Why BJP has not built bigger statue for Mahatma Gandhi: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor

"Patel, a very simple person, was known as the disciple of Gandhiji, why is there no such statue for Gandhiji?" Tharoor asked.

Published: 31st October 2018 06:00 PM  |   Last Updated: 31st October 2018 06:00 PM   |  A+A-

Shashi Tharoor

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor (File | PTI)


THIRUVANTAHPUARAM: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor Wednesday wanted to know why BJP had not built a bigger statue for Mahatma Gandhi while they erected a 182-metre statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, his disciple.

Addressing a function at the district Congress committee office here, the Congress leader said there was no such gigantic statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the country.

"The biggest one is in Parliament. But this is a 182-metre statue for his disciple. Why is there such a big statue for a disciple of Gandhiji in the country where there is no statue of that size for the Mahatma?" he asked.

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"Patel, a very simple person, was known as the disciple of Gandhiji," Tharoor said. "I am asking a question. Is it right to erect such an imposing statue of Patel, a man of simplicity and a true Gandhian, who moved along with poor peasants," he said.

Tharoor said BJP had no answer to the query why they did not erect a bigger statue of the Mahatma.

The reason is that they do not believe in Mahatma Gandhi's principles of non-violence, he alleged.

He also alleged that BJP was trying to "hijack" the legacy of freedom fighters and national heroes like Patel as they have no leaders of their own in history to celebrate. He said Patel was a Congress leader and BJP should not be allowed to adopt him.

"Patel had worked along with Gandhiji and strengthened the Congress party. We should remember him always," Tharoor said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday inaugurated an imposing 182-metre statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the world's tallest, on an islet Sadhu Bet near Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat's Narmada district.


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  • Vishal Vyas

    Nehru didnt want to remember him..he dissuaded President Rajendra Babu Prasad from attending the Sardar's funeral
    3 years ago reply
  • namrata dwivedi

    Y don't you make it.. You guys never appreciate the person who work for our country
    3 years ago reply
  • Vikas Sharma

    Forget BJP. Why did Congress not do it in 6 decades of rule
    3 years ago reply
  • M Sitaram

    None of the tallest statutes are persons known to have lived in the last several generations. All are Godlike men or simply symbolic (statute of liberty). This statute of unity is typical of Modi mindset - eulogize other than Nehru clan and none fits better than Vallbhbhai. Both are of Gujarat stock. Congress either at Centre or in the State won't thin of Vallbhbhai as that would be insulting Nehru clan
    3 years ago reply
  • kiran

    Hundreds of crores of rupees spent on this could have been utilised for the betterment of the country. Making good roads and good drainage system in the country.. while there is flood in one state another state is experiencing drought. Proper channels for water flow throughout the country.. when are our leaders going to concentrate on such things.. and not waste money builiding tall statues for crows and pigeons to poop...
    3 years ago reply
  • RohitHyd

    Tu apne banva le Tharoor.. Ask this guy why Congress was obsessed with Nehru and Gandhis? Why they have not done anything for the leader like Patel?
    3 years ago reply
  • Rajesh

    Neither the BJP nor the people of India wants to answer such insignificant and irrelevant size-related questions Mr. Tharoor. You are just desperate to ask some question for the sake of it. Mere intolerance at view.
    3 years ago reply
  • Pandit

    Congress was in power for 60 years. Why it did not construct Mahatma's big statue? In my opinion
    3 years ago reply
  • Sanjesh Kumar

    After freedom Mr. Gandhi suggest that
    3 years ago reply
  • Prashant

    One should appreciate the commendable work for such a marvellous monument in our Country which makes all of us proud. Why didn't this idea of building a statue of our Father of Nation come up to INC who ruled us in the name of Gandhiji over the last 50+ years?..... Who knows
    3 years ago reply
  • Ajit Nayak

    Mr . Tharoor has little knowledge in History. Please educate
    3 years ago reply
  • MK

    The reason is simple. Todays world does not have technology or resources to make the statue that matches the height or stature of Mahatma.
    3 years ago reply
  • Diversity

    Mahatma Gandhi is given PROPER RECOGNITION and RESPECT not only in INDIA but also all over the WORLD. But the CONGRESS PARTY GOVTS gave NO recognition and RESPECT for PATEL. Now the NDA govt is giving compensation for IGNORANCE IN LUMP SUM as this HUGE STATUE. If THAROOR respect MAHATMA GANDHI he must work to realize the WISH of GANDHI to DISSOLVE the CONGRESS PARTY as the aim of the ORGANISATION FREEDOM FOR INDIA is ACHIEVED. By the way
    3 years ago reply
  • Santosh kumar

    Dear Sir
    3 years ago reply
  • Mohammed Ihtesham

    don't worry
    3 years ago reply
  • Golden

    because the reason is well know to all- except fro Gandhi family cronies like Mr. S Tharoor.
    3 years ago reply
  • Sridharan Ramamurthi

    Reason is simple!! Then congress will have to make a tiny statue for you tomorrow!!!!!
    3 years ago reply
  • vikram Arora

    Better for ask ex-ruling party of india--indian national congress-- why not. All and sundry in that party has been bending before only single family for decades.
    3 years ago reply
  • pvsnvarmaraju

    All the political parties and politicians are concentrating on mudslinging rather than upliftment of common citizen morally
    3 years ago reply
  • Vyankoba

    Congress could have built years back
    3 years ago reply

    Mr . Tharoor
    3 years ago reply
  • Richard Parker

    Your party should have built it. They had ample of time
    3 years ago reply

    3 years ago reply
    • Rajnikant Sinha

      BJP may loss 2019 election for statue love like Mayawati lost for Elephant love in UP.
      3 years ago reply
  • ARUN

    If Patel was a Congress leader
    3 years ago reply

    It appears in the of his own political benefit the so called intellectual politician is stooping so low that the people of this country never entertain such criticism.He should know that Gandhiji is Father of Nation and he is popular world over for his ideology and non-violence.The people of this country believes Gandhiji is in their heartsand as such buillding of his statue does not arise. The very idea behind erecting statue of a iconic leader is to remember for his contribution to the society and country as well so that the generations to come will emulate him .The Nehru and the so called Gandhi parivar never thought to promote thoughts and contributions of iconic leaders like Sardar Patel .Therefore it was considered appropriate by the people of this country to built a statue of Mr.Patel who is popular for uniting this country and should be remembered by the generations to come.We should appreciate the good things who ever does it and should not politisize it.People of the country are observing and teach lesson at appropriate time.People have not forgotten Sunanda episode .
    3 years ago reply
  • Rishi

    Patel was NOT a disciple of Perv minded Naked Beggar Gandhi (Whose all true facts are now coming to picture right in India and South Africa and also highlights from the British confidante conversations with the Queen. Sardar patel
    3 years ago reply
  • Rahul

    3 years ago reply
  • Anon

    Mr tharoor should be asking his party Congress that question instead of asking BJP! If Gandhiji is the tallest leader of Congress why are most of the Stadiums
    3 years ago reply
  • Kumar

    Common sense man. Patel was ignored completely and we are trying to compensate for that. Mahatma Gandhi doesn't need any more statues- there are already so many
    3 years ago reply
  • asdgshr

    Why Congress has failed to do so in 60 years??? At least BJP has done what they wanted!!!
    3 years ago reply
  • PC

    Please ponder over this.. good for you... nothing else to do...
    3 years ago reply
  • Himanshu Sharma

    Just because of people like you
    3 years ago reply
  • Amiya

    Because one allowed the country to get divided and other worked in building a country out of so many pieces of lands.
    3 years ago reply
  • Arun

    Because Mahatma Gandhi has already good huge presence on national things (Rupee Note is just one of them)
    3 years ago reply
  • Rekha dube

    Mr MP Shashi Tharoor Why Congress has not built bigger statue for Mahatma Gandhi in his 60 year.....
    3 years ago reply
  • Indian

    44 Acre Raj Ghat is already there for tribute to Gandhiji. There was no memorial for Sardar till yesterday.
    3 years ago reply
  • Vinay Samaiyia

    if they make Mahatma Ghandhi than how can you open your shit mouth
    3 years ago reply
  • Santa Banta

    Congress could not built for even their all encompassing first family
    3 years ago reply
  • B V RAO

    Why? Because many of us higher regard for Patel and many other patriots.
    3 years ago reply
  • Meeta Sanyal

    Don't worry Mr Tharoor . We will ask congress govt to request Modiji govt to built your statue in Kerala named as " statue of Desertion" in times of need. For your honourable needs. Role model for your followers .
    3 years ago reply
  • AG

    Who can be more foolish than Shashi. Who stopped you from putting up a statute anywhere in India during last 70 years?
    3 years ago reply
  • santosh kumar misra

    All the small statues of Mahatma Gandhi
    3 years ago reply
  • Mukteswar

    What congress was doing in its 60 years
    3 years ago reply
  • krishnaprasad yalgalvadi

    Youn fool Shashi tharoor you congress were in power for 65 years why you didnt build. Are you so ignorant.
    3 years ago reply
  • Rajan

    Because he is a much stronger abler and wiser leader than Gandhi.That is it.
    3 years ago reply
  • Gopalan

    Once you have become famous
    3 years ago reply
  • tiharwale

    when they get time and money after building one of Nathuram
    3 years ago reply
  • s c

    shashi taroor should remember that the his party Congress(I) is different from Congress which these freedom fighthers are united under.
    3 years ago reply
  • Prapur

    What congress has done for MG except exploiting name for votes? You were in power for so many years so you had first responsibility to do so instead promoted just one family name. Indira had adopted fake Gandhi name too and there is no record to show her husband was born with Gandhi last name. First obtain clean chit from legal cases against you and than talk of non violence of MG. You are worshiper of dynasty and in the past never remembered Sardar Patel with reverence when congress was in power and doing same now by hiding behind MG. Why did congress in power never respected or gave due credit to other leaders of equal importance in freedom fight like SP
    3 years ago reply
  • rachna

    It is said to see Tharoor behaving like a cheap politician. His background should have made him a dignified leader but he has stooped low to match with his colleagues. Mahatma Gandhi was great but Patel had equal stature. Uniting so many princely states
    3 years ago reply
  • charu

    You have not built even the tiniest for The Sardar; you are speaking about bigger
    3 years ago reply
  • Ram

    Simply because he was not bigger than Patel
    3 years ago reply
  • swa

    Tharoor types are clever Macaulay-Putras
    3 years ago reply
  • Rangarajan

    If a statue is built for Rahul Gandhi
    3 years ago reply
  • AAP

    3 years ago reply
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