Spirituality News

In focus: Time in 2020

One exhibition in the capital city, centering on the theme of time, has focused on calendars.

published : 21 Dec 2019

The karmic connection

These samskars fructify, deciding the course of your life because in attaching emotions to your actions you gain a sense of ownership towards these actions.

published : 15 Dec 2019

No words can describe maya

We love somebody or something, not because of the other person, but because we love ourselves the most.

published : 15 Dec 2019

Of religion and conflict

Children, throughout history, there has been extreme bloodshed in the name of God and religion. Thus, many people wonder whether faith in God has done more harm than good.

published : 15 Dec 2019

Water Scarcity the Real Problem

Right now, we are obsessed about pollution because America and Europe talk about it. We have this ailment that whatever is said in Europe or America, Indians want to repeat. 

published : 08 Dec 2019

Spiritual oasis

While Udaipur has been done and dusted by most tourists, what remains unseen is a set of ancient temples neighbouring the city.

published : 08 Dec 2019

The self and the subtle body

With the help of a simple yet beautiful example, Sri Adisankaracharya explains in the Vivekachoodamani about the relationship between the self and the subtle body.

published : 08 Dec 2019

Spirituality not an isolated activity

Truth is not to be attained in isolation or abstraction. It is to be found in the middle of our everyday life, not in the middle of some special spiritual life.

published : 08 Dec 2019

A journey of self-transformation

It is a common belief in Indian culture that pilgrimage is a great religious endeavour and is essential for the true devotees of God and that it helps the soul in liberation from the past sins.

published : 12 Nov 2019

Gaur Gopal Das describes 4Cs that defines a person

According to Das, who is known for his ability to connect with the young generatio, 'Choices, Company, Courage and Consciousness' defines a person.

published : 12 Nov 2019

Whizdom Club: Why it’s okay to fail over and over again, explains Dilip Ramachandran

While Dilip Ramachandran, now Consultant-Creative Strategy for ad agency McCann, has nailed the corporate panache, he retains his rockstar swag from his drummer days with Parikrama.

published : 08 Nov 2019

Mohiniyattam gives ‘womanhood’ a sturdy platform

The text holds significance historically and continues to make its place in the present times because of its remarkable lyrical and poetic robustness.

published : 05 Nov 2019

What makes a soul unique

Inventions make the human a very special species, for we are continuously working in the search for more

published : 03 Nov 2019

Sense objects are destructive

In the Vivekachoodamani, the master goes directly to the problem of human beings who are bound by the sense objects.

published : 03 Nov 2019

Layers of what we call ourself

The teacher points out that the self has to be realised with effort put in by one’s own self. On this account, he congratulates the student for asking the question about bondage and liberation.

published : 27 Oct 2019