Ask Prabhu

Prabhu Chawla is the Editorial Director of The New Indian Express group.

Having begun as a reporter and spent over 40 years in journalism during which time he has headed The India Today group and The Indian Express as Editor, Chawla has witnessed and recorded dramatic changes in Indian democracy — from the trauma of the Emergency, the pathos of Rajiv Gandhi's rise and fall and the angst of Mandal to the churning of liberalisation and the rise of coalition politics.

Your Replies

Shankar Krishnamurthy Rao

BENGALURU 30-10-2018

Q: Despite all denials do you confirm or deny that many Print Media and Electronic Media have become partisan with news coverage with one party or the other?    

A: You are absolutely correct. Barring few exceptions Electronic media is totally biased in favour or against someone or the other.

Vijai Lugani

munich 30-10-2018

Q: Do you believe ladies are telling the truth, they are mishandled by journlists, politicians and Bollywood actors or it is just to become more popular or activists,    

A: There can’t be a smoke without a fire. Most of them have taken a huge risk by coming out and telling their stories.


bengaluru 30-10-2018

Q: Why Congress leaders meekly accept Rahul Gandhi as their leader knowing fully his limitations. How can they expect all opposition parties also to accept him to be the PM candidate in case BJP/NDA fails to get majority?      

A: Because none of them enjoys the support of the cadres or Congress workers all over the country. They can connect only with a Gandhi even if he or she can’t win an election for them.

Suryakant Sharma

Delhi 03-10-2018

Q: What are your thoughts on the SC judgement with regard to Aadhaar? Aadhaar linkage to bank accounts and phone numbers was a good idea for curbing black money and illegal usage of phones respectively. I think it is ridiculous to block this.

A: Sorry. I don’t agree. It was being used for selling data to MNCs for making money. Has the amount of black money come down? No.


palani TN 03-10-2018

Q: Why Rahul is so frustrated? Will he be able to shoulder PM post if at all congress is elected (not viable alternative) to India under the prevailing circumstances and with his IQ level. What do you say?

A: If he is frustrated and has lower IQ why are you wasting your time on discussing him? Leave him alone as according to you he is not an alternative. Since you can't ignore him, he is still relevant because of people like you.