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12 children write book on coronavirus titled 'A Bend in Time' 

The 12 pieces, both stories and essays portray various emotions.

published : 05 Aug 2020

‘We still don’t do plus sizes, only minus is attractive’

She looked like a skeleton, no size of clothing fit her. She was all bones, no skin, with eyes popping out. She was even taking measured water.

published : 05 Aug 2020

I see a tide of unicorns coming out of Hyderabad in the post-corona economy: Author Arun Tiwari

Scientist-turned-author Arun Tiwari of India Wakes - Post Corona Virus New World Order sounds positive about Hyderabad and it's future.

published : 04 Aug 2020

Insights to acheive financial stability

Against the backdrop of India’s economic crisis, a new book titled Quest for Restoring Financial Stability in India by Viral V Acharya was released at a virtual interactive session.

published : 04 Aug 2020

For me, writing is a form of nirvana: Poet Sarabjeet Garcha

Sarabjeet Garcha is a poet, translator, editor and publisher. He is the author of four books of poems, including A Clock in the Far Past and a collection in Hindi.

published : 02 Aug 2020

'RAW: A History of India’s Covert Operations' showcases India’s shadow warriors

A new book by Yatish Yadav brings to light some of the daring exploits of India’s spies and spymasters.

published : 02 Aug 2020

'In the Land of the Lovers' book review: Crash course in Punjabiyat

Nanaki (named after Guru Nanak’s sister) lives with her maternal grandparents in Chandigarh since she was a toddler, when her parents tragically passed away in a highway accident.

published : 02 Aug 2020

'Dateline Dehra Dun' book review: A quiet visit to the past

Love and fragrance, no matter how much you may try, cannot be hidden!’ One could easily say that of Raj Kanwar’s new book Dateline Dehra Dun.

published : 02 Aug 2020

'The Gated Republic' book review: Why we are the way we are

The stark commentary is an inquiry into India’s history and politics of public policy, and the anatomy of failure

published : 02 Aug 2020

Shankkar Aiyar interview: It is delusional to think flyover economics answers public policy failures

Shankkar Aiyar’s book 'The Gated Republic' describes itself as an inquiry into the history and politics of public policy and the anatomy of failure.

published : 02 Aug 2020

Under the Indian Sun: Chef Suvir Saran on his fourth book 'Instamatic'

Make good art. That’s what author Neil Gaiman advises for when life gets you down, or even when you’re up on high.

published : 01 Aug 2020

How to find friends and keep them, tells author Shubha Vilas in this new book

The author in the book has offered stories from many of our ancient scriptures, and has also interacted along with modern-day day examples who have cultivated life-long friendships.

published : 31 Jul 2020

‘Three BSF jawans had also fallen prey to the terrorists’ bullets’

Four Mumbai Police personnel and three BSF jawans had also fallen prey to the terrorists’ bullets, while four others were in the hospital with serious injuries.

published : 30 Jul 2020

When Sivagami avenged her father’s death

Bestselling author and screenwriter Anand Neelakantan announces Book II of the Bãhubali trilogy which revolves around the protagonist who stole our hearts

published : 28 Jul 2020

INTERVIEW| I have read each and every book on Kargil War: Col VN Thapar

Col VN Thapar on the biography he penned in the loving memory of his son, Capt. Vijyant Thapar, which was promoted at a Kargil Vijay Diwas (July 26) event

published : 28 Jul 2020