Food News

Butter chicken, your style

What also is always welcome, in any sort of weather, is some good ol’ Butter Chicken, and the good people at YTBC have you covered there.

published : 21 Aug 2020

Classy DIY meals at home

Knock Knock plans to launch a subscription model soon where customers can order from minimum five boxes a month.

published : 21 Aug 2020

Innovative spin to Ganesh Chavithi recipes

Come August and the Hindu calendar swells with festive dates. It’s that time of the year when Vignaharta, the remover of obstacles, reinstates hopes of a better tomorrow.

published : 20 Aug 2020

Dumplings of divine delight

From cakes and sweet potatoes to dry fruits and jackfruit — this Ganesh Chaturthi, break out of the traditional mould and fill your modaks or kozhukattais with innovative stuffings.

published : 20 Aug 2020

The life changing magic of chutney

Chutney has an almost magical power to transform an ordinary meal into one that looks enticing, tastes great, and brims with nutrients.

published : 19 Aug 2020

A powerhouse of nutrients

Watercress is the most underrated green leafy vegetable. Watercress is considered the no. 1 powerhouse vegetable due to its disease-fighting abilities.

published : 19 Aug 2020

Farm to fork: Dairy unit makes foodies say cheese

The pandemic has seen many dons the chefs hats, and it’s no surprise that home chefs are on the rise.

published : 18 Aug 2020

Home-chef gives an authentic taste of Odia cuisine through food pop-ups

Living in Bengaluru showed her the multiplicity of Southern flavors, primarily spicy and tangy, contrary to the subtle flavours of Odia cuisine.

published : 16 Aug 2020

Water decoder: Find out what works best for you

Alkaline or redwood-soaked water, infused or regular, here’s scanning them on the merit index and showing you ways of making water consumption easier 

published : 16 Aug 2020

Spices of life

chefs discuss how people have become liberal (perhaps too liberal) with spices in their cooking to build immunity

published : 15 Aug 2020

An all-India food tour

Anwesh Pokkuluri chose a new dish to cook for dinner daily from every state  during the lockdown

published : 14 Aug 2020

Buttery delights: Tasty delicacies for Krishna Janmashtami

The threat of coronavirus notwithstanding, cooking enthusiasts are armed with moulds and cutters to cook, feed, sing and bring in Lord Krishna’s birthday with pomp and gaiety.

published : 10 Aug 2020

Unwinding together

Neeti and Sushant Chopra on how their friendship organically grew into love, led them to open a business and now start a family

published : 09 Aug 2020

Dynamic mantra for online food

Spearheading a new venture in Delhi called Makery are siblings Tarika and Rishiv Khattar, who also co-founded the tech start-up, Old Fashioned Technology.

published : 09 Aug 2020

Maharani Gin: All hail the queen

A Malayali-Irish gin has taken social media by storm. with its co-founder Bhagya Lekshmi unravelling the stories that have made Maharani Gin a hit.

published : 09 Aug 2020