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'Youngsters need to fall in love with books'

To imbibe the art of reading, children from over 2,000 schools in India will read their favourite book for 20 minutes today

published : 24 Jan 2020

Abhas Bhardwaj's new book aims to make kids energy literate

A lot of examples and colourful illustrations, and activity columns after every chapter for the kids to solve, have been used in the book to help build a context.

published : 24 Jan 2020

Heart of Heritage

Captain Ramesh Babu, a naval officer and history enthusiast is helping travellers unveil the past of Calicut

published : 23 Jan 2020

Road to Jaipur for Literature Festival 2020

Having recorded over 400,000 visitors in 2019, the five-day extravaganza will have over 250 speakers, including the likes of Pulitzer winners Forrest Gander and Stephen Greenblatt.

published : 22 Jan 2020

INTERVIEW | 'Criticism made me want to write more', says author Kevin Missal

Author Kevin Missal talks to The Morning Standard about his latest work of fiction and thoughts on writing.

published : 22 Jan 2020

Penning a story of hope and recovery

Author Savi Sharma speaks to CE about her latest book, Stories We Never Tell, and how real-life incidents and people have influenced the characters in her books

published : 22 Jan 2020

‘I resolved to continue talking with Moustache’

For some time now, I had been preoccupied by thoughts about the incomparable life of a local man, Vavachan.

published : 22 Jan 2020

Secrets from the past unravel in the present

Seven years back, a young girl fled from Bengaluru to the US.

published : 22 Jan 2020

Desi ways decoded

Children disappointing parents, some kids being favoured over others, the changing cycle of study, graduating, getting a job, getting married, having kids.

published : 21 Jan 2020

Class apart: Paying ode to heroes without capes 

The book pays ode to teachers who work at public schools in smaller towns.

published : 20 Jan 2020

From the written world: Books to look out for in 2020

The Sunday Standard spoke with six publishing houses, primarily located in Delhi, about their top upcoming books in 2020. 

published : 19 Jan 2020

Monument to a Mother’s love: Perumal Murugan's 'Amma'

It is easy enough to pity a woman like Amma who on the face of it, dealt with more than her fair share of hardship.

published : 19 Jan 2020

Bombay Balchao: The right balance of flavours in Jane Borges' debut book

Octogenarian Michael Coutinho is the first to be introduced to the readers, reminiscing in 2015 about a long-ago day when he, as a teenager, witnessed an event that became lore in the Cavel community.

published : 19 Jan 2020

'Books banned, visit restricted in own country'; Chinese author tells her story

Jung Chang talks about writing about the Soong sisters from Shanghai in her latest book, Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister, and her struggle to be a writer in China.

published : 19 Jan 2020

Literature unites India and France

Thirty Indian authors representing all linguistic regions of India are expected, with 15 Indian publishers participating in the fair.

published : 18 Jan 2020