Atrocities on rise against SCs, Dalits under Modi rule: Tripura CM Manik Sarkar

Sarkar criticized the BJP govt in Haryana for its recent plan to construct state-run hostels for cows and buffaloes forgetting the poor condition of the farmers.
Manik Sarkar (Photo | PTI)
Manik Sarkar (Photo | PTI)

AGARTALA: Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said atrocities have been increasing against SCs (scheduled castes), and Dalits under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

 Sarkar was addressing a large gathering of Tripura Tapashili Jati Samannay Samita, the schedule cast wing of the CPIM, at the Vivekananda stadium here on Sunday.

 Hundreds of people from the Dalit community took part in the rally.

 Sarkar, also CPI-M (Communist Party of India- Marxist) politburo member, criticized the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government in Haryana for its obsession and priorities about cow protection with its recent plan to construct state-run hostels for cows and buffaloes, forgetting the poor condition of the farmers.

 He said, “When the poor farmers are living without food and shelter as they are landless, the BJP-RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) government in Haryana is busy constructing guest houses for cows. Just imagine, unless they consider human beings even wretched than animals, can any elected government accept such a decision.”

 “We also understand that cows are to be protected with food and shelter, but in the name of cattle protection if someone wants to sell his cow to get money for his daughter’s marriage or admission of his son in college is not allowed. People are being attacked and their cows forcefully taken away, it is not acceptable.”

According to Sarkar, hundreds have been murdered during the last six months by ‘gau rakshaks’ who have their blessing from the BJP-RSS to divide the nation in the name of religion.

Sarkar alleged, “During last six months, in such attacks, more than hundred people have lost their life and majority of them are from the minority Muslim or Dalit community. Not only attacks, after killing three Dalits, they were skinned like animals. Imagine what type of barbarism is going on and who is ruling India.”

Sarkar also said the present autocratic government under the leadership of Modi cannot tolerate any opposition and the Left Front government.

“They do not want to keep any opposition in India and all have to live under their foot. They want to run the nation as they want and which reflects their autocratic mentality.  At such a critical time, we in Tripura, within our limited power, are trying to show an alternative way but they are trying to throttle our voice,” said Sarkar.

He further added: “In MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) implementation, we stood first four times during the last five years in India, last year our position was second. While we implemented men days work for 78, 80, 82, 92 days in a year while the national average was just 42, 45 or 46 men days work. Is it a crime committed by us? This year they have reduced it to 42 days and even not releasing fund for that.”

Sarkar alleged that the government at the Centre has been possessing step-motherly attitude towards Left ruled Tripura.

The CPIM leader said, “We faced five floods this year, people of Tripura had not seen such continuous rain for so many days at a stress during the last 25 years. Hundreds of crores of property and crops were destroyed, but the government did not for once called us to know whether we are alive or under water. They wish we get drowned.”

He also alleged that under the Centre atrocities against Dalits have also increased across nation besides shrinking employment scopes, destabilising the economy, patronising the private sectors over the public and failed to control inflation.

Sarkar opined that not only in Tripura but there should be a nationwide attempt to unite people in order to remove this government at the centre from power.

Beside Sarkar, other senior schedule cast leaders and MP Jharna Das Baidya also addressed the gathering.

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