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New graphic novel recounts Bataclan horror

This is just one scene from a new graphic novel, "Mon Bataclan" (My Bataclan), drawn by Fred Dewilde.

published : 21 Oct 2016

Virat's 'Teachers' Day' gift remains a treasured moment to his guru

It is well documented fact that Rajkumar Sharma's contribution in Virat Kohli's progression from a precocious talent to a world-class batsman has been immense.

published : 18 Oct 2016

Infuse passion into your profession

Perhaps management students aren’t doing well in their jobs as their interest lies elsewhere, suggests author Uday Gopalakrishnan to Edex

published : 17 Oct 2016

Thamizh Thatha's lifework awaiting new life

Despite rich value, not much has been done to get the works of old savants published.

published : 16 Oct 2016

Being women in a war-torn land

Garrisoned Minds acknowledges the strength, courage and resilience of women who live under the shadow of the gun in South Asia

published : 15 Oct 2016

Averting twilight of the gods and other chores of a Boston teenager

Among all the prominent traditions, Norse (like its noir) may be the gloomiest and menacing, for while other pantheons face challenges.

published : 10 Oct 2016

Going  into the spooky realms of rusty

At 82, Ruskin Bond is still raring to go. This time he is ready to scare you with his tales of spooks as he talks to Seema Rajpal about ghosts, children and other notorious beings

published : 10 Oct 2016

Curtain falls on the mercedes massacre

Author Stephen King takes the readers to a dimension where the supernatural melts and mingles with crisp detective fiction

published : 01 Oct 2016

Spots in spotlight

The book throws light on the Jawai region of Rajasthan’s Pali district, which is home to an astonishing array of wildlife, especially leopards, co-existing peacefully with humans

published : 30 Sep 2016