Spirituality News

Design your own destiny

Understand the futility of worldly pursuits. Seek the permanent. With the knowledge of the higher, enjoy the passing, ephemeral joys. Upgrade your feelings and thoughts. 

published : 28 Feb 2021

How to tame the mind

Righteous thoughts, and progressive ideas drive the mind at both conscious and subconscious levels

published : 21 Feb 2021

Serving the supreme self

When the seeker identifies with the body, energy, mind, intellect or other limiting adjuncts, he acquires that state always.

published : 21 Feb 2021

The way to a bright future

Even if we cannot completely remove the suffering of others, sorrows lessen when they are shared with others.

published : 21 Feb 2021

Significance of Sanskara

Why teaching the moral and ethical mannerism in the early stages of life is important in shaping a human being.

published : 14 Feb 2021

Who doesn't return to suffering

It is the master who reveals this extremely subtle essence of the supreme, which cannot be attained by a gross material vision.

published : 14 Feb 2021

Perils of preconception

Some people think acting with preconceived notions can eliminate future difficulties.

published : 07 Feb 2021

Mantra, Japa and vibrations

Japa can be done with awareness and full concentration but can also be done in idle times when watching something or commuting.

published : 07 Feb 2021

Being a source of inspiration

To master how to inspire others, you must lead by example. This means exhibiting conviction and courage to act, to stay relentless yet flexible and agile, being authentic in everything you do.

published : 07 Feb 2021

The result of realisation

The difference between what is the Self and what is not, happens due to the conditioning of the body, mind and intellect.

published : 07 Feb 2021

Simplicity of spirituality

God did not make things complicated. It is simple, we just have to choose to transplant the flower of our attention from the world into His  garden. 

published : 31 Jan 2021

The end of delusion  

In the same way, the modifications of nature which include our individuality are impermanent.

published : 31 Jan 2021

Suffering is your creation

Human suffering is always because of how you experience whatever may be happening or not happening.

published : 31 Jan 2021

Reading and exploring the ‘self’

The artists are drawn together by Anand’s quest of challenging the traditional literary genre of memoir by exploring the possibilities instead of relying on evidence.

published : 27 Jan 2021

Secret to leading a happy life

Make sure to keep checking every once in a while, if your life’s ship is on the right course or not, by following the five steps mentioned here

published : 24 Jan 2021