'Rabda': Of Sai Baba, His Philosophy

The philosophy and ideology of Sai Baba of Shirdi form the basis of a new book which talks about philosophy of life and living.

NEW DELHI: The philosophy and ideology of Sai Baba of Shirdi form the basis of a new book which talks about philosophy of life and living.

Ruzbeh Bharucha says his book "Rabda: My Sai… My Sigh" is about all those who love Sai Baba of Shirdi.

"Those of us who are extremely flawed but still only want to make one's master happy and proud, in spite of failing a dozen times every day. This is a book about joy and Baba Sai's philosophy; a book which I hope gets his love, his philosophy, his oneness and Baba Sai the god, guru and the man, come forth clearly," he says.

The main character in the book Rabda attempted suicide and chances are that he is going to die. Sai Baba enters the hospital room and awakens the spirit body of Rabda. The two then begin to converse about life, death and everything in between.

Set in the present, "Rabda" takes the reader to the past, to when Sai Baba lived in his physical body. The life and philosophy of Sai Baba are revealed, often in his own words,

and questions pertaining to him and spirituality answered. Bharucha, who has authored the bestselling "The Fakir" trilogy, says "Rabda" was written in just 45 days though it was on his mind since a few years.

"Most of the books on Sai Baba of Shirdi focus on the innumerable miracles performed by him when he was in the physical body as well as after his samadhi. I was keen on writing a book on the philosophy and ideology of Sai Baba, rather than just the miracles," he said.

"Also Baba Sai had a very interesting vocabulary when he got angry and he was filled with joy and fun too. I wanted that side of Baba, the human element in god and master to come through. Thus 'Rabda' is a fiction book, where Baba Sai converses with Rabda, about his philosophy as well as takes Rabda to the era when Sai Baba was still in flesh and blood," he says.

The characters in "Rabda", according to Bharucha, are very personal.

"The book 'Rabda' represents all those who love Sai Baba, not because he performs miracles, but because he is with each child through thick and thin. Through the highs and lows, he stands by each of his children, no matter however flawed each one of us is, he stands rock solid," the writer says.

Known to write on spirituality, Bharucha has authored 11 books and has also made a documentary "Sehat … Wings Of Freedom" on AIDS and HIV in Tihar jail.

So what inspired him to venture into writing books on spirituality?

"I have been taken to so many Sufis, sages, mediums and psychics since I was a child, as my family thought I would come to no good in life. Also I used to edit a magazine on spirits (alcohol) and due to a minor misunderstanding with a publisher, I landed up being asked to write a book on spirits (paranormal) but of a very different kind," he says.

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