Food News

A fistful of flavours

It’s that time of the year when sweet and savoury kozhukkattais make a mandatory visit to most of our homes.

published : 26 Aug 2020

Traditional foods for a strong body

Foods that are traditionally passed on by our ancestors that are simple and basic can be whole and nutrientrich.

published : 26 Aug 2020

From Tamil Nadu's 'Chicken 65' to Punjabi 'palak cholley', this Delhi eatery has it all on its platter

Boasting a score of restaurants across NCR, you are assured your CDH order is going to be delivered hot and fresh be you nomnoming in Noida or gorging in Gurugram, never mind Capital consumption.

published : 25 Aug 2020

It’s raining cloud kitchens

Missing restaurant food? Cloud kitchens take centre stage during the pandemic, offering an array of dishes, from chicken curry to churros

published : 25 Aug 2020

Making mediterranean memories

Munahiza’s Dessert Workroom treats your tastebuds to authentic, Turkish decadence

published : 25 Aug 2020

Continued culinary connect: Despite more options, people crave similar dishes ordered during lockdown

What India ordered most during the lockdown has also become the food it finds constant assurance in despite other options available now.

published : 23 Aug 2020

Dining out in COVID-19 times: Say no sharing, yes to plating for one

Restaurants are revising their menus to accommodate this demand, and diners who’ve stayed away from eating out for what seems like an eternity, are ready to gourmandise.

published : 23 Aug 2020

Butter chicken, your style

What also is always welcome, in any sort of weather, is some good ol’ Butter Chicken, and the good people at YTBC have you covered there.

published : 21 Aug 2020

Classy DIY meals at home

Knock Knock plans to launch a subscription model soon where customers can order from minimum five boxes a month.

published : 21 Aug 2020

Innovative spin to Ganesh Chavithi recipes

Come August and the Hindu calendar swells with festive dates. It’s that time of the year when Vignaharta, the remover of obstacles, reinstates hopes of a better tomorrow.

published : 20 Aug 2020

Dumplings of divine delight

From cakes and sweet potatoes to dry fruits and jackfruit — this Ganesh Chaturthi, break out of the traditional mould and fill your modaks or kozhukattais with innovative stuffings.

published : 20 Aug 2020

The life changing magic of chutney

Chutney has an almost magical power to transform an ordinary meal into one that looks enticing, tastes great, and brims with nutrients.

published : 19 Aug 2020

A powerhouse of nutrients

Watercress is the most underrated green leafy vegetable. Watercress is considered the no. 1 powerhouse vegetable due to its disease-fighting abilities.

published : 19 Aug 2020

Farm to fork: Dairy unit makes foodies say cheese

The pandemic has seen many dons the chefs hats, and it’s no surprise that home chefs are on the rise.

published : 18 Aug 2020

Home-chef gives an authentic taste of Odia cuisine through food pop-ups

Living in Bengaluru showed her the multiplicity of Southern flavors, primarily spicy and tangy, contrary to the subtle flavours of Odia cuisine.

published : 16 Aug 2020