Cold war between Gujarat BJP leader Jayesh Radadiya and Patidar president Naresh Patel continues

After being elected as a director the country's largest cooperative organization, Jayesh Radadiya indirectly criticized Khodaldham president Naresh Patel...
BJP leader Jayesh Radadiya.
BJP leader Jayesh Radadiya.(Photo | Facebook)

AHMEDABAD: A cold war persists between the Gujarat BJP leader and the president of the influential Patidar community organization.

In a key event for Gujarat politics, BJP leader Jayesh Radadiya won the IFFCO election against Bipin Patel, also known as Bipin Gota, an ally of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Following his victory, Radadiya indirectly criticized Naresh Patel, the president of the Patidar Community's leading organization.

Although Naresh Patel initially stayed silent, he later responded during his birthday event, stating, "We have supported Jayesh Radadiya when needed. It's inappropriate to bring up Khodaldham's name in political disputes. The community should work together."

After being elected as a director in IFFCO, the country's largest cooperative organization, Jayesh Radadiya indirectly criticized Khodaldham president Naresh Patel during a media interaction in Rajkot on May 11. Radadiya stated that social organizations should not engage in the political arena.

He emphasized, "Social organizations should stay out of the cooperative sector and avoid entering politics. I urge the leaders of social organizations to either refrain from political activities within the community or join politics directly if they wish to pursue it.”

Sources suggest that Jayesh Radadiya made this statement about Naresh Patel, believing Patel had urged the Patidar community to vote against him in the IFFCO elections. However, Naresh Patel did not respond to Radadiya at that time.

However, Naresh Patel responded to Jayesh Radadiya’s statement today, three months later, in Rajkot. It was Patel's birthday, and a blood donation camp was organized at Rajkot Sardar Dham to mark the occasion.

Following this, there was a meeting of the Khodaldham Trustees, along with the Convenors and Trustees of the Sardar Patel Culture Foundation. During this event, Naresh Patel addressed the leaflet controversy from the IFFCO election.

Naresh Patel stated, "We have supported Jayesh Radadiya when necessary. It's not right to involve Khodaldham's name in political controversies. Our community should work together. Social work won't happen if we are not politically active. Whether it’s Jayesh Radadiya or any other leader or common citizen, Khodaldham is always ready to help."

Naresh Patel further remarked, "Differences within the family should remain private. Khodaldham holds no grudges against anyone. Regarding Jayesh Radadiya, he is a young leader of the Patidar community who is doing commendable work. We will support him whenever he needs us."

Sources claim that a cold war has been ongoing between Khodaldham president Naresh Patel and Jayesh Radadiya since the 2017 assembly elections. During the IFFCO elections, BJP backed Bipin Gota, and Dinesh Kumbhani, associated with the Khodaldham Trust, was urged to vote against Radadiya. Some cooperative leaders were also approached via phone calls, escalating the tension.

Sources also claimed, "In response, Jayesh Radadiya made a political move by halting the purchase of chemical fertilizers from Dinesh Kumbhani's company in the cooperative societies of Rajkot and Morbi districts. This action further intensified the dispute,"

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