Lack of awareness hits high security registration plate project in Visakhapatnam

Lack of awareness hits high security registration plate project in Visakhapatnam

VISAKHAPATNAM: Though the transport department authorities are affixing High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to new vehicles as per the Supreme Court orders, they are failing to implement the same for the old vehicles due to lack of a system to create awareness on the new rules.

In August first week, the transport authorities set up a whatsapp number 9030324448 to elicit feedback on the HSRP system from the vehicle owners and to attend to the complaints relating to it. If vehicle owners find any problem relating to the quality of the number plate or delay in fixing the plate or in getting timely information after registration of the vehicle, they can quote their permanent registration number and send message to whatsapp helpline number. But, the move appreas to be far from adequate to create awareness about the high security number plates.

Neelam C, a vehicle owner, said, “I am not aware of the new numbering system and hence did not fix HSRP to my vehicle. There needs to be some system which provides people with the information so that we can follow and abide by the rules”. 

“Recently, I bought a new vehicle. After affixing the standard plates to the new vehicle at the fixing centre, I was asked by the authorities if I had any old vehicle. Since I had an old bike, I was briefed about the mandatory rule of HSRP for old vehicles, after which I had to submit the photo copies of the RC book and deposit `300 for the new plates. After 25 days, I received a confirmation message stating that the number plate for the bike is ready. I also had to pay `50 for getting the number plate fixed to my new vehicle,” said Venkat, a new vehicle owner who got the information on old vehicle number plates only after going to the RTO.

Deputy transport commissioner (DTC) S Venkateswara Rao however said that when owners of old vehicles come to the RTO for driving test, licence or for some other transactions, they are briefed about the standard numbering system and are provided with all the required details.

“We have also been requesting them to spread information on the advantages of HSRP to their friends and people of their area.

As of now, we have received only four queries regarding the quality of the number plate. The complaints have been recorded and we have requested them to deposit the old one and get the new ones fixed once they are ready. The manufacturing is being done by Link Autotech Pvt Ltd while the monitoring is being done by APSRTC”, the DTC added.

The New Indian Express