Her passion for art lays the path for next-gen artists

She completed her graduation in 1996 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Andhra University.
Golla Gayathri Devi
Golla Gayathri Devi(Photo | Madhav K, EPS)

TIRUPATI: Golla Gayathri Devi (54), a renowned artist and homemaker, has made significant contributions to the art world. As a daughter of prominent artist Dr K Jagannadha Rao, Gayathri Devi inherited a passion for art that she has nurtured.

She completed her graduation in 1996 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Andhra University. However, when it comes to painting in acrylics, oil colours, landscapes, and style scapes, she is a ‘Master’.

Her artistic journey began in Visakhapatnam, where she developed her skills and created a diverse portfolio of artworks.

After her marriage, unwavering support from her husband, G Aravind, and in-laws, Dr G Veerabhadra Rao and G Savitiri, propelled Gayathri to continue her pursuit of art.

Gayathri Devi’s art pieces often depict serene landscapes and portraits of gods, reflecting her deep cultural roots and artistic vision. Her dedication to art has earned her several accolades, including the prestigious Golden Legend Award in 2022.

She actively participates in art camps and exhibitions, showcasing her work and inspiring budding artists. Among her notable works are contributions to the “Sri Kalakshetra” book and a revered portrait of Lord Venkateswara.

Committed to nurturing the next generation of artists, Gayathri Devi also acts as a judge for art competitions at various schools, Padmavathi Mahila University, and Balotsavam, encouraging young talents to pursue their passion for art. Additionally, she organises free summer camps at Vemana Vignana Kendra, fostering a creative environment for children and aspiring artists.

Balancing her artistic career with her role as a homemaker, Gayathri Devi is a proud mother of two children. “Parents should encourage their children’s artistic talents in painting, which significantly improves concentration and creativity,” she says.

Gayathri allocates her time and resources for art education, both on Sundays and through government-supported art camps. Since 1996, she has created over 100 pieces of art, each reflecting her commitment to excellence and her love for landscapes and divine portraits.

Gayathri Devi conducts free painting classes at Vemana Vignana Kendra and at her residence to students in art. She being the focal point, now her entire family has also developed a habit of drawing and painting, embodying a collective artistic spirit.

Her life and work serve as an inspiration to many, demonstrating the profound impact of art on personal development and community enrichment.

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