Spirituality News

Consciousness is eternal  

In the Vivekachoodamani of Sri Adi Sankaracharya, the same thought is expressed to refer to the I that is seeing everything through the five sense organs.

published : 25 Oct 2020

Seek liberation, experience bliss

That this whole universe is only in the form of waves but which functions as a solid particle cannot be known by us directly.

published : 18 Oct 2020

Principles of karmic accounting

Let's be aware of the effect of our thoughts, words, and deeds and ensure that we do not do anything that will come back to us as karmic debt in the future.

published : 18 Oct 2020

Power of compassion

Similarly, there are many people on the brink of death. Even if we don’t give anything material, a mere compassionate word may be enough.

published : 11 Oct 2020

Era of virtual darshans: Senior citizens go temple hopping digitally at home, here's how

Seniority, a shopping destination for senior citizens and World of Devotion, have come together to provide customized religious services to devotees from India’s most popular temples digitally.

published : 24 Sep 2020

Self-introspect to sanitise the mind

We need to be careful and vigilant in our introspection to purify our mind of any imperfections that it may use to distract us

published : 13 Sep 2020

Let’s open our hearts

We are now imprisoned in the jail of our own creation. We will be able to free ourselves from that jail if we have that surrender.

published : 13 Sep 2020

Achieving purity of mind

One of the pre-requisites for realisation of the Self is purity of mind. Sri Adi Sankaracharya in the Vivekachoodamani gives the means to achieve that.

published : 13 Sep 2020

Building an Ethical Compass

If teachers act as facilitators and create a positive ethos that fosters intellectual curiosity, students can explore their true potential in a safe environment.

published : 06 Sep 2020

Freedom from Desires  

Similes are a powerful way to express reality. Sri Adi Sankaracharya, in the Vivekachoodamani, uses a powerful one at that.

published : 06 Sep 2020

The secret wisdom of wellbeing  

Healthcare providers can benefit from a basic level of familiarity with eight major esoteric traditions

published : 11 Aug 2019

When the Lord Alone Existed

During this phase of the universe, time, actions and the three qualities of satva, rajas and tamas were merged in you.

published : 07 Jul 2019

Meditate and make more friends

A student of Tantra and Hypnotherapy, Dr Nidhi got AUM leadership training for emotional well-being from Humaniversity, Netherlands, one of the largest centers for personal growth and therapy.

published : 06 Jul 2019

Journey is important, Not culmination

The Ramayana is not about the killing of Ravana, it is about Ram’s foray into the world in pursuit of Sita.

published : 30 Jun 2019

Free the mind of all impurities

When the individual becomes free of mental disturbances, then the mind shines bright like gold.

published : 30 Jun 2019