Vandana Jagwani revolutionizes jewellery with lab-grown gems at Vandals

Vandana Jagwani revolutionizes jewellery with lab-grown gems at Vandals

Venturing beyond tradition, Vandals unveils an innovative range of lab-grown diamond jewellery embodying nature’s elegance

When sophistication meets conscience meets affordability, you know you’ve found a true gem. That’s precisely what 32-year-old Vandana Jagwani, the founder of Vandals, a jewellery label from Mumbai, has been working towards. Her new collection, featuring lab-grown jewels, is a fresh take on wearable ornaments inspired by flora and fauna.

Take the necklace from the Fruit series. It exemplifies the theme with its intricate carvings of different fruits. There’s also the Marine Splendour bracelet, a painstakingly created piece with the motif of a fish, rendered in sapphires and pearls. “The design embodies the flow and serenity of the ocean and makes for a versatile wear,” says Jagwani. The Ten Carrot ring is another thoughtful piece, created in gold with diamond accents that highlight the sculptural silhouette of a carrot. Jagwani’s favourite, however, are the radiant Eternal Bloom earrings inspired by the grace of flowers, with rubies and emeralds emulating the petals and leaves. The Celestial Dance pendant, which represents the night sky, comes with a special star-cut diamond at the centre, surrounded by a swirl of smaller gems to mimic the galaxy. It showcases impeccable workmanship.

Jagwani founded Vandals on the heels of her father Mahesh Notandass’s eponymous luxury jewellery brand to embrace a younger, vibrant aesthetic. “The name itself captures my idea of making a distinctive mark on an existing structure. It signifies our approach to transforming the jewellery landscape with innovative designs and ideologies,” she says.

For someone who always wanted to make luxury inclusive, lab-grown diamonds provided the perfect opportunity. Jagwani also takes great pains in educating people about them—their ethical sourcing, lower environmental impact and customisation possibilities. “Our engagement strategy is rooted in art and ideology. We organise workshops and interactive sessions to help customers understand the benefits of lab-grown diamonds. This approach also allows us to connect with our customers and experiment freely with shapes and sizes that become restrictive in case of natural diamonds. The flexibility encourages us to fashion iconoclastic, architectural designs that have a unique aesthetic value and look visibly different from the designs found in conventional lookbooks,” she says.

What’s next? Change the perception of lab-grown diamonds through Vandals. Currently, there is reluctance to disclose their identity, but her mission is to elevate their status to a new-age luxury item valued for its innovativeness. “Out goes the old, in comes the new,” she says.


The New Indian Express