Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar

Is there an Original India?

The bridge that unites the boomers and millennials of India is change, both sudden and stealthy.

16 Jul 2021

Modi’s centrality is in jeopardy

It is not Rahul Gandhi that Modi should worry about, Modi the Man is Modi the Image. For seven years and more, the centrality of Modi in Indian public consciousness defined politics.

11 Jul 2021

The science of political variants in Covid-19 times

Government bashers are unaware that a Statue of Unity-sized top secret effort is underway to bloody the coronavirus’s nose.

03 Jul 2021

A new Rao-Manmohan team in the offing?

In May, no bookie would have put money on an understated Southern politician becoming India’s most progressive leader.

29 Jun 2021

Love, Actually: The effects of the pandemic on human bonding

Relationships have changed drastically during enforced seclusion and togetherness since the pandemic struck.

27 Jun 2021

Greeks bearing gifts: Understanding the history of Indo-Greek cuisine

After Alexander’s invasion, the history of the 4th century BC Indo-Greek kingdom is a history of the cuisines of the world

26 Jun 2021

Fowl is Fair

Chicken curry, the most underrated Indian culinary export, has innumerable avatars that define the country’s history and regions

13 Jun 2021

Dear government, please take a joke

For a powerful government to perceive a cartoon as a threat is either a sign of fear or intolerance of criticism.

12 Jun 2021

'The evil empire': Is China on its way to world domination?

With reports alleging that the novel coronavirus was made in China, President Xi Jinping has made the first move towards world domination giving India reason to worry

06 Jun 2021

Israel is the victim of history’s hatred

The liberals are clamouring for Israel to be tried for human rights crimes, but not the Hamas which fired over 4,000 rockets into the Jewish homeland.

05 Jun 2021

The contest between belief and relief

Romanticising rural India or for that matter the bucolic parts of any country can be emotionally satisfying because everyone craves pastoral purity.

28 May 2021

Showing the Gates: What is the future of the Gates Foundation

The surprise divorce of Bill Gates and wife Melinda has exposed a marriage fraught with infidelity and derision.

28 May 2021

An open letter from a cow to all Indians

I’m a cow living in India, mostly in Bharat. I am a gentle beast. I have horns, but I do not hurt people.

22 May 2021

How to brace for the coming third wave of coronavirus

The government warns of a third coronavirus wave. India is not ready.

16 May 2021

Democracy's Who's Who in Covid 2.0

Despite the government's abysmal ineptitude in handling Corona 2.0 leading to tragic consequences, the relationship between Narendra Modi and 'We' cannot be shattered.

09 May 2021

Covid and learning the science of doing things right

Next he turned on Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost global infectious diseases expert who had served five presidents before the Don.

09 May 2021

The secularist idea of Hinduism challenged

The mystic chords of India’s collective memory even now reverberate to the twisted melody of pogroms and conversions, driving a deep chasm between countrymen.

25 Apr 2021

Why democracy loves authoritarianism

Democracy is small beer where dictators are concerned. Adolf Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch was meant to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

25 Apr 2021

TV journalism’s watershed moment

The arrogance of Arnab Goswami's delusions was so great he believed that Republic TV’s Balakot story helped Modi win the 2019 elections.

25 Apr 2021

Mountain chief

Virendra Singh Negi is responsible for bringing solar lighting to the villages, made bridges check dams, and cultivated orchards where people grow fruit to be sold in the towns.

25 Apr 2021

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