‘PM has worked to bring down Manipur violence’

The Home Ministry has allocated Rs 400.42 crore to the affected people, focusing on relief and rehabilitation.
‘PM has worked to bring down Manipur violence’

NEW DELHI: Following heated exchanges over the Manipur situation in Parliament, official sources said efforts are underway to restore normalcy in the state after clashes broke out last year between the Meitei and Kuki communities, killing at least 225 people.

Under PM Modi’s directive, the Centre has taken extensive measures to quell violence. The situation has significantly improved across the state, although sporadic incidents continue.

The government said it has worked proactively in its response, with 11,423 FIRs being filed and preventive actions initiated against 4, 78,986 people. PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have held over 15 meetings with state officials to coordinate peace efforts and provide necessary assistance.

The Home Ministry has allocated Rs 400.42 crore to the affected people, focusing on relief and rehabilitation.

A senior government official quoted data to indicate a decreasing trend in violent incidents since October 2023, hinting at a notable reduction in missing persons and arson cases.

‘PM has worked to bring down Manipur violence’
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In November and December 2023, Manipur reported zero missing persons and arson incidents, thanks to heightened security measures and direct monitoring by PM Modi and HM Amit Shah. In January and February 2024, the trend continued with zero arson cases, but the period reported 15 deaths and 42 injuries in January, and 5 deaths and 54 injuries in February due to clashes.

“By March 2024, Manipur saw no deaths but reported 19 firing incidents. In April, despite four deaths and injuries to four individuals, there were no missing or arson cases, while May recorded one injury and 15 firing incidents.

Then onwards up to June 12, the state witnessed one death, two injuries, and 130 arson incidents, highlighting the challenges despite overall improvements in the security situation,” said an official.

Government sources emphasized the ongoing efforts to bridge the divide between the Meitei and Kuki communities. “Peace initiatives at various levels aim to consolidate these gains and restore lasting peace and stability in Manipur.

“Central and state government efforts, bolstered by substantial financial aid and strategic interventions, have been pivotal in mitigating violence and initiating the path towards normalcy in Manipur”, said an official source.

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