My winning strategy is to be honest and fair: Chandrasekhar Pemmasani

Meanwhile, the farmers who gave their lands for the construction of capital in Amaravati, is miserable. Despite promising several benefits to them, none of them are implemented.
Chandrasekhar Pemmasani
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VIJAYAWADA: NRI Dr Chandrasekhar Pemmasani is making his political debut in the elections as a TDP candidate from Guntur Lok Sabha constituency. A native of Guntur district, Pemmasani came from a political background. After completing his MBBS at Osmania University, he went to the US and finished PG, and Internal Medicine and become a physician. He is also the founder CEO of UWorld, an online learning platform. Though he planned to contest from Narasaraopet in 2014, due to various reasons he did not get the ticket. In an interview with Bandhavi Annam, Dr Chandrasekhar Pemmasani explained his vision for the development of Guntur.

This is your debut in politics. What is the reason to join TDP and how is the experience so far?

The experience is great. The decision to join TDP is so obvious. Nara Chandrababu Naidu is a visionary leader, who developed Hyderabad. I think my ideologies as an entrepreneur matches to his. The response I’m receiving from the people is extraordinary. It feels great to do what I always wanted to do.

What are the major issues you have observed so far during your constituency visits?

There are several issues and people in every sector are suffering. Major one is damaged roads. Every road is damaged in Guntur constituency and the government even failed to maintain the existing roads properly. And another major issue is scarcity of drinking water. It is very sad that even in 2024, the people are suffering to get sufficient safe drinking water which is not a luxury but a basic need. Even farmers suffered losses due to insufficient irrigation water. During the YSRC regime, the entire industry has collapsed. Heavy traffic due to pending RUBs and ROBs, unemployment, drug mafia and numerous other problems.

YSRC leaders are pitching on their welfare schemes. Do you think it will work in their favour in the elections?

Absolutely not. Only 30-35% of people below the poverty line got benefited from the schemes and they might vote for YSRC president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. But the large section of people are looking for overall development in addition to these welfare schemes, which is obviously lacking. I haven’t seen any development in the constituency. People’s anger is clearly visible during public outreach programmes.

What is your take on decentralisation concept introduced by YSRC?

I think decentralised development is good and beneficial to the people of the entire State. And in order to achieve that, three capitals are not needed. Meanwhile, the farmers who gave their lands for the construction of capital in Amaravati, is miserable. Despite promising several benefits to them, none of them are implemented.

What is your strategy to win the election?

My strategy is to be honest and fair. My life is an open book and everyone knows what I’ve contributed to the society as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, and how I represented Telugu pride on international level. Frankly speaking, I didn’t enter politics to get fame or money, because I have both. All I want is to serve the people and I think that through this platform, it will be more intense. And I hope people will see that and give me a chance.

What do you think are your winning chances in the election?

200%. The response I’m getting from people is all the surety I need. The reshuffling of candidates by YSRC shows that they are not confident. On the other hand, my opponent Kilari Rosaiah is facing severe corruption allegations in his own constituency. So, I think my win is damn sure and the question is by how much majority.

What are your development plans for Guntur?

My priority will be to complete the Underground Drainage (UGD) project on a war footing. Apart from this, finishing pending water projects, construction of RUBs and ROBs to ease traffic congestion, providing employment opportunities for women and encourage entrepreneurship. Along with improving infrastructure, development is the area of my interest. I’ll coordinate with NRIs, who have their roots in the district and set up industries.

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