Use inhaler to control symptoms of wheezing

The expert is the director, Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital

I have wheezing problem since three years. My wheezing lasts almost 36 hours or so but not more than that. I get wheezing issues at least once a week. The intensity of my wheezing has reduced after taking homoeopathy tablets. When I use the aerocort inhaler, it reduces within a few minutes. So can I use aerocort inhaler to reduce my wheezing intensity every time or is it harmful in the long term?  

You seem to have asthma. The severity of symptoms you currently are describing show that you have severe uncontrolled asthma. Poorly controlled asthma exhibits frequent symptoms such as yours. It is very important that you seek immediate help from a pulmonologist. Aerocort is an old medication. There are more effective medications available that you should be taking as soon as possible. 

My wife suffers from wheezing since childhood. She recently underwent an endoscopic nasal surgery for removing a cyst. After that, there has been no nasal blockage and she is able to breathe but wheezing persists. Doctor has prescribed her Allegra 120 for three months. She is also taking ayurvedic meds. What is the cure for wheezing?

Wheezing many a times is a manifestation of respiratory illness which includes asthma. Nasal disease including allergic rhinitis is associated with asthma. Wheezing associated with asthma is usually treated with inhalers. Use of regular inhaler can control symptoms. These medications are very safe with minimal side effects. 

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