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24/7 helpline to better assist stroke patients

On the eve of World Stroke Day yesterday, Max Healthcare launched a dedicated stroke helpline – 9910204023.

published : 21 hours ago

COVID-19 patients prone to strokes, warn experts as they bat for physical activity

The pandemic has witnessed a rise in young stroke patients, and doctors attribute it to an utter lack of physical activity coupled with excessive screen time

published : 21 hours ago

Russia submits application to WHO for Sputnik V vaccine prequalification

A medicinal product is included in the list of prequalified medicinal products subject to compliance with established requirements and standards of the WHO.

published : 21 hours ago

Here is a natural way to shed pounds

Yoga and naturopathy are two alternative systems of medicine that are effective in treating the most common causes of obesity.

published : 22 hours ago

COVID-19 vaccine shows 'strong immune response' in all adult groups: Oxford University

While the results from these early trials are yet to be officially released, Professor Andrew Pollard from the university discussed the promising findings at a research conference recently.

published : 28 Oct 2020

What you need to know about 'text/tech neck' pain of texting age

Long hours spent on your smartphone or tab can cause serious ailment to your neck which is also known as tech neck or text neck

published : 28 Oct 2020

Ban on smoking at workplaces difficult to implement

While anti-smoking efforts are commendable, they need to take into account the dependency of a smoker.

published : 28 Oct 2020

Therapists helping stroke patients talk again

Speech-language therapists can help stroke survivors regain speech and language functions.

published : 28 Oct 2020

How to heal your heel

Thick skin, cracks and infections in your heels can be prevented with a simple, daily pampering routine.

published : 28 Oct 2020

Asymptomatic COVID-19 sufferers lose antibodies sooner, shows study

The results showed the number of people with antibodies fell by 26.5 percent over the approximate three-month period.

published : 27 Oct 2020

Ban on public events can bring down COVID-19 transmission rate by 24 per cent: Study

An R value above 1 indicates a growing outbreak, whereas an R value below 1 indicates a shrinking outbreak.

published : 27 Oct 2020

Eli Lilly antibody drug fails in a COVID-19 study; others go on

Independent monitors had paused enrolment in the study two weeks ago because of a possible safety issue.

published : 27 Oct 2020

Study estimates exposure to air pollution increases COVID-19 deaths by 15 per cent globally

15 per cent of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 could be attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution, as per the study.

published : 27 Oct 2020

'I am enough': How this Delhi-based student is raising awareness on body shaming

The project, ‘I Am Enough’, reimagines beauty, spreads awareness about eating disorders caused due to body shaming.

published : 27 Oct 2020

Link between early menopause and osteoporosis

While all women experience a drop in bone density when they go through menopause, those with an early menopause have more chances of developing weak and brittle bones.

published : 27 Oct 2020