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'The Bangalore Detectives Club' book review: A misplaced mystery

The thing with a detective novel is that when you dive into one, you do so with a sense of purpose––to uncover the truth behind a mystery.

published : 19 Jun 2022

'Violets' book review: Loneliness as a companion

Just as silence has its own music, sorrow, too, has a rhythm of its own in this translation

published : 19 Jun 2022

'Youth: The Balakandam of Kampan’s Ramayana' book review: Beyond kings and sages

An engaging and insightful translation, even for those familiar with multiple versions of Rama’s story

published : 19 Jun 2022

'Going: Stories of Kinship' book review: Myriad faces of loss

The little red book of short stories dealing with the notion of loss, particularly that of a family member, evokes a deep ache that all of us are now way too familiar with. 

published : 12 Jun 2022

'Colonial India’s Dissenting Judge' review: A biography of Syed Mahmood

A biography about a lesser-known yet significant man in Indian history who took the British head on.

published : 12 Jun 2022

'Dadamoni: The Life and Times of Ashok Kumar' review: Biography of an accidental actor

Chronicles of a man who epitomised the idea of the quintessential hero for an entire generation of Indian audience

published : 12 Jun 2022

'Tales for Tweens', a collection of open-source stories, targets taboo through positive tales

Deepak Dennison taps on the rich resources of open-source stories to offer narratives on diversity and inclusivity for children through his book 'Tales for Tweens'.

published : 11 Jun 2022

Native comics

Deepak Leela Sivarajan is recreating stories and characters from Kerala’s history and mythology to reintroduce them to a global audience

published : 10 Jun 2022

‘Their hot young blood was the force that bound them together’

 The  street  was  known  as  Deva  Theruvu,  aka  God’s  Street.

published : 08 Jun 2022

Book review: 'The Candy House' | Your memories are not yours alone

In this novel that visits the past and strides into the future, technological innovation is both a friend and a foe.

published : 05 Jun 2022

Book review: 'Lessons in Chemistry' | The chemistry of cooking

It’s the early 1960s in California and our heroine is an unconventional scientist Elizabeth Zott.

published : 05 Jun 2022

Book review: 'Hymns in Blood' | Trauma beside the Soan

Nanak Singh, widely regarded as the father of the Punjabi novel, needs no introduction to those familiar with Punjabi literature.

published : 05 Jun 2022

Salman Rushdie leads over 40 British Indians in Queen's Jubilee Honours list

Rushdie is named a Companion of Honour, an exclusive club with membership limited to just 65 people at any given time, for services to literature.

published : 02 Jun 2022

A novel idea

Reverse logistic app Dump allows resale of books available at the click of a button

published : 02 Jun 2022

Diabetologist authors book on history of insulin

Bose and Beyond: Inspiring Stories of How Insulin has Changed Lives in India.

published : 01 Jun 2022