Brewing smart with e-commerce site 'Something’s Brewing' for all things coffee

Even as hashtags such as #quarantine and #socialdistancing trended during the lockdown 2020, there was a coffee term that caught our attention amidst the chaos the #DalgonaCoffee.
For representational purposes
For representational purposes

Even as hashtags such as #quarantine and #socialdistancing trended during the lockdown 2020, there was a coffee term that caught our attention amidst the chaos the #DalgonaCoffee. Suddenly coffee brewing technology became trendy. In about a year, there has been a surge in hi-tech coffee-brewing machines, complete with tech tutorials and zoom workshops.

Linea mini handcrafted espresso
Linea mini handcrafted espresso

Swan neck kettle and flannel drip technology have become a part of our lives now. But considering the fact that coffee bean, per se, has not changed and new brewing methods and gadgets have invaded the market, who is the real coffee geek in India?

“Our customer base is primarily home consumers who love coffee. The tribe is growing each day and includes well-travelled professionals who are missing their work coffee, GenZ coffee enthusiast community members, food and beverage professionals and others. The professionals like espresso-based drinks and, hence go for our Espresso machines and grinders, while new enthusiasts typically purchase manual brew equipment, which is easy to carry and operate,” says Abhinav Mathur, CEO of Something’s Brewing, a six-month-old e-commerce site for all things coffee.

People are likely to embrace these new filters and kettles that require calibrated measurements and strength doses. Afterall, they have made the brewing process precise. “Each gadget has its own advantage. To assist home brewers, we have tutorials and blogs on our website. Most coffee e-commerce sites also regularly conduct online training sessions,” says coffee enthusiast Bharath Suthapalli from Hyderabad.

He and his ilk swear by Benki Brewing Tools, beandeck, sixteengramscoffee, total.cofee, and kaapimachines. All these have hi-tech, yet easy-to-use coffee equipment. One Cup Coffee Brewer Set, Fellow EKG Kettle and Goat Story Mug are among the popular coffee goods, says Mathur.

New coffee technology and people working from home have given coffee gadgetry an impetus. Coffee machines are now among the popular gifting options. Looks like we are done with valencia filters. It’s now time for a chemex filter.

How it works
● Via the internet, Bluetooth or 5G
● Most knobs (brewing and control settings) can be turned on and off remotely through your tablet
● Iberital connect is a system in which the machine is linked to the Cloud (the Internet of Things) via WiFi or mobile network, making it possible to receive notifications on the equipment status, adjust settings remotely, geolocate whether it is available in India

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