Food News

‘Naadan’ food is gold!

Aurum, which means ‘gold’ in Latin, reflects Durga and Sandeep’s vision for their venture.

published : 18 Mar 2021

Scraps of scrumptiousness

Frugal chefs aim for zero-waste cooking and effortlessly chalk entire meals with the flesh, peel and seeds of fruits and vegetables and leftover cooked foods too.

published : 18 Mar 2021

Kaapi that you can bite into

Another worker quickly brews a cup of hot coffee and serves it to the aged driver. A few sips later, a smile touches the corner of his mouth.

published : 17 Mar 2021

Out of the box

The banker turned restaurateur has a fine eye for detail, as evidenced by his restaurants Ophelia and the Toy Room.

published : 14 Mar 2021

Raising the dessert bar

Fashion-forward sweets are Chef Freny Fernandes’ forte at her Mumbai bistro-style space

published : 14 Mar 2021

Taming of the brew

If regular chai is no longer your cup of tea, head to these city cafes that offer a fun and different take on the humble drink

published : 13 Mar 2021

Cool factor  

Fahrenheit is rising by the day, so here are some easy-to-whip-up salads that will help you stay cool and calm this summer

published : 13 Mar 2021

Plating the best of many worlds

Finla Noronha’s culinary journey started almost three decades ago when she moved from Kochi to Belgium

published : 11 Mar 2021

Nurturing with navara

Widely grown in the Rice Bowl of Kerala (Palakkad), navara is available in two forms white glumed and black glumed.

published : 10 Mar 2021

Chef Kunal Kapur's new book to take you on a 'nostalgic' yet unique trip

Known for his food and travel-based television shows, the chef shares menus that can be cooked and savoured together with family and friends.

published : 09 Mar 2021

Binging on brunch 

With options aplenty and weather playing sport all year round, there’s no better place than Nandi Hills or a vineyard for any outdoor person. Wine is arguably the most-loved beverage in the world.

published : 08 Mar 2021

Fourth wave in a coffee cup

Fermentation techniques that involve anything from fruits to alcohol are giving the brew a new high.

published : 07 Mar 2021

Chefs are mixing unusual ingredients to amp up health benefits of usual dishes

The change came about last year when the pandemic made health a top priority.

published : 07 Mar 2021

Stories in our plates

Like any good story, the tale of SAGA has taken its own time to unfold, finally leading to a satiating conclusion, and a new beginning.

published : 06 Mar 2021

Fun and food, all for her

Celebrate Women’s Day with delicacies, drinks and more at these city restaurants, which are gearing up 
with a slew of offers, workshops and discounts

published : 06 Mar 2021