Summer effect: Poultry birds hit hard in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh

Thousands of birds are dying at various poultry farms in the district as retailers are affected and hence prices of chicken went up to Rs 230 a kg.
For representational purpose only
For representational purpose only

SRIKAKULAM: As temperatures continue to rise in the district, a large number of broiler chickens at various poultry farms in the district are perishing, unable to withstand the severe heat. Over 200 chickens died in a poultry farm at Palakonda two days ago. 

Thousands of birds are dying at various poultry farms in the district. Even the retailers are affected due to shortage of birds at the poultries.

Meanwhile, the prices of chicken went up from Rs 140 to Rs 230 a kg. To protect the birds in the broiler farms, poultry managements have been making efforts to save the birds. Some of them are using air conditioners in the farms. Similarly, poultry managements are using sprinklers and wet gunny bags to reduce the heat impact. 

Poultry business is mainly concentrated in Etcherla, Ranasthalam, Palakonda, Srikakulam, Amadalavalasa, Sompeta and Palasa mandals.  “We used to sell not less than 200 chickens on Sundays until a few days ago. We could not sell even 100 in the last two Sundays,” said Ramu, a chicken shop owner, at Peddapadu Road in Srikakulam.

He also said that the price was not more than Rs 140 a few weeks ago, while the price has gone up to Rs 230 now. “Although the demand for chicken dropped due to the heat, the price increased due to shortage of supply. Other than Sundays, particularly on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, we could not earn even that much of profits which would at least take care of the wages of workers,” he added. The shop was not opened three or four times this month for lack of supply of chickens from the poultries. 

Poultry cannot withstand severe hot conditions. They can survive in the temperatures up to a maximum of 32 degree Celsius but now the temperature has crossed 40 degree Celsius.

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