Spirituality News

How to not delude the intellect

If what I wish is realisation of the Self, which alone is true freedom, then Sri Adi Sankara’s advice is to shun all kinds of discourses, dialogues and arguments on the Self.

published : 13 Oct 2019

The only way for liberation

What is the only way for the liberation of the mind, the way by which we may realise our real self?

published : 06 Oct 2019

Mata Amritanandamayi: Cultivate culture in children

As soon as a child comes of an age where he or she can begin to remember, he or she should be taught dharma through good stories.

published : 06 Oct 2019

Make your life richer by giving

The power of giving is beyond logic and understanding. It is an act that goes above the mind and touches the spirit. 

published : 06 Oct 2019

The secret wisdom of wellbeing

Healthcare providers can benefit from a basic level of familiarity with eight major esoteric traditions

published : 11 Aug 2019

When the Lord Alone Existed

During this phase of the universe, time, actions and the three qualities of satva, rajas and tamas were merged in you.

published : 07 Jul 2019

Meditate and make more friends

A student of Tantra and Hypnotherapy, Dr Nidhi got AUM leadership training for emotional well-being from Humaniversity, Netherlands, one of the largest centers for personal growth and therapy.

published : 06 Jul 2019

Journey is important, Not culmination

The Ramayana is not about the killing of Ravana, it is about Ram’s foray into the world in pursuit of Sita.

published : 30 Jun 2019

Free the mind of all impurities

When the individual becomes free of mental disturbances, then the mind shines bright like gold.

published : 30 Jun 2019

How karma views blessings and curses

Even in these modern times, a stroke of good luck, a streak of genius, and long innings of success are viewed as a sacred sign by devout and god-fearing persons.

published : 25 Jun 2019

Overcoming the raging cyclone within

We must learn to control the mind through constant practice and detachment. And the easiest way is to fix the mind on Krishna’s holy name.

published : 26 May 2019

Fear of Failure or Sometimes Success

Nothing is stronger than love, it is the strongest power in this world and it will keep you fearless—through success and failure

published : 21 Apr 2019

Biorhythmic Energy and Aspects of Life

When we get depressed, our consciousness is also depressed. When our mood is high, our consciousness is also high.

published : 01 Jul 2018

Consciousness is colourless like crystal

Who are you? Who am I? These are the core questions that we may remain with in life. Atma Bodha indicates the answer. 

published : 01 Jul 2018

Not all can climb pyramid of evolution

In the pyramid of evolution, there is plenty of space at the base but only a needlepoint space at the top, where only few are entitled to reach.

published : 17 Jun 2018