BJP carrying out relief work amid COVID-19, opposition has gone into quarantine: JP Nadda

BJP workers standing with the people during the pandemic unlike the opposition leaders who are only visible in virtual press conferences, the BJP president said.
BJP National President JP Nadda (Photo | ANI)
BJP National President JP Nadda (Photo | ANI)

NEW DELHI:  BJP president JP Nadda said on Sunday his party workers were standing with the people during the pandemic unlike the Opposition, which has gone into “quarantine” and working to lower the morale of the country.

"In this pandemic, BJP workers, without being bothered about their wellbeing, are standing with the people. But the Opposition has gone into lockdown and quarantined itself. It is visible only in virtual press conferences or on Twitter," Nadda said.

The BJP chief was addressing party workers virtually on the seventh anniversary of the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. In view of the pandemic, the party has decided not to celebrate the occasion and instead observe a "Seva Diwas" by organising relief work across the country under the ‘Sewa hi Sangathan hai’ campaign. 

On Sunday, Nadda said BJP workers in one lakh villages were serving the needy to mark the occasion. Continue working like “doers” and help people during the pandemic, and not get bothered by the "obstructors" who have absolved themselves from all responsibilities, Nadda told party workers in a veiled attack on the Opposition.

"Some are 'sadhak' (doers), while some are 'badhak' (obstructors). Such people are also in Delhi. But we don’t have to get bothered by them and continue in our endeavour to serve people and help them during the pandemic," he said.

Taking on opposition leaders over their statements about the Covid-19 vaccination drive, the BJP chief said, "Those making a noise about COVID-19 vaccine now, are the ones who earlier raised doubts about it."

Terming the PM’s leadership strong and visionary, Union Home Minister Amit Shah in a tweet said Modi has made the life of the poor, farmers and deprived sections better over the last seven years by bringing them into the mainstream of development. "India under Modi’s leadership will overcome all challenges," Shah said.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, meanwhile, termed the seven years of the Modi government as a new chapter of development and governance in the country’s history. 

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