Congress Chief Kharge accuses PM Modi of 'Undeclared Emergency' over last 10 years

The Congress chief urged Modi to address grave issues such as railway safety and conflict-ridden Manipur in his speech.
Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge
Congress President Mallikarjun KhargeFile Photo | EPS

NEW DELHI: In a sharp response to Prime Minister Modi’s jibe on ‘50-year-old Emergency’, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday said that though Modi was reminding the public about the Emergency, he has forgotten the last 10 years of “undeclared Emergency”.

“PM Modi will say this 100 times. Without declaring an Emergency, you are doing this. How long do you want to rule by talking about this?" asked Kharge.

Addressing the media ahead of the opening session of the special Parliament session, Modi said that the new generation of India will never forget the undermining of the Constitution during the Emergency imposed on 25 June 1975. Calling it a black spot in Indian democracy, he said people have decided that “nobody will ever dare to repeat it”.

Hitting out at the PM, the Congress chief wrote on X, “Modi made a longer than usual customary address but, even after the moral and political defeat, the arrogance remains". “People have given their mandate against PM Modi. Despite this, if he becomes the Prime Minister, he should work. People need substance, not slogans - remember this yourself", he added. 

While Modi spoke about the need for consensus in his speech, Kharge said the opposition and the INDIA alliance want consensus in Parliament. “We will keep raising the voice of the people in the House, on the streets, and before everyone,” he asserted.

Referring to the contentious issue of irregularities in the NEET exams, Kharge said the nation hoped that Modi would say something about important issues.

“He will show some sympathy towards the youth regarding the paper leak in NEET and other recruitment examinations, but he did not take any responsibility for the massive rigging and corruption of his government,” he said.

Kharge also targeted the PM for not addressing grave issues such as railway safety and conflict-ridden Manipur in his speech.

“Modi ji also remained silent about the recent train accident in West Bengal and utter mismanagement of the Railways.

“Manipur has been in the grip of violence for the last 13 months, but Modi ji did not bother to visit the state nor did he express any concern about the fresh violence in his speech today,” said Kharge.

Taking a swipe at the PM for the inordinate delay in conducting the decadal census, Kharge said, “Modi government has kept the next census pending for a long time, PM Modi was completely silent even on the caste census. Then you are advising the Opposition,” he added.

“Be it the floods in Assam and the Northeast, the backbreaking price rise, the historic fall of the Rupee, or be it the Exit Poll-Stock Market scam, Modi ji is mum,” he wrote.

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