10 Best Interior Designers in Bangalore (2024)

Not only should your living space look fantastic, but it should also reflect your personality and sense of style and work with how you live your life. 

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Not only should your living space look fantastic, but it should also reflect your personality and sense of style and work with how you live your life. To help you get the place you deserve, we’ve created a guide to the best interior designers in Bangalore! 

Our Top Picks

Best Budget Designers for Homes - Simply Interiors

With a complete focus on residential interiors and a team that includes architects, civil engineers, designers, and a capable operations team, Simply Interiors works on every home as if it's their own.

Best Premium Luxury Interior Designers - The KariGhars

With over 14 years of experience in the luxury residential interior design industry, The KariGhars have established themselves as the epitome of luxury in the field of interior design. They have made customer experience their top priority while simultaneously setting new industry standards for work ethics and culture. Offering a lifetime warranty, they ensure that the dream spaces they create endure for years to come. 

Best Interior Designers for Home - Wea Designs

"Elevate your lifestyle with our award-winning interior design firm, where we turn dreams into reality, curating spaces that redefine luxury and comfort"

Best Budget - DesignCafe

Designers at DesignCafe recognise that everyone has their personality and likes and dislikes. They have made a name for themselves as the best budget Interior Designers in Bangalore and create homes tailored to you and your lifestyle. 

Best Interior Designers for Office - Kuvio Studio

Kuvio Studio is one of Bangalore's newest and most innovative interior design firms. Furthermore, it draws inspiration from nature to produce the best interior designs for residential and commercial spaces.

List of 10 Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

With more than a decade of experience, Simply Interiors has the unique capability of executing modular and on-site projects. With amazing finishes and hundreds of options, Simply Interiors delivers unique home interior styles at unbeatable timelines.

Address: Ground Floor, #5, 14th Main Road, Sector 4, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560102

Phone: 9341 074 074

Email: enquiry@simplyinteriors.in

Scope of Service: Turnkey Interior design, on-site and modular execution, bespoke furniture, décor, residential interior

Types of projects they have worked on: Within residential interior design, Simply Interiors has worked on many projects. Budget or luxurious, they follow their motto, "Every Home Deserves the Best".

Style of work: Minimalistic, modern, traditional, European, Scandinavian, Japanese and bohemian are some of the design styles that they work on.

Karighar is one of Bangalore's most well-known interior design firms. It also provides bespoke furnishings and selects the ideal colour palette to transform an average home into a spectacular environment. 

Address- The KariGhars, 2798, 27th Main Rd, Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Email: support@thekarighars.com

Phone: +91 7022725656

Style of Work: The KariGhars fuse contemporary and mid-century modern design for a luxurious design language. They prioritize originality, creativity, and user experience while maintaining a thriving work culture in every project.

Types of projects they’ve worked on: They offer turnkey solutions for villas and apartments, tailoring custom designs for wardrobes, entertainment units, and modular kitchens, and expertise in crafting built-in furniture to meet clients' needs.

Scope of services: Turnkey Projects, Bespoke Modular Furniture,  3D Visualization, Customer engagement at each step of the design process, user-centric design approach, after-sales services, and onsite supervision to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience.

"Elevate your lifestyle with our award-winning interior design firm, where we turn dreams into reality, curating spaces that redefine luxury and comfort."

Phone: 79960 60000

Scope of Service: Turnkey Interior design, on-site and modular execution, lose furniture, décor, residential interior

Types of projects they have worked on: Within residential interior design, Simply Interiors has worked on many projects. Budget or luxurious,

Style of work: Minimalistic, modern, traditional, European, Scandinavian, Japanese and bohemian are some of the design styles that they work on.

4. Carafina 

Carafina creates breathtaking homes by utilising cutting-edge technology. The crew also works hard to display your dream home to your specifications. “A nice home must have both high quality and great furnishings” is their motto! 

Address: No 3478/J 1st Floor Shiva Krupa Chiru Mansion, 13th A Main Rd, Hal 2nd, Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Pincode: 560008

Phone: 099000 35665

Email ID: welcome@carafina.in

Scope of services- Design Execution, Visualisation, Onsite Supervision, Quality and perfection, Sales Support

Types of projects they worked on- Both residential and commercial spaces for the likes of GR Uber Signature, Sun Villas, Prestige Villa, Exotica Brigade, etc

Style of work- Their luxury interior designers take the time to understand your requirements and recommend solutions that are suited to your preferences.

5. DesignCafe

The DesignCafe is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore that works directly with clients, assisting them in understanding their wants and desires and collaborating with them to attain their goals.

Address- No 25, 2nd floor, next to Ramakrishna Hospital, above Allen Learning Centre, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560011

Phone- 080 6806 500

Scope of services- Living/Dining Room, Bedroom interior design services, Modular kitchen interior design services, Innovate Storage Design Solutions, Interior design services, Home improvement services 

Types of projects they worked on- Mainly residential projects for modern urban homes. 

Style of work- Their designs reflect your personality and lifestyle, so they will keep you informed throughout the process. 

6. Kuvio Studio

KUVIO STUDIO is an Interior Design firm founded to bring your dream environment to reality. The Kuvio team hopes to breathe new life into the space and make it a spectacular destination. Kuvio's interior designs create a seamless and timeless experience.

ess: 2nd Floor, 4A, 8th Main Road, Koramangala 4 Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Phone: 099008 10362


Scope of services- Residential Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Home Interior Design

Types of projects they’ve worked on- They have created the best kinds of designs for both commercial and residential sites. Some of their notable projects include Ashwini Madhu Villa, Anjani Venkat Luxury Apartments, Desi Panache, Bhatt Villas, etc.

Style of work- They approach each design project with the proper amount of enthusiasm and energy, allowing us to effectively transform customers' requirements into a seamless, one-of-a-kind, and everlasting spatial experience.

7. Magnon India

Magnon Interiors creates a classic and one-of-a-kind design house that meets your needs. It considers a house to be incomplete without a kitchen. As a result, it claims to supply elegant modular kitchens to its clients' homes.

Address: Varasiddhi,5BC-110, 2nd Floor, Service Rd, 3rd Block, HBR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Phone: 088806 46464

Email: reachus@magnonindia.com

Scope of services- Complete end-to-end interiors, Fixed Furniture: Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Consoles, Shoerack, Crockery, Pooja Room, Civil and wall Solutions: false ceiling, wallpaper, Wall Partitions, Wall Panelling, Soft Furnishing Curtains, Sofa and other loose furniture.

Types of projects they’ve worked on- Magnon Interiors offers customised kitchens and complete kitchen solutions.  To mention a few, it has designed cheap kitchens in Shoba Valley and interior design for Prestige Falcon City Homes. 

Style of work- Magnon Interiors' distinctive approach is to create contemporary and unique ideas that make your kitchen look beautiful and useful and appear very big. 

8. Livspace 

Livspace is a well-known and famous home décor and interior design enterprise in Bangalore. It has decades of experience in this area and has offered its clients high-quality results at affordable prices. 

Address- 715, 2nd floor, 715, 5th A Cross Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Phone: 080 4697 1177

Scope of services- Turnkey interior, home interior design, office & commercial interior design, modular kitchen, and renovation services.

Types of projects they’ve worked on- Livspace has mainly worked on residential projects to provide homes with beautiful interiors under budget. 

Style of work- Livspace’s speciality lies in transforming any given space to a modern or contemporary-styled interior at a reasonable budget and with fast delivery. 

9. D’Life Interiors 

D'Life Interior is one of the most trustworthy interior design firms in South India. It has offices in four states: Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, and Coimbatore. D'Life is a competent and modern interior design firm that executes a hundred monthly projects.

Address: 19th Main Rd, Parangi Palaya, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: 099955 17777

Scope of services- Spatial planning, interior design, furnishings, decoration, and contemporary style furniture for bedrooms, living and dining rooms. 

Types of projects they’ve worked on- They apply their extensive experience and creativity to create attractive living spaces within an apartment, group villa, or independent villa and have done this for some big names like Mr Kalabhavan Shajohn house- Actor and Mr Antony Perumbavoor house. 

Style of work- D'Life is well-known for its handcrafted home decor. They understand our client's needs, and we produce attractive designs that fit their lifestyles and budgets.

10. Bluesky Concepts 

Today's world is increasingly concerned with appearances and attractiveness, but Interior design is essential for adding that aesthetic vibe to your place, and Bluesky Concept is skilled at bringing that vibrancy and tailor-made ideas to your home. 

Address: #84/1 Gangaiah Road,1st Stage,2nd Main,2nd Phase West of Chord Road, Manjunathnagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Phone: 096869 72677

Email: blueskyconcepts12@gmail.com

Scope of services- Both Residential and Commercial Interior design, Living Room Interior Design, Kitchens Interior Design, Bedrooms Interior Design, Kids Rooms Interior Design

Types of projects they’ve worked on- Bluesky Concepts Interior Decorator's notable projects include Colours Kannada Studio, Ashok, Chamrajpet, Padmesh, Indiranagar, and others. 

Style of work- The company offers various designs, such as neo-classical, electric, sustainable, futuristic, and vintage. A project is finished successfully by considering factors like colour, form, light, space, and texture. 

How to shortlist the best Interior Designers in Bangalore for your project 

  1. Define your requirements- Let the designer know if you have any special requests, such as specialised furniture, modular kitchens, preferred lighting, etc.. 
  2. Research and gather recommendations- Ask for suggestions from friends and relatives who have used interior designers before. Discover the challenges they faced and the experiences they had. 
  3. Check credentials and experience- Some designers regularly visit sites for inspection and design. Ask him/her how they can assist you during the execution phase if they are not involved in the process.
  4. Review portfolios- Ask them what types of projects they genuinely enjoy undertaking. Look over their portfolios to see what stands out about each project. 
  5. Consider budget and pricing- When determining the budget, you should consider what specifics you require and how much you're willing to forgo or spend more on the design. 
  6. Schedule consultations- Some designers want constant client input, while others prefer complete creative freedom. If you inform them about your preferences and needs, the procedure will go much more smoothly.
  7. Get quotations and compare- Different prices and payment structures are available for designers. You can always discuss it and determine what is best for your project based on your comfort level.
  8. Evaluate compatibility- By learning how they evaluate your project, you may determine if a designer's priorities align with yours.
  9. Evaluate timeline and project management approach- Eenquire with them about any upcoming projects they may have to know whether they can guarantee they'll finish your project on schedule. 

Benefits of hiring a professional Interior Designer 

  1. Expertise and knowledge- Interior designers have the expertise to thoroughly evaluate the home, assisting homeowners in determining which areas genuinely require repair or makeovers.
  2. Personalized Design Solutions- Find a professional interior designer to assist you if you wish to include various design elements in your home. Your house remodelling doesn't have to compromise on a single style; it can have several appearances. 
  3. Access to resources and industry- Most interior designers have a sizable, trustworthy network of people they deal with on projects. 
  4. Time and cost savings- One of the most common misconceptions is that hiring an interior designer would cost more when expert assistance can help you save money. 
  5. Interior designers frequently receive commissions based on the project's overall cost, and you can save time and money by listening to their professional advice. 
  6. Attention to detail-  Interior designers are meticulous and pay close attention to details that a homeowner might overlook. This is the result of years of expertise.
  7. Project management- Interior designers have a wealth of knowledge. They know cost-saving opportunities and the most efficient ways to arrange and organise a property. 
  8. Enhanced value and resale potential- An expert will also renovate your house to gain value overall. This could eventually increase the house's net worth in the long run.
  9. Collaboration and communication- A design professional can follow through on commitments, fulfil promises, and guarantee that you obtain the house of your dreams.

Different services provided by Interior Designers

  1. Designer for a Day: With this one-time, one-day service, clients can benefit from working with an interior designer on a particular project, such as decorating a certain space.
  2. In-Home Consultation/Idea Session: This service is typically used to discuss a specific project the client has in mind, like a remodel or one-room redecoration.
  3. Decorating for special occasions and holidays: Customers frequently require assistance with arranging an event or preparing their homes for the holidays.
  4. Hourly Services- Clients can use this general service option to employ an interior designer for a predetermined hourly cost. Smaller projects typically employ this kind of service.
  5. Complete Interior Design Services "Full-service" interior design is at the other end of the spectrum, including on-site project management, purchasing, design, and installation.
  6. E-design: Many interior designers have expanded their businesses to include "virtual" or online interior design services. Clients who cannot afford conventional interior design services should consider this option.

Approximate fee Interior Designers charge for different projects in Bangalore

The entire cost of home interior design in Bangalore is determined by the amount of furniture needed and the size of the home overall. A mid-level designer in Bangalore charges an average interior cost per square foot ranging from 1300 INR for minor décor to 5000 INR for premium, fully furnished décor.


1. What questions should be asked of interior designers?

One can ask questions about the timeline for project completion, their portfolio, quotation and any other extra costs that come with it. 

2. At what stage should I contact an interior designer?

Do not wait to contact a designer until you have plastered all of your walls, as interiors should be planned first and foremost because that's where you spend most of your time.

3. How long does the entire design process take?

Interior design is a multi-step process that involves many people. Interior design often takes between 14 and 31 weeks to complete, depending on the project's size and degree of intricacy.

4. Do Interior designers provide sample work?

If needed, they offer scale models and comprehensive drawings to clients. Additionally, they provide samples of the products they suggest to clients.

5. What is the smallest project an interior designer would take?

The smallest project an interior designer could take would be a short online consultation to help clients understand what would look good in their house. 


Designers frequently use unconventional thinking regarding home décor, and we’ve included all such designers in our guide to the best interior designers in Bangalore!

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