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‘My grandparents taught me mythology’

A prolific writer, Sudha Murty writes for the sake of writing.

published : 18 Jan 2020

Mindfully handmade 

Niranjana Krishnakumar’s entrepreneurial venture Citta Handmade has been binding a sustainable dream for those who love stationery and journaling  

published : 18 Jan 2020

How to build a world-class business ethically, writes Sunil Kant Munjal in his book

The launch, jointly organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and HarperCollins, saw the attendance of prominent members from the business fraternity and diplomatic community.

published : 17 Jan 2020

Tales of love, life and destiny

We created Neer and Hassini out of sheer imagination. Hassini is a girl from Chennai. She is going to study engineering in Coimbatore. 

published : 17 Jan 2020

A Christmas of self-discovery

Most of us go through a few ups and downs in our life.

published : 16 Jan 2020

Narratives from Kashmir

According to the author, the characters in Future Tense have inherited the many tragedies and contradictions that belong to Kashmir.

published : 16 Jan 2020

‘Sam had been shot in the stomach and lungs’

Sam joined the first batch of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun. The Adjutant Captain’s name was J.F.S. McLaren.

published : 15 Jan 2020

Understanding politics with Tagore

Once I started teaching in 1965, I started writing regularly for newspapers and academic journals.

published : 15 Jan 2020

S Hareesh’s ‘Meesha’ gets an English translation

The story is a blend of magic, myth and metaphor that resonates with readers on many levels. 

published : 14 Jan 2020

Co-founder of Myntra, now CEO of Cure.Fit, decodes the success mantra in new book

Mukesh Bansal, co-founder of Myntra and now CEO of Cure.Fit, says his new self-help book, No Limits, does not talk about his  life as he feels he is very early in his career as an entrepreneur

published : 13 Jan 2020

An account of Gandhi’s ideals and his idea of a nation

Motivated by Mahatma Gandhi's great ideals of truth and non-violence to the core, the author goes on to disclose how he was not a glorious chapter from history but a living ideal.

published : 12 Jan 2020

Finger licking bad: Do chefs avoid ingredients they dislike or cook with them anyway?

While it may come as a surprise to many of us, chefs do have some pretty strong feelings about one ingredient or the other.

published : 12 Jan 2020

Tales from the Tail End: A beautiful life in a 'cancer diary' 

Interspersed with wit and wisecracks, the posthumously published work chronicles the short journey and the indomitable fighting spirit of a cancer patient who celebrated life and revelled in it

published : 12 Jan 2020

Children of Virtue and Vengeance: In the land of magic

Children of Virtue and Vengeance, was pushed back from its release date of March 2019 to June 2019, and then to December 2019.

published : 12 Jan 2020

'The Weight of a Cherry Blossom': A memoir by author Shruti Buddhavarapu

Shruti starts with her earliest memories of how her family fits together.

published : 12 Jan 2020