Put the best face forward with these products

By Ayesha Singh| Published: 25th July 2021 05:00 AM
The wash is effective in getting oil and grime off. (Representational Photo)

If a product is gentle, certified to the strictest standard, and stamped to be allergy-free, it is a steal. My latest purchases from the The Moms Co. were the Natural Vita Rich Face Wash, and the Natural Daily Face Toner. The wash provides mild cleansing. It does not dry out the skin and you have hyaluronic acid to thank for that. The formulation comprises several vitamins, each working to restore the skin’s health. The wash has niacinamide, an ingredient that helps build keratin, a type of protein, that protects the skin’s barrier. The wash is effective in getting oil and grime off.

You may or may not want to follow this up with a toner but I always do as it makes a difference. The jury is still out on whether toners minimise/close pores, but I use one to maintain extra hygiene. Despite cleansing the face thoroughly, I find a toner is able to remove left-over micro dirt particles. It also leaves the skin temporarily tightened. If you have oily skin, I particularly recommend The Natural Daily Face Toner.

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