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Search, click, download: Apps and portals to enhance your reading experience

We take a look at some of the top ebook sites you can visit that would not make any dent in your budget.

published : 25 Oct 2020

'The Last Post' book review: A world long lost

It’s a courier’s world, zooming from house to house, on two-wheelers making deliveries.

published : 25 Oct 2020

Of army tales and trivia

Delhi-based author Rachna Bisht Rawat just launched Insomnia, featuring stories based on life in the armed forces.

published : 22 Oct 2020

The joys and trysts of a debutant author Pooja Purohit Bhatt

During this time, my love for books and inclination towards reading and writing grew, she says.

published : 20 Oct 2020

Piece of War: People of the savaged lands

The author is an expert on peace and conflict studies, and wanted to analyse the process of reintegration of child soldiers in society.

published : 19 Oct 2020

If I am not feeling the story, I don't write for days: Author Zarreen Khan

The 40-year-old lives in Delhi with her husband. Khan just unveiled her third book, My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding (HarperCollins).

published : 18 Oct 2020

'The Man Who Learnt to Fly but Could Not Land' book review: Flights of fancy

This masterful translation is a poignant exploration of a country's rebirth and the life of idealist KTN Kottoor, a writer and activist from Malabar in the pre-Independence years.

published : 18 Oct 2020

'A Plate of White Marble' book review: Travails of the new woman

Bandana, the protagonist, grieves over her husband's early death, but never conforms to the social connotation and ideals of 'widowhood', no small thanks to her uncle.

published : 18 Oct 2020

'The Cock is the Culprit' book review: Village as microcosm

We would do well to remember that the cock could be the culprit anywhere in India. 

published : 18 Oct 2020

INTERVIEW| You should have the power of staying focused on what you want: Ketan Krishna

An HR practitioner, a coach, and a public-speaker Ketan Krishna, who works with a brand called Rentomojo, recently launched his maiden book.

published : 14 Oct 2020

Changampuzha’s complete prose to be released

The book is priced at Rs 800. For details, contact 9447956162.

published : 14 Oct 2020

Looking at love

This way, while I wanted to get the reader as close to being the character, love as a subject has different reactions per person. 

published : 14 Oct 2020

‘Incomprehensibly, compassion is scarce’

Dear italy , yesterday I should have landed in Rome to reunite with my son, who goes to school there.

published : 14 Oct 2020

The roots of life

Dobi girl by Radha Venuprasad is a gripping story that takes us on an emotional journey through life’s highs and lows

published : 13 Oct 2020

Here are some fictional schools we would love to be enrolled in

With most schools and colleges still shut, we take recourse in the fictional world.

published : 11 Oct 2020