How Does it Feel to be a Muslim in India?

Some Indian—Muslims were asked a few questions related to the Eid and the how they feel to be a Muslim in India?

Published: 18th July 2015 12:25 PM  |   Last Updated: 21st July 2015 08:09 AM   |  A+A-

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India is home to about 180 million Muslims which constitutes 10 percent of the world’s total Muslim population.

After fasting for the whole holy month of Ramzan, the followers of Islam religion in India are all set to celebrate the festival of Eid.  

“Eid Mubarak” is what they say while greeting each other. Like any other Indian festival, Eid is also celebrated with great zeal and joy across the world.

Some—Indian Muslims were interviewed by “BeingIndian” (a YouTube channel) team related to the Eid and how does it feel to them as a Muslim to be in India?

Here are few thoughts what the participants in the video said:

Mohd. Hanif Kazi Ibhraim said, “Everything in Islam is beautiful; one must try to learn its teachings.”

He said that a few notorious people incite the wrong aspects, but the religion does not teach that.

Sana Hamid said, many people think that “Muslims are orthodox” and all Muslim women have to wear a “burkha” (a long dress to cover the entire body, hiding the face)—which is not true.

She also said, “Everyone is not an extremist.”

Faiz Natvi said, “I have never felt any kind of racism in India.”

Zain Sher said, if someone has a Muslim friend — who truly follows Islam they would know that he will never do wrong things.

Sher said just like other religions Islam also teaches only good things.  

Watch the video: