Is the globe really warming?

Global warming is one of those agendas pushed by the industry. Other real problems are being swept under the carpet

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If our globe is really warming, we, in the medical profession, will have to be worried as there might be an exponential growth of vascular disease epidemics when the globe really warms. Those in the medical business, like the doctors in London during the 18th century at the time of the smallpox epidemic which used to kill many, would be very happy as their business would have been booming. Theoretically, many other calamities including some of the island nations getting submerged could occur! I was in London during the early 1970s for a brief period of time. The fear then was of global cooling. The media was agog with predictions of global cooling and an impending ice age! The trigger was a long winter then which got extended by a month and sleet covered the ground in Europe leading to absence of any plant growth. The Al Gores and Pachauris were not in the picture then.

The spring vegetation did not come up. Thank God, public memory is very short. Suddenly in the last ten-odd years, there is a hue and cry about global warming and powers in the US have been granting huge grants for so-called research. Scientifically future predictions never come right in this non-linear world as we use linear mathematics to calculate weather forecasts! If you go back in time and look at the temperature charts this globe was much warmer than it is now, but it cooled down with time. This could also be one such hike. But the question still remains: Can man really warm or cool the globe? This globe is too big for us to have the power to drastically change its climate. But there are many more manmade disasters that could annihilate mankind on this planet about which we do not make much fuss about.

One quick example comes to mind. We have chemically poisoned all our rivers, thanks to the moneymaking industries trying to discharge their chemical effluents into our rivers making drinking water a problem for mankind. In fact, if there is a third World War, it could be over water. The burning of fossil fuels by the transport industry is reaching its pinnacle but again vested interests do not allow any search in that area. To cap it all, the so-called health scare industry which in effect is only a sickness-care industry uses such deadly chemicals which are alien to the human biology to treat diseases which are never cured by chemicals anyway. Use of chemicals in cosmetics and agriculture has reached a breaking point that in a recent study, cord blood in newborns was found to have nearly 278 deadly chemicals from all the above mentioned sources! The worse calamity that is waiting to explode, much more dangerous than global warming, is the adverse drug reactions epidemic (ADR). Someone called it the weapon of mass destruction.

Cancer chemotherapy is a trillion dollar business. The chemical drug business where they can hike the prices sky-high at will is another zillion dollar business! They are all reductionist chemicals and are loathed by the human system, which was so beautifully shown by Professor D C Wallace in his epoch making study (Genetics 2008; 179: 727). ADR is supposed to kill millions all over the world. An audit in the US reported that ADR was the tenth leading cause of death there. Another showed it was among the top five but a recent survey showed ADR at the top of the list! While global warming makes daily headlines in the mainstream media, I am yet to see the media highlighting ADR as a dangerous scenario! This has another fallout. All reductionist chemicals are rejected by the human system and sent to the liver for destruction. If one were to carefully watch the liver functions after consumption of chemical medicines, one would see a flurry of activity there trying to destroy the drugs.

A new epidemic called the non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver has raised its ugly head lately. The industry loves this new syndrome as it is a moneyspinner in its own right through liver transplants! Drug related deaths are only statistics for the industry while they help the industry indirectly. The ADR syndrome needs further drugs to control them before death. That alone nets more than 70 billion dollars in a year for the drug industry—a good bargain indeed! All these started thanks to the greed of three rich people who then formed a consortium to control medical education in the US in the last century. A high school headmaster, Abraham Flexner, was appointed to inspect the around 240 medical schools in America in 1910 to find out who among them were “scientific”? This reminds me of what Winston Churchill, then in the Opposition in the House of Commons, commented when Lord Goschen became the first Lord of the Admiralty.

“Lord Goschen, who knows not the motion of the Ocean, still becomes the First Lord of Admiralty!” Similarly, Abraham Flexner who knows not the nuances of medical education becomes the arbiter of what is scientific and what is not in medical education when he submitted his report in 1910 saying that only 47 medical colleges which used chemical drugs produced by the consortium of that trio were scientific and the rest, quackery! All others eventually died a natural death as the then government, naturally paid for by the consortium, published the Flexner report daily in the front page of New York Times to let the world know about it. Global warming is another one of those agendas pushed by the industries and vested interests for their own survival. No power on earth can stop them from their single-minded aim to scare the world into believing their propaganda while the real scares shown above are swept under the carpet. The fastest way to dumb down the population is to scare them—Anon

Prof B M Hegde

Cardiologist and former vice chancellor of Manipal University



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