola bookings. 

Annual fee: Rs 499

Why Choose

It provides maximum reward redemption with no upper limit.

The renewal fee is waived according to the earned reward points. 



It reverses the joining fee with a spend of Rs. 499 in 45 days.

It has high finance charges of 52.86 per cent per annum.

It offers four complimentary lounge visits per year.


It converts purchases of over 2,500 into smart EMI.


3. HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card

It is the best credit card in India in the super-premium category of credit cards. The card provides a wide range of benefits in the category of shopping, travel, dining, golf courses, etc. It offers elite advantages with maximum rewards and cash-back redemption. In addition, it has advanced accessibility for national and international usage.

 Special features

It offers a high reward point rate of 33.33 per cent means you get five reward points on every purchase of Rs 150.

It offers conversions of reward points into smart vouchers and intelligent buys in the items under the HDFC catalogue.

Annual fee: Rs 10,000

 Why choose

It provides the annual membership of Forbes, Zomato Gold, Club Marriott, and Amazon Prime.

It offers premium benefits on HDFC diners clubs with hotels and flight ticket bookings. 



It reverses the joining fee with a spend of Rs. 10,000 on the annual spend of Rs 5 Lakh.

It suits best for travelling and lifestyle purchases.

It offers the highest reward rate in the credit card range in India.


It provides 10X reward points in partner brands.


4. Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card:

Amazon Pay ICICI card is one of India's popular and top credit cards for online shopping and eCommerce businesses. It offers a range of elite features the user can avail of with lifetime benefits. It gained high popularity in India by providing 1% cash back on every purchase in any category.

 Special features

  • It provides 5 per cent of extra cashback for Amazon members
  • It offers 15 per cent of dining benefits to partner restaurants.

Annual fee: NIL

Why choose

It offers 3 per cent cashback to non-prime members.

It provides a definite benefit to ICICI culinary treat program. 



It charges no joining or annual charges.

It suits only Amazon members. 

It offers premium benefits and rewards to Amazon prime members.


Users can avail 1 per cent waiver on fuel surcharge on all petrol pumps in India.


5. HSBC Cashback Credit Card:

It is one of the top-rated cards with plenty of benefits on online purchases with interest-free credit periods and foreign currency transactions. In addition, it is the best credit card offering advanced access to airport lounges with a wide range of benefits considering reward points and partner brands.

Special features

It provides welcome vouchers for Amazon, Zomato, and Myntra on the first spend of Rs 1000 in 30 days.

It offers a 50% discount on the first Google pay transaction.

Annual fee: Rs 750

Why choose

It provides 1.5 per cent cash back on every purchase.

It offers complimentary access to airport lounges. 



It charges no renewal charges.

It charges high late fees and overdue fines. 

The joining amount is reversed on the spend of Rs 1 Lakh in the previous year.


It offers interest-free credit for 45 days. 


6. SBI SimplySave Advantage Credit Card:

It is one of the popular and best credit cards offered by SBI, with premium benefits for basic spending under minimal charges. The card carries worldwide acceptance on plenty of merchant outlets with seamless bill payments and smart EMI conversions.

Special features

The card offers 10X reward points on grocery shopping and dining.

 Special advantage on utility bills like water, electricity, etc.

Annual charges: Rs 499

Why choose

 It provides an intelligent EMI option with minimal interest rates.

 It has global acceptance with over 24,000 merchant outlets across the globe.



It charges no renewal charges.

It only provides domestic benefits. 

The reward point is used for card payments.


It offers cash withdrawal facilities.


7. YES Prosperity Reward Plus Card:

Yes-bank offers this card with the lowest interest rates and annual charges. In addition, the card offers elite benefits on national and international purchases with plenty of privileges for travel and lifestyle expenses. It also offers minimal joining and renewal charges with insurance coverage under specific regulations.

Special features

It offers a special fuel surcharge waiver on any fuel pump across India.

The card provides an advanced card shield for the primary cardholder in case of accidental death.

Annual Charges: Rs 399

Why choose

 It offers maximum rewards on basic spending on dining and groceries.

 It provides a high fee waiver on renewal and membership charges. 



It reverses the joining charges on the spend of 10,000 under 90 days.

It only provides benefits under limited categories. 

It provides a 1 per cent of fuel waiver on all the fuel stations in India.


It offers advanced credit shields for primary card holders. 


8. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

It is an all-rounder credit card offering premium benefits for multiple-category payments. The best credit card offers a range of luxurious benefits in shopping, travel, and airport lounge access. It also provides the priority pass membership with additional member joining and a range of insurance benefits with specific rules and regulations.

Special features

●It offers 10,000 rewards when the user achieves spending milestones.

●Advanced priority pass membership with one add-on member.

Annual charges: Rs 2500

Why choose

 The card offers a 1 per cent fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel pumps across India.

It provides plenty of insurance benefits covering emergency hospitalization and accidental death.         



It reverses the renewal charges on the spend of Rs 3 Lakhs per year.

It is best suited for travel and luxury expenses.

It provides complimentary access to international and national airport lounges.


It offers bonus reward points on anniversary years.


9. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

The Air India signature card is ideal for frequent travellers across national and international borders. The card provides accelerated reward redemption on airport lounge access and flight bookings, with priority pass membership. It is the best credit card for NRI and travellers, offering many foreign currency benefits with high conversion rates.

Special features

The card offers a range of reward redemption benefits with every spending.

High conversion schemes of reward points into air miles.

Annual charges: 4,999

 Why choose

 It provides maximum priority pass membership and premium benefits.

 It offers plenty of anniversary benefits. 



It offers a Flexi Pay option for EMI payments.

It is best suited for travelling expenses.

It provides 8 complimentary access to international and national airport lounges.


It offers manageable bills and an EMI conversion facility. 


10. IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

It is one of the best credit cards under the fuel expenses range, providing benefits. It offers turbo reward points without expiry and can be redeemed at any fuel station in India. It also has advantages with grocery and retail expenses. The card can be used on any fuel pump across India.

Special features

It offers premium benefits with turbo reward points and a wide range of redemption schemes.

 Free turbo points as a welcome benefit to the cardholder.

Annual Charges: Rs 1000

Why choose

It offers a point redemption facility for grocery and other standard expenses.

The card provides a 20 per cent dining discount on partner restaurants. 



It offers a welcome turbo point within 30 days of card issuance.

It provides benefits to Indian oil fuel pumps.

It offers a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on Indian oil fuel pumps.


The annual fee is waived on the spend of Rs 30,000.


11. HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition

HDFC Infinia card is elite, and the best credit card offers special invites to individuals. This metal card offers luxurious benefits to the higher net-worth category, including high reward redemption rates for premium travelling, dining, and shopping expenses. In addition, the services associated with this card are offered to special invitees.

Special features

 It provides complimentary membership of club Marriott for stays and dining.

It offers 10X reward points and easy redemption on every purchase.

Annual charges: Rs 4,999

Why Choose

It provides unlimited access to international and domestic airport lounges.

It provides premium benefits under membership and reward point redemption. 



It offers advanced accessibility for national and international airport usage.

The card provides benefits to special invitees.

The card provides a 20 per cent discount on club Marriott dining and stays in the Asia-Pacific region.


It provides 12,500 reward point benefits on renewal.


12. Citi Rewards Credit Card

The Citi Rewards Credit Card is one of the best as it offers accelerated reward points for all purchases. The card has a minimum joining fee of Rs. 1,000 and welcomes you with up to 2,500 reward points. This card is an excellent choice for basic expenses, especially apparel shopping.

Special Features

  • It provides 10 Reward points for every Rs. 125 you spend on apparel and department stores.
  • For all other spends, you get 1 Reward Point for every Rs. 125 you spend.
  • Annual fee: Rs. 1,000


  • The reward points will never expire – you can redeem them whenever you want or keep collecting them.
  • Offers Instant Loans for you to get things done straight away when you run out of money



The card welcomes you with 2500 reward points.

It has a foreign transaction fee.

It lets you instantly redeem points or collect them.


This credit card allows you to redeem reward points instantly via SMS.


With this credit card, you can turn massive purchases into small payments by availing of the EMI facility.


13. SimplyCLICK SBI Card

The SimplyCLICK SBI Card is amazing if you are an online shopping addict or want 0more reward points on all your online purchases. The card gives you a log-in gift by giving you an Amazon gift card worth Rs. 500 when you join.

Moreover, you get 5x reward points for all your basic online spending and 10x rewards when you shop online with their exclusive partners. Fast & convenient, this credit card is 100% safe and secure during transactions.

Special Features

  • It provides a welcome gift card worth Rs. 500 on Amazon on joining
  • It lets you earn 10x rewards when you purchase online with exclusive partners
  • Annual fee: Rs. 499


  • The card reverses your annual fee of Rs. 499 in the subsequent year when you spend Rs. 1,00,000 annually.
  • It waives a 1% fuel surcharge for each transaction between Rs. 500 & Rs. 3,000



It gives you 10X rewards when you purchase from Amazon, Apollo 24X7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Dineout, Lenskart and Netmeds.

The card is best suited for online shopping only.

You can get an e-voucher worth Rs. 2,000 when you shop online for over Rs. 1 lakh.


The card has an affordable renewal fee of Rs. 499.


This credit card gives you a welcome Amazon gift card worth Rs. 500 on joining.


Here's How We Shortlisted The Best Credit Cards In India

It is a comprehensive task to select the best-rated and compatible credit card according to the benefits, income, and reward redemption facilities. Therefore, we have compiled the best credit cards in India based on top ratings, features, rewards, and cashback.

It will surely help you select the best credit card according to your lifestyle and spending pattern. Hence, we adopted a definite method to list the credit card options. Below are the mentions: 

    Features: The credit card in our list consisted of premium features with luxurious and basic benefits for national and international usage. We have included the best credit cards with maximum complimentary benefits, premium vouchers, and other accessible features.

    Ratings: Many banks offer credit cards with several features and coverage. According to consumer and finance consultant platforms, we have included the top-rated credit card. The best rating provides a detailed idea about top credit cards functional for domestic and international customers.

    Rewards: Consumers are highly attracted to the associated reward points offered with credit cards. We have listed the top credit cards in India, offering maximum reward points and high conversion rates.

    Cashbacks: Our list includes the credit cards in India which offer cashback and waivers of joining and renewal charges. We have listed the credit card that offers cashback for premium shopping, dining, and fuel within national and international borders.


1. Which credit card is the best in India?

According to the premium features, benefits, and reward points, HDFC Regalia Credit Card is the best credit card in India. This credit card provides the best features for domestic and luxurious expenses. The card also offers 10X reward points with a waiver in fuel surcharge.

2. Which is the safest credit card in India?

SBI SimplySave credit card is the safest card as it offers the lowest interest rates with minimal joining and annual charges. The card also offers the best features for basic expenses like grocery and retail shopping. The card has global acceptance on worldwide merchant outlets for purchases.

3. What are the top 5 credit cards?

The top five credit cards active in India are

HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition

HSBC Cashback Credit Card

Axis Bank Ace Credit Card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

SBI SimplySave Advantage Credit Card

4. Which credit card is the most powerful?

HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition is India's most potent credit card offering premium and elite benefits. It is a metal card providing luxurious benefits with complimentary membership with club Marriott and other national and international expenses. It also offers the best reward points conversions and unlimited access to national and international airports. 


So, here is the list of the best credit cards in India based on our comprehensive research and detailing. Going through our list of the top 10 credit cards in India, you will get clarity in choosing the accurate credit card for your usage. Credit is a premium necessity for emergency expenses and lifestyle maintenance. 

Most of the best credit cards provide insurance and specific coverage to support the cardholder for emergency bulk payments. Hence, choose the best credit card and avail the best benefits associated with the listed credit cards. Our list will provide you with comprehensive details about every credit card.

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