Spirituality News

Rivers of Love, Life and Death

These legendary water bodies have enthralled generations with their myths.

published : 20 May 2018

Nature responds to a just king’s rule and yields its best

During Yudhishtira’s rule, the rains poured that much of water which was needed, cows yielded rich milk, the oceans, rivers, mountains and earth yielded all their wealth.

published : 13 May 2018

Learn more about yourself

We human beings, as individuals, are totally responsible for the state of the world. Wars - we are responsible for wars, by the way we lead our lives.

published : 02 May 2018

Climbing the peak of spirituality

Today, all of us know that a CV (curriculum vitae) is essential to apply for a job. We state our skills, talents, qualification, experiences and known references in the document.

published : 28 Apr 2018

Devotion and prayer

Some people criticise devotion and prayer, calling it a mere display of emotion.

published : 28 Apr 2018

Rama and Lakshmana Slay the mighty tataka

Sri Rama has been given the order to shoot his arrow and kill the demoness Tataka who has been disturbing the performance of fire rituals.

published : 28 Apr 2018

Krishna is the absolute truth

Real knowledge is to offer everything in the service of Krishna. And to utilise everything for the pleasure of that Lord.

published : 21 Apr 2018

The robots are coming

If you want to do anything worthwhile in life, one important thing is that the body should be ready for life.

published : 21 Apr 2018

An empowered ambika vanquishes the Asuras

An emissary was sent to talk to the Devi and convince her to come into the possession of Shumbha and Nishumbha.

published : 21 Apr 2018

Avidya finally leads to samsara

Having realised our existence of the living now, it is important to take the necessary decisions to step out of the wheel and watch the fun rather than being caught in it and spinning forever.

published : 21 Apr 2018

Motives and intentions ignite sustainable development

We all know that whenever a human being engages into an action, he does so with some motive or some intention. Right?. Even when a person explains, at the end of an action, that he had no

published : 17 Apr 2018

Finding your inner self

Acting knows no barriers. An honest access into one's body and mind are the only requirements to express what is visualised in the mind, says actor Hima Shankar, who joined hands with her team of frie

published : 17 Apr 2018

How to understand the journey of your life, and not let fear in your way

For all our complex problems, we  unfortunately rely on other experts and specialists to solve them. Religions throughout the world offer various forms of escape from them. It was thought that science

published : 11 Apr 2018

Knowledge brings everlasting peace

It takes great compassion and tireless effort to do what Sankaracharya did by way of clearing the cobwebs in the minds of people.

published : 07 Apr 2018

Struggle-free mind is the key to happiness

Happiness and excitement are often confused as synonymous; genuine joy comes to those who constantly practise it as a habit

published : 17 Dec 2016