Pop goes the planter: Here's the tips to repurpose old daily-use objects

Why use regular pots when you can repurpose old daily-use objects and turn them into the most unique homes for your green babies by Manjul Misra 
For representational purposes
For representational purposes

TYRES: Old tyres have many uses inside the house—as coffee tables with a glass top fitted in the centre or as pouffes and ottomans with a padded cushion in the middle. But the easiest, by far, is to turn them into planters. All you need to do is fill up the hole with mud and pot the plant. You can leave them as is or paint them up in colours of your choice.

CHAIR: Take an old chair in any material—wood, wicker or metal—give it a coat of paint. Then, make a hole in the seat, wide enough to fit a planter. Use it for flowers, ferns or succulents, whatever takes your fancy, but make sure it spills over and creates a whimsical vignette.

BOOTS: Tough as old boots goes the saying, and it holds true in this case as well. Just take an old pair in any size, shape or colour, and plant it up. One tip though, since most old boots are rough and worn, it’s a good idea to grow delicate flowers in them; the contrast always looks great. You can do the same thing with gumboots as well.

WASHBASIN: With homeowners opting for countertop basins, the old-fashioned pedestal sink is increasingly becoming the most conspicuous victim of renovations. But, worry not; all you need to do is bring it outside, fill it with mud and plant it up. Voila, you have an instant planter.

BATHTUB: Like the washbasin, the free-standing bathtub too is being thrown out with the bathwater. But you can bring it back to life as a large planter. Sky is the limit for what you can plant in it, ranging from flowers to vegetables to cacti and succulents. The only additional requirement is that of a garden to put it in, for, a balcony is likely to be too compact for this planter. 

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