ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup final | As it happened | Manjot Kalra ton guides India to record fourth title win

Chasing a target of 217, India comfortably crossed the line with eight wickets in hand, thanks to Manjot Kalra's ton in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2018 final against Australia.

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Manjot Kalra scored an amazing unbeaten century to guide his side home. (Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

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Chasing a target of 217, India comfortably crossed the line with eight wickets in hand, thanks to opener Manjot Kalra's ton in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2018 final against Australia at the Bay Oval.

In the first innings, from Ishan Porel and KL Nagarkoti's initial blows to Shiva Singh and Anukul Roy's stunners at the end, Australia was never really allowed to get going. However, a masterful innings by Jonathan Merlo kept the game alive for his team and helped set a target of 217. Earlier, Australia won the toss and elected to bat first.

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01:57 Feb 3

India becomes the first country to win the Under 19 Cricket World Cup four times! What a sight to watch for an Indian fan! A bright future ahead for Prithvi Shaw and team!

01:51 Feb 3
01:49 Feb 3

Indian skipper Prithvi Shaw

"I can't express how I'm feeling right now! I'm so very proud of the team!"

01:48 Feb 3

Congratulations to Australia (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

01:46 Feb 3

India and Australia collect their medals.

01:45 Feb 3
01:44 Feb 3

What an amazing amazing performance by the Indian Colts under Rahul Dravid! Not a single match lost throughout the course of the tournament!

01:43 Feb 3

Player of the tournament - Shubman Gill (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

01:41 Feb 3

Man of the match - Manjot Kalra (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)


01:40 Feb 3
01:40 Feb 3
01:34 Feb 3
01:27 Feb 3


India beat Australia by eight wickets!

01:25 Feb 3

Manjot Kalra 100*

Manjot Kalra! What a time to score a century!

01:23 Feb 3

Over 38 - IND 212/2

The only nerve-wreaking thing that is keeping fans glued to their seats now is Manjot Kalra. Will he get the century he deserves?

01:20 Feb 3
01:18 Feb 3

Over 37 - IND 211/2

Desai hits a four! Will Kalra be unluckily denied a century? Just six runs required for victory for India.

01:15 Feb 3

Manjot Kalra is on 99.

01:14 Feb 3

Over 36 - IND 203/2

200 for India! Indian fans will be jumping up and down! India just 17 runs away from a record fourth World Cup title!

01:12 Feb 3

Over 35 - IND 196/2

Australia are unable to stop the odd boundaries. It is only a matter of time for India now.

01:08 Feb 3
01:06 Feb 3

DRINKS BREAK Over 34 - IND 188/2

At this rate, Kalra and Desi will guide India safely across the line. Australia need a miracle breakthrough to have any chance now. India require just 29 more runs to win in 16 overs.

01:03 Feb 3

Over 33 - IND 181/2

Pope continues. The Indian batsmen are playing sensibly.

01:01 Feb 3

Over 32 - IND 178/2

Uppal fights hard, but Desai doesn't give in. India is inching towards victory.

12:58 Feb 3
12:57 Feb 3

Over 31 - IND 176/2

Merlo comes back. But, nothing is working for the Aussie skipper. Kalra punishes Merlo to the boundary.

12:55 Feb 3
12:54 Feb 3

Over 30 - IND 170/2

Uppal again, not letting the batsmen get away! But, the Indian duo can afford to face him with a pinch of salt.

12:50 Feb 3

Over 29 - IND 165/2

Australia bring Lloyd Pope back into the attack. Kalra doesn't give a second thought though! He sends the ball flying into the stands!

12:47 Feb 3

Over 28 - IND 156/2

Desai attempts to unsettle Uppal, steals a boundary off the first ball of the over.

12:42 Feb 3

Over 27 - IND 151/2

150 comes up for India. They now need just 66 runs from 23 overs to lift the World Cup title.

12:40 Feb 3
12:39 Feb 3

Over 26 - IND 145/2

Another amazing over from Uppal! just one run off it. But, Kalra and Desai show no signs of nervousness.

12:38 Feb 3

Over 25 - IND 144/2

Hadley takes over from Merlo. Desai and Kalra are keeping the scoreboard ticking slowly but surely.

12:37 Feb 3

Over 24 - IND 141/2

Uppal looking good for Australia. Skipper Sangha will be hoping for another wicket from him.

12:32 Feb 3

Over 23 - IND 138/2

Kalra slows down a gear, perhaps rightly so. Time and balls are not a problem for India.

12:28 Feb 3
12:28 Feb 3

Over 22 - IND 133/2

Wicketkeeper Harvik Desai is the next batsman for India. All he needs to do is support Kalra to get across the line.

12:25 Feb 3

WICKET Shubman Gill 31

Uppal gives some hope for Australia to get back in the game! He dismisses the explosive Gill with a good ball hitting the stumps.

12:23 Feb 3

Over 21 - IND 131/1

Merlo continues and Kalra sends him to the boundary. He is on a mission to get India the World Cup!

12:21 Feb 3

Over 20 - IND 125/1

Another bowling change. Param Uppal comes in. Gill and Kalra are content with singles.

12:19 Feb 3
12:17 Feb 3

Manjot Kalra 56* (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

12:16 Feb 3

Over 19 - IND 120/1

Jonathan Merlo into the attack. A decent start for him. He performed with the bat. Now, can he do magic with the ball in hand?

12:10 Feb 3

Over 18 - IND 116/1

Gill and Kalra are ensuring a boundary comes off every over. What will Aussie skipper Jason Sangha come up with to tackle these two dangerous batsmen?

12:08 Feb 3

Over 17 - IND 110/1

What a fantastic half century by Kalra on such a huge stage! The runs are flowing easily for India.

12:04 Feb 3

Over 16 - IND 103/1

India cross the hundred run mark without breaking a sweat! Shubman Gill and Manjot Kalra may easily take the game away from the Aussies unless one of the bowlers step up.

12:00 Feb 3

Over 15 - IND 97/1

Shubman Gill is looking dangerous. Australia desperately need a plan.

11:51 Feb 3

Over 14 - IND 88/1

Sutherland seems to be the pick of the bowlers for Australia. Just two runs off that over. Gill plays it safe.

11:48 Feb 3

Over 13 - IND 86/1

No mercy for new bowler Lloyd Pope! Shubman Gill picks up from where Prithvi Shaw left off! Kalra hits the second six of the innings! India is not going to take anything lying down!

11:43 Feb 3

Over 12 - IND 73/1

Shubman Gill is the next batsman in for India. Australia will be looking to keep the momentum going. But, defensive play can backfire on India. It is a clash worth watching!

11:41 Feb 3

WICKET Prithvi Shaw 29

And finally! Australia breaks the deadlock! Will Sutherland, into his second over now, gets rid of the Indian skipper, knocking his stumps off the ground!


11:37 Feb 3

Over 11 - IND 70/0

Kalra seems unstoppable today! The new bowler Jack Edwards is thrashed for three fours off just this over!

11:33 Feb 3

Over 10 - IND 55/0

India are off to a brilliant start and are going well above the required run rate.

11:29 Feb 3

Over 9 - IND 52/0

Shaw is in super touch today! Fifty up for India! Two fours from that over! Hadley and Australia need to figure out a way to tackle him.

11:27 Feb 3
11:22 Feb 3

Over 8 - IND 41/0

Evans is turning out to be expensive for Australia. Kalra puts him away for yet another boundary. Is there a bowling change in order?

11:20 Feb 3

Over 7 - IND 33/0

Hadley tries to put pressure on the two Indian openers. Another decent over from him. But, it's not enough, Australia need that breakthrough wicket.

11:19 Feb 3

Over 6 - IND 31/0

Shaw picks up from where he left off. He sends Evans across the boundary for a four. India are getting just the start they wanted!

11:11 Feb 3

Over 5 - IND 26/0

Skipper Shaw cautious after the rain break. A quiet over by Hadley.

11:07 Feb 3


The covers are off and the players head back out to the pitch.

11:01 Feb 3
10:46 Feb 3


A heavy drizzle has begun at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. Umpires to decide to bring on the covers.

10:44 Feb 3

Over 4 - IND 23/0

Kalra breaks loose with a six. That was an expensive over from Evans. Extras adding to a boundary definitely doesn't help Australia's cause.

10:39 Feb 3

That's the first six of the innings! Just shows how good the Indian bowling was!

10:35 Feb 3

Over 3 - IND 8/0

Shaw is slowly loosening up. He scores the first boundary of the Indian innings.

10:34 Feb 3
10:33 Feb 3

Over 2 - IND 4/0

Zak Evans starts with a maiden off the other end. Shaw and Kalra look cautious.

10:28 Feb 3

Over 1 - IND 4/0

India are off the mark. Ryan Hadley opens the bowling for Australia with a decent first over.

10:26 Feb 3
10:24 Feb 3

Second innings begins

Skipper Prithvi Shaw and Manjot Kalra are opening the innings for India.

10:16 Feb 3


India has bowled out all of their opposition teams in this tournament.

10:07 Feb 3
09:59 Feb 3

Innings Break - AUS 217 all out in 47.2 overs

Indian bowlers were simply brilliant today. From Ishan Porel and KL Nagarkoti's initial blows to Shiva Singh and Anukul Roy's stunners at the end, Australia were never really allowed to get going. However, a masterful innings by Jonathan Merlo kept the game alive for his team. Will it be India or will it be Australia who will take home the trophy? Stay tuned to catch the action from the second innings!

09:55 Feb 3

WICKET Ryan Hadley 1

And it's all over for Australia! Shivam Mavi picks up the final wicket as Hadley edges one to the wicketkeeper. India will be very happy with their performance.

09:52 Feb 3

Over 47 - AUS 216/9

India is now just one wicket away from wrapping up the innings! Brilliant stuff from the bowlers and the fielders!

09:48 Feb 3

WICKET Baxter Holt 13

Australia are crumbling! Wicketkeeper Holt's bid for a panicked run ends in failure! Shiva Singh and wicketkeeper Desai work in tandem to get the bails off in time!

09:45 Feb 3

WICKET Zak Evans 1

Evans disappears almost as quickly as he came in! Nagarkoti gets his second scalp of the day.

09:43 Feb 3

Over 46 - AUS 214/7

Zak Evans is in the middle now. Australia in deep deep trouble now.

09:41 Feb 3

WICKET Jonathan Merlo 76

That is a HUGE WICKET for India! Merlo hits it right into the safe hands of Shiva Singh! Anukul Roy gets the big fish! Despair for Australia!

09:37 Feb 3

Over 45 - AUS 210/6

Nagarkoti keeps the batsmen quiet. It's now or never for the Aussies.

09:36 Feb 3

Jonathan Merlo fights on (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)


09:33 Feb 3

Over 44 - AUS 206/6

Wicketkeeper Baxter Holt is the new batsman. A run out chance missed. India will be looking to cut down singles to keep Merlo in check.

09:30 Feb 3
09:28 Feb 3

Over 43 - AUS 200/6

Australia reach the 200 mark. Can Jonathan Merlo guide them to a challenging total?

09:27 Feb 3
09:24 Feb 3

Over 42 - AUS 194/6

Australia are struggling. But, with Merlo still there, they still have a chance to make it over 250.

09:22 Feb 3

WICKET Will Sutherland 5

And caught behind the wicket! Desai with some quick hands! Shiva Singh gets another! India are right on top! Merlo at the other end is losing partners and is unable to build any sort of momentum.


09:20 Feb 3

Over 41 - AUS 190/5

Sutherland gets off the mark while giving Australia a much-needed boundary.

09:18 Feb 3

Nathan McSweeney departs (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

09:14 Feb 3

Over 40 - AUS 185/5

Will Sutherland is the new batsman. Just like with Uppal, Australia once again are unable to take off after building a platform.

09:13 Feb 3

WICKET Nathan McSweeney 23

McSweeney is gone this time! Shiva Singh takes an easy one, hit right back to him.


09:11 Feb 3

Over 39 - AUS 179/4

A wonderful chance of a high catch running back for the wicketkeeper but Desai doesn't get it! Shivam Mavi, who is back into the attack, is disappointed! McSweeney gets lucky!

09:07 Feb 3
09:06 Feb 3

Over 38 - AUS 174/4

Another quiet over from Shiva Singh. When will Australia look to break away and step up the pace?

09:05 Feb 3
09:03 Feb 3

Over 37 - AUS 170/4

Nagarkoti continues where he left off. Merlo and McSweeney take minimal risks and run hard between the wickets.

09:00 Feb 3

Over 36 - AUS 167/4

Shiva Singh returns for India after the drinks break. A decent over to start off. Just four from it.

08:57 Feb 3

Param Uppal helped Australia recover after the initial big blows

08:54 Feb 3
08:53 Feb 3

DRINKS BREAK Over 35 - AUS 163/4

A good over from Nagarkoti before the two teams take a short break. India will be happy at this point. Australia on the other hand need to push on and buck up if they want to get a big score. Australia's projected score currently is 232.

08:48 Feb 3

Over 34 - AUS 159/4

Porel keeps it nice and tight, trying hard to get the wicket his captain wants. Five runs from that over.

08:46 Feb 3

Over 33 - AUS 154/4

With Nagarkoti and Porel back into the attack now, India will be hoping for another quick wicket.

08:45 Feb 3

Over 32 - AUS 151/4 (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

Jonathan Merlo brings up his half century! A brilliant effort under pressure from the Indian bowlers! Australia reach the 150 mark as well.

08:42 Feb 3

Over 31 - AUS 148/4

McSweeney tries to break away with a boundary. India back on top now.

08:32 Feb 3

Over 30 - AUS 142/4

Merlo attacks the last ball of the over and it flies to the boundary. He does not want to be tied down.

08:30 Feb 3

Over 29 - AUS 134/4

The wicket was just what the doctor ordered for India. Australia are not able to get away. The new man in for them is Nathan McSweeney.

08:28 Feb 3

WICKET Param Uppal 34

And got him! India get the breakthrough! Uppal hits one straight back to the bowler! Anukul Roy gets his first wicket!

08:24 Feb 3

Over 28 - AUS 132/3

It's just ones and twos but it's still enough for the pressure to build on India.

08:22 Feb 3
08:21 Feb 3

Over 27 - AUS 126/3

India still not seeing a way for a breakthrough. The projected score for Australia as of now is 233.

08:19 Feb 3

Over 26 - AUS 121/3

Sharma continues. Captain still sticking to his spinners. Merlo and Uppal seem happy with the singles.

08:18 Feb 3

Over 25 - AUS 117/3

Roy gives away a boundary. The Australians are settling down with the spinners. Will Indian skipper Prithvi Shaw go for a change now?

08:16 Feb 3

Over 24 - AUS 111/3

Abhishek Sharma gives away just one. But, India really need to break the deadlock now.

08:12 Feb 3

Merlo and Uppal are looking good together (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

08:09 Feb 3

Over 23 - AUS 110/3

The partnership is now worth over 50. Uppal and Merlo look settled.

08:07 Feb 3

Over 22 - AUS 104/3

Merlo puts away Abhishek Sharma to the boundary. The Australian duo building up a decent partnership now. India need a wicket.

08:04 Feb 3

Over 21 - AUS 97/3

A bowling change at the other end too. Anukul Roy too starts with a tight over. But, Merlo and Uppal are slowly picking up and are getting used to the slower bowlers.

08:01 Feb 3

Over 20 - AUS 94/3

Abhishek Sharma is the new bowler. Nagarkoti takes a break. A decent over to start off.

07:58 Feb 3

Harvik Desai leaps to end Jason Sangha's innings (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

07:57 Feb 3

Over 19 - AUS 90/3

Shiva Singh again, doing a wonderful job for India.

07:56 Feb 3

Over 18 - AUS 87/3

Nagarkoti may just be getting carried away a little. Seven runs off that over, including a wide and a boundary. Merlo and Uppal quietly sneaking some runs in.

07:50 Feb 3

Over 17 - AUS 80/3

Shiva Singh keeps it clean and tight. Just two runs given. But, Merlo and Uppal seem content with it at the moment.

07:45 Feb 3

Over 16 - AUS 78/3

Nagarkoti giving away a few runs. A four and a wide off that over. Merlo and Uppal in damage control mode.

07:40 Feb 3
07:40 Feb 3

Over 15 - AUS 72/3

Shiva Singh keeps up the good work. But, India should be careful to not let the Australians ssettle down.

07:38 Feb 3

Over 14 - AUS 68/3

Merlo tries break the leash with a boundary off Nagarkoti's over. Australia are still struggling though.

07:35 Feb 3

Kamlesh Nagarkoti picks up the big wicket! (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

07:33 Feb 3

Over 13 - AUS 62/3

Shiva Singh keeps it tight. Just two runs off that over. Australia looking to slow things down.

07:32 Feb 3

Over 12 - AUS 60/3

Nagarkoti tightens the grip on the aussies. Two new batsmen now at the crease with Jonathan Merlo and Param Uppal.

07:30 Feb 3

WICKET Jason Sangha 13

Slow bowler on the other end too. Kamlesh Nagarkoti pulls it back after giving away a boundary with a beauty of a delivery! Wicketkeeper Harvik Desai responds with some quick hands to take a leaping catch! Captain Sangha has to walk back to the pavilion. Australia are not looking good now.

07:25 Feb 3

Over 11 - AUS 53/2

Time to slow it down now. Shiva Singh into the attack and he starts off with a decent over, giving away just one. Shivam Mavi creates a chance of a run out but it is unsuccessful.

07:21 Feb 3

Over 10 - AUS 52/2

India will be very happy to be rid of Edwards who was looking to make a big score! And, that's the end of the first powerplay.

07:18 Feb 3

WICKET Jack Edwards 28

Porel is on fire! He removes the dangerous Edwards and claims his second victim! An easy catch for Kamlesh Nagarkoti.

07:14 Feb 3

Over 9 - AUS 46/1

Mavi backs Porel, bowls a maiden to Sangha. India should be looking to create more chances.

07:12 Feb 3
07:10 Feb 3

Over 8 - AUS 46/1

Another good over from Porel. He is not letting Edwards get away!

07:06 Feb 3

Over 7 - AUS 43/1

Two fours off that over! Edwards is putting pressure on the Indian bowlers. But, captain Sangha looks nervous.

07:02 Feb 3

India celebrate their first wicket (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)

06:59 Feb 3

Over 6 - AUS 32/1

It's a wicket maiden from Porel. Brilliant stuff! The new man in is the Australian captain, Jason Sangha.

06:57 Feb 3
06:57 Feb 3

WICKET Max Bryant 14

GONE! Max Bryant hits it straight to Abhishek Sharma! Porel gets the first wicket and the breakthrough India need!

06:55 Feb 3

Over 5 - AUS 32/0

Three fours off that over! India are creating chances but the Australian openers are too good for them.

06:51 Feb 3

Over 4 - AUS 20/0

Australia are on a roll! Bryant and Edwards looking very comfortable over there.

06:48 Feb 3

Over 3 - AUS 12/0

Shivam Mavi gives away a four off the last ball of a decent over! Australia are looking solid.

06:45 Feb 3
06:43 Feb 3

Over 2 - AUS 6/0

A four off the first ball of Ishan Porel's over, who opened from the other end. But, he pulls it back to give away just five runs in the end.

06:38 Feb 3
06:35 Feb 3

Over 1 - AUS 1/0

Just the wide off that over. A decent start for Shivam Mavi and India.

06:32 Feb 3

Jack Edwards and Max Bryant open for Australia.

06:31 Feb 3

And let's play!

Shivam Mavi starts off with a wide for India. The first run on the board for Australia.

06:29 Feb 3

The Indian team and the Australian openers head out to the middle. We are moments away from the start!

06:25 Feb 3

Teams line up for the national anthems (Photo: Twitter | Cricket World Cup)


06:20 Feb 3
06:19 Feb 3

Australia XI

Max Bryant, Jack Edwards, Jason Sangha (Captain), Jonathan Merlo, Param Uppal, Nathan McSweeney, Will Sutherland, Baxter Holt (Wicketkeeper), Zak Evans, Ryan Hadley, Lloyd Pope

06:18 Feb 3

India XI

Prithvi Shaw, (Captain), Manjot Kalra, Shubman Gill, Harvik Desai (Wicketkeeper), Riyan Parag, Abhishek Sharma, Anukul Roy, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh and Ishan Porel

06:11 Feb 3

Both teams remain unchanged from their semifinal clashes.

06:09 Feb 3


Australia wins the toss and elects to bat first.


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