This couple makes sure bike rides are joyful through their app

Entrepreneurs Sandhya and Anand are on cloud 9 after their app ‘Rev Your Soul’ crossed 10,000 users last night.
Entrepreneurs Sandhya and Anand
Entrepreneurs Sandhya and Anand

HYDERABAD:  Entrepreneurs Sandhya and Anand are on cloud 9 after their app ‘Rev Your Soul’ crossed 10,000 users last night. This Hyderabadi couple created the app two years ago to help bikers connect and participate in safe and joyful rides. The idea was an offshoot of their own biking experiences.

Anand Mohan Murthy, who was a lawyer for 15 years, is a passionate biker, too. After taking part in rides organised primarily by motorcycle companies, he started exploring to find more like-minded persons. He also wanted a space that can be a go-to place for everything bikes, but he failed to find one in the city.

So, he teamed up with his wife to create one. ‘Rev Your Soul’ is an application through which bikers can independently organise rides and also participate in rides and biking events being organised around the globe.

At a time where bikers are restricted by their geographies and Whatsapp groups, the app is a platform which goes beyond boundaries to connect with bikers nationally and globally. “We have organised 40-50 rides till now. We had also teamed up with the Telangana tourism department to raise awareness about great biking routes in the state.

Right now with the lockdown in action, we have halted our offline activities. But we are hopeful that the situation will ease by September and I have already planned a ride to Goa around that time,” says Anand. Talking about the features of the app, the entrepreneur adds: “We have created a space where bikers can take part in rides all over the country.

We have put in place a rigorous registration process so that we can ensure the safety of all participants. Besides this, there is a social feed too where the users can share their pre-pandemic riding experiences. We have also started a marketplace where people can sell bikes and all biking paraphernalia. We organise virtual meets regularly wherein we try to invite biking experts, bloggers and others.”

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