INTERVIEW | Bihar needs a roadmap of development: Shambhavi

Shambhavi said her father had not played any role in getting the ticket for her and that she was ready to face the election challenge.
INTERVIEW | Bihar needs a roadmap of development: Shambhavi

The country’s youngest candidate Shambhavi Chaudhary, 25, is contesting from Bihar’s Samastipur LS (SC) seat in the 4th phase of the 7-phase elections. She wants to be the champion of “Dalit voices” in Parliament. As a third-generation politician, she is in the fray on a ticket of Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas). In an interview with Rajesh Kumar Thakur, she says victory in this election will be of development. Samastipur is currently represented by Prince Raj of the Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party led by Pashupati Kumar Paras. Shambhavi said her father had not played any role in getting the ticket for her and that she was ready to face the election challenge. Excerpts:

How is people’s enthusiasm in this election for you?

They are enthusiastic. I am meeting people and they trust me on issues related to women’s empowerment and development. This election is giving me a sense of huge responsibility. The victory will be of developments and for development.

What are the common issues people are talking about?

They want roads, bridges, colleges and development aimed at creating jobs. Most parts of this constituency are flood-prone, so people want a permanent solution to this problem. I plan to work on poverty alleviation and invite investment. There is also a demand for higher education institutions and technical courses.

What will be your action-plan if you are elected?

First of all, I would like to draw a roadmap for an inclusive development. I will try to set up a polytechnic college for technical education for the youth. I want education to percolate down to rural women so that they are economically and educationally empowered. Poverty is a multidimensional thing, one should have to work on it.

You have a good academic background. Did you face any communication problem?

No. I am a Bihari who knows much about our state and people. I communicate with people living in the remotes part of my constituency. I am a student of sociology. I did my masters from Delhi School of Economics (University of Delhi). For me, understanding politics and society is not difficult.

Did you ever think of coming into politics?

I was interested in politics right from the beginning. I was born and brought up in a political family. My father and grandfather have been in politics. Politics for me is an opportunity to serve the people.

If NDA forms the government and you are offered a ministerial berth, which ministry would you like?

I would like to handle the responsibility of women and child development. I’d also like to work in the field of education and healthcare. Even if I am not included in the ministry, I’d like to work under the inspiring leadership of PM Modi.

Rate the candidate pitted against you.

I don’t see anyone in a negative sense. People see a ray of hope in me. My idea of development is summed up in ‘sab ka saath, sab ka prayas’. My aim is ‘Viksit Bharat’ under PM Modi. I have been trusted by Chirag Paswan bhaiya (brother).

What are the tips you have received from your father?

It is that the people who vote for you are like god. You are never supposed to disappoint them. Go to your constituency as a normal candidate but when you return with votes, you return as a Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Council, because of those people. Therefore, never disappoint them.

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