Food News

Taj at home: 'Qmin' delivery app brings all delicacies you've been missing at your doorstep

Among the latest to rise out of the wake of COVID-19 is Qmin, the Indian Hotel Company Limited aka Taj’s gourmet food delivery service that is all set to debut in Delhi- NCR, July 17-18.

published : 13 Jul 2020

Sneha Lata Saikia's house of Bamboo and Spice

Home-chef Sneha Lata Saikia cooks up authentic culinary jewels from the Northeast, especially Assam and Nagaland

published : 12 Jul 2020

Dark chocolate eliminates symptoms of anxiety and depression: New research

The lockdown saw a surge in the sale of dark chocolates. The reasons are plenty. Read on. 

published : 12 Jul 2020

Himalayan momos with a twist at this Delhi restaurant

They listed the usual: temperature checks and compulsory usage of masks and gloves for the staff, and regular sanitisation of the kitchen and equipment.

published : 11 Jul 2020

Turmeric: The golden spice to the rescue during COVID-19 days

Owing to its medicinal benefits and adaptogenic benefits, turmeric has a long legacy of being used as a healing and reviving spice.

published : 10 Jul 2020

Gourmet made easy

A new book by Natasha Celmi shows how you can make cooking less of a mundane task, and helps you dish out global cuisine using local ingredients 

published : 09 Jul 2020

Despite COVID-19 lockdown relaxations, what’s eating Delhi?

Unlike MNCs such as McDonald’s and other fast food brands, most mid to upper-scale restaurants continue to operate only delivery and take-away, leery of opening too soon.

published : 08 Jul 2020

Dark and delicious

This World Chocolate Day, turn the cocoa-rich bar into a decadent dessert or bring in happy hours with a sweet cocktail

published : 07 Jul 2020

Brewing up a storm with ‘Overcooked’

Overcooked is an excellent outlet to channelise the anxious weekend energy. The simulation game was free on the Epic Games store recently, and it also has a second edition.

published : 06 Jul 2020

Colourful palate: Try malnad’s red ant chutney!

The department explains: “If you want to add a twist of excitement to your plate, it’s time people tried #Malnad famous chigli chutney! Made from red fire ant.

published : 06 Jul 2020

An eastern affair: 'Bangal' and 'Ghoti' delicacies come together, thanks to this Bengali couple

Those from outside West Bengal might not know this but there’s a divide in the culture between the Ghotis, originally from here, and the Bangals, who trace their lineage from present-day Bangladesh.

published : 05 Jul 2020

Big fat Indian wedding? Not in COVID-19 times, but here's how you can still make it memorable

The face of the wedding industry has changed, but that doesn‘t mean your big day should be compromised. Here’s how you can do things differently. 

published : 05 Jul 2020

Wok in the clouds

The F&B giant has aggressive expansion plans with the aim to open one kitchen every month, and roll-out 36 cloud kitchens over the course of three years, targeting Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore.

published : 03 Jul 2020

Responsible act: Selling water in aluminium cans

As per rough estimates, about 91 per cent of the aluminium beverage cans get recycled in our country.

published : 30 Jun 2020

Online culinary contest to recognise moms and their dishes

Commenting on this opportunity, Vir Sanghvi, Chairman, Culinary Culture, said, 'I’ve always believed that mothers are what makes India great.'

published : 29 Jun 2020